Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   :

RWCO    1 LP    FELSMANN+TILEY          TEMPORA                         LP      02.2019

        A1.     January
        A2.     February
        A3.     March
        A4.     April
        A5.     May
        A6.     June
        A7.     July
        B1.     August
        B2.     September
        B3.     October
        B4.     November
        B5.     December

Felsmann + Tiley are German-born musicians, Patrick Tiley and Dominik Felsmann.
Whilst the pair love movie scores, piano-based pieces and the best electronic music
has to offer, they often feel that all these styles stick to a path well-trodden or,
in the case of film music, donít work out of context. With Tempora, they wanted to
make an album that was cinematic in range with a classical heart, using only synths.