Distr.  : US - Dischord/
Style   : noise /

RE      001     CHAIN AND THE GANG      MINIMUM ROCK N ROLL             LP.CD   05.2014

        1.      Devitalize
        2.      Never Been Properly Loved
        3.      I'm a Choice (Not a Child)
        4.      Stuck in a Box
        5.      Got to Have it Every Day
        6.      Fairy Dust
        7.      Mum's the Word
        8.      Crime Don't Pay
        9.      What R U In Here For?
        10.     Minimum Rock n Roll
        11.     Curtain Pull
        12.     Everything Worth Getting is Gone

LP.CD   Fortuna Pop!    FPOP 166        2014    UK

The fourth full-length LP from Ian Svenonius' bi-coastal outlaw noise ensemble, Chain
and the Gang. "Its not New Wave its crime wave" explain disgusted authority figures,
who have sworn to put a stop to it. Featuring the snarled sounds of Chris Sutton on
bass, Brett Lyman on electric guitar, Fiona Campbell on the drumkit and Katie Alice
Greer on microphone and Svenonius, aka "Chain," as lead chanter. The record was rec.
in Portland and mixed by Brendan Canty in Washington, D.C.
RE      002
RE      003     XYZ                     XYZ                             LP      03.2017
RE      003     XYZ                     XYZ                             DL      03.2017

        1       Where Do You Come From?
        2       Bubblegum
        3       Drum Machine
        4       Would You Do It?
        5       Hangin' From A Tree
        6       Welcome Back (To Regular Time)
        7       Hold On (To Your Dream)
        8       Everybody Wants To Be Poor
        9       Don't Call Me
        10      I'm One

he debut album by XYZ, a collaboration between Ian Svenonius (The Make Up, Chain & the
Gang) and Memphis Electronic (Non!, Dum Dum Boys). The album was recorded in Nice,
France and mixed in Berlin by Fred Bigot (Electronicat). Originally released in Europe
by Mono-Tone in 2014, this US pressing is limited to 300 hand-stamped copies.
RE      004     CHAIN & THE GANG        EXPERIMENTAL                    LP      09.2017

        1       Experimental Music
        2       The Logic of Night
        3       If I Was an Animal
        4       Rome
        5       Don't Make Me Dream
        6       Come Over
        7       Three Made a Fool Out of Me
        8       Temporary Insanity
        9       Don't Scare the Ghost
        10      I Hate Winners
                (Note : LP , black or clear vinyl)

Ian 'Chain' Svenonius           singer
Fred Thomas                     guitar, bass, percussion
Danny Kroha                     guitar
Shelley Salant                  guitar, bass
Ben Collins                     guitar, organ
Amber Fellows                   piano, organ
Amber Fellows                   drums