RADIATION TAPES                         SPAIN

Distr.  : SP -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / punk /

RADK    7001    BLITZ                   VOICE OF A GENERATION           CS      11.2017

Cassette reissue of Blitz's Voice Of A Generation, originally released in 1982. Raw,
violent, and catchy, Blitz's 1982 debut album sounded like a shot of pure rock and
roll through the violence of the English working class. Made up by two punks and two
skinheads, with a lot to say about violence and football, Blitz appealed to all kinds
of lowlifes who finally had a voice for their generation. This new version of the long
out-of-print classic includes three bonus tracks -- two from the Carry On Oi!
compilation (1981) and one from the Total Noise compilation (1982). Three-panel
j-card; Edition of 350 cassettes (hand-numbered).
RADK    7002    ALTERNATIVE TV          THE IMAGE HAS CRACKED           CS      11.2017

Cassette reissue of Alternative TV's The Image Has Cracked, originally released in
1978. Formed in London in 1977 by Mark Perry and Alex Fergusson, then editors of the
punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue, Alternative TV was a post-punk group known for
incorporating reggae rhythms and pushing the boundaries of the definition of punk
towards the experimental and avant-garde. Their first album, The Image Has Cracked,
came out originally in 1978 and is a wholly unique piece of British post-punk.
Beloved by John Peel, and close confidantes of Throbbing Gristle, Alternative TV
is one of the most original and beguiling groups of the era. Includes two bonus
tracks. Three-panel j-card; Edition of 350 cassettes (hand-numbered).
RADK    7003    THE KIDS                THE KIDS                        CS      11.2017

Cassette reissue of The Kids' self-titled album, originally released in 1978. Hailing
from Antwerp, Belgium, the Kids formed in 1976 to prove to the world that punk was
more than just a London vs New York fashion contest. Originally released on the Philips
label in 1978, and highly acclaimed as one of the best punk records ever. This is pure
and quintessential punk rock. Includes two bonus tracks recorded in 1977. Three-panel
j-card; Edition of 350 cassettes (hand-numbered).