RAN RAD                                 CHINA
*******                                 Beijing

Distr.  : CH -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   :

The second sub-label of Ran music, Ran Rad.
Currently based in Germany and China, Ran Rad aims to support Ran's mission of
bridging the underground scene from China and beyond.

RRD     001     V / A                   THE KICKOFF                     LP      05.2019

        01.     An On Bast              Between Us Trees
        02.     Dayle & Subp Yao        I No
        03.     DRANQ                   Space G
        04.     Simpig                  Coldlava Chapll
        05.     Terrorrythmus           Down Low
        06.     Negative 808            Cheezy Chord
        07.     Radiax                  Samba Shock
        08.     Kai Lune                Leaves

International artists on this compilation include Polish electronic music live-act
An On Bast, who has just released an EP on Ran Music, Dutch producer Subp Yao and
his partner Dayle, German hard-ware geek DRANQ, Swiss duo Simpig, as well as
Germany-based footwork producer Terrorrythmus. On the China side, Negative 808 from
the south coast of China, Beijing-based young drum and bass talent Radiax, and our
old good friend Soulspeak who is using Kai Luen as the alias this time. Artwork by
German graphic designer Super Quiet.