Diatr.  : UK - Norman
Style   :

QM      001     JPGRR                   EASY LISTENING/+/-              LP      08.2019

        A1.     JPGRR - Schimpanse
        A2.     JPGRR - Fruher
        A3.     JPGRR - Tag der Deutschen Einheit
        A4.     JPGRR - Hauser
        A5.     JPGRR - Kruppstahl
        A6.     JPGRR - Polenmarkt
        B1.     Victor - Black Hole
        B2.     One More Fry
        B3.     Smoke Guns
        B4.     Me & My Baby
        B5.     I Love Magnets Too
        B6.     Hidden Room
        B7.     Circles
        B8.     Bacteria Pt. II

JPGRR (JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE, RINGO & RICHARD) is nobody but east-Germanys neo-punk
squeaker RICALETTO of PISSE with his second solo-record EASY LISTENING carved into
this vinyls side A. On the flip-side you'll find central-Israels VICTOR, a guy named
GUY and his second little big musical statement after releasing an infamous cassette
w/ Lumpy Records. Split LP.