Distr.  : NL - Shiny Beast
Style   : freakbeat / psychedelic / garage rock /

PR      1001
PR      1002    LOVE MESSENGERS         SAVE MY SOUL                    7"      12.2016

        A       Save My Soul
        B       I Don't Care

Finnish band Love Messengers recorded blistering cover versions of the freakbeat
classics 'Save My Soul' by The Wimple Winch and 'I Don't Care' by Thor's Hammer. Dee
Christopholos of The Wimple Winch, who wrote 'Save My Soul', said it is the best
version ever made of this classic freakbeat tune. The single is limited to 250 copies.
PR      1003    SLAPRAN                 SLAPRAN                         LP      10.2016

The 2015 debut-album by this Swedish progressive/psychedelic rock band is limited to
300 copies.

PR      1005    JULY                    RESURRECTION                    LP      11.2016

        1       Dreams
        2       I Like It
        3       Can I Go Back Again
        4       Counting The Minutes
        5       A Day To Remember
        6       King Bee
        7       All The Hours There Are
        8       I'm Talkin' To You
        9       Linear Thinking
        10      Heaven Or Hell
        11      Magical Days
        12      Regeneration

At last! The 2013 album from this great psychedelic band finally appears on vinyl. The
LP comes with remastered sound and has a slightly different track listing than the
CD-issue. Oh yeah, you also get a newly designed sleeve! In case you're not familar
with this English group: July recorded a truly legendary psych pop/rock LP for Major
Minor Records in 1968. All tracks written by Peter Cook except: 'Magical days' by
Tom Newman. Produced by Steve Fearnley, Tom Newman and Peter Cook