Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Action/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue-electronic / hard rock / prog.rock / acid folk /

PTLP    8001    LIFE                    LIFE AFTER DEATH                LP      11.2012
PT      8001    LIFE                    LIFE AFTER DEATH                CD      11.2012

        A1      Riding Around
        A2      Oupus
        A3      I Don't Want To
        A4      Black Eye
        A5      Highway
        B1      Sleepless Night
        B2      Woman
        B3      Looking Out
        B4      Everybody's Queuing To Be Last
        B5      The Plank / Devil On The River

Polydor         2384 295                1974    UK
PTLP    8001    LIFE                    LIFE AFTER DEATH                LP      11.2012
PT      8001    LIFE                    LIFE AFTER DEATH                CD      11.2012

        A1      Shady Lady                                      4:25
        A2      Turn Around                                     6:30
        A3      Violence                                        3:20
        A4      Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow                      4:25
        B1      Dragonfly                                       8:09
        B2      Liar                                            2:53
        B3      Hideout                                         1:25
        B4      Steal Away                                      5:05

B.U.K.          BULP 2005               1975    UK
PT      8003    WISHFUL THINKING        HIROSHIMA                       CD      11.2012

        1       Hiroshima
        2       This Time Tomorrow
        3       She Belongs to the Night
        4       Mary Goodbye
        5       Ever Since I Can Remember
        6       We're Gonna Change All This
        7       Now
        8       The United States of Europe '79
        9       I Wrote a Song
        10      1984
        11      Goodbye Lover

LP      Charisma        CAS 1038        1971    UK
PTLP    8004    TORONTO'S EXPANDING HEAD BAND : ZERO TIME               LP.CD   10.2012

        A1      Cybernaut                                       4:32
        A2      Jetset                                          4:15
        A3      Timewhys                                        5:07
        B1      Aurora                                          6:50
        B2      Riversong                                       8:00
        B2      Tama                                            5:22

(Note : from New York pioneering electronic duo of Robert Margouleff & Malcolm
        Cecil , 1971 ; 2012 reissue pressed on 180 g.vinyl)
PT      8005    SPRING                  SPRING                          CD      02.2013

        1       The Prisoner (Eight By Ten)                     5:34
        2       Grail                                           6:44
        3       Boats                                           1:53
        4       Shipwrecked Soldier                             5:08
        5       Golden Fleece                                   6:59
        6       Inside Out                                      4:49
        7       Song To Absent Friends (The Island)             2:47
        8       Gazing                                          5:54
                Additional Tracks
        9       Fool's Gold                                     6:26
        10      Hendre Mews                                     7:09
        11      A Word Full Of Whispers                         3:57

(Note : CD with bonus tracks)

LP      RCA/Neon        NE 6            07.1971         UK      foldout sleeve
PT      8006    FORMERLY FAT HARRY      FORMERLY FAT HARRY              LP      05.2013
PT      8006    FORMERLY FAT HARRY      FORMERLY FAT HARRY              CD      02.2013

        A1      Passing The River                               5:04
        A2      My Friend Ws A Pusher                           5:15
        A3      About My Life                                   5:45
        A4      Please Go Away                                  4:35
        B1      I Saw The Ringing Of The Bell                   4:45
        B2      Tell Me All About It                            4:40
        B3      Captain Heart                                   3:28
        B4      Goodbye For Good                                6:55

(Note : led by Bruce Barthol , bassist with Country Joe & the Fish)

LP      Harvest         SHSP 4016       1971    UK
PTLP    8007    FYNN MCCOOL             FLYNN MCCOOL                    LP      04.2013
PT      8007    FYNN MCCOOL             FLYNN MCCOOL                    CD      04.2013

        1       U.S. Thumbstyle
        2       Hopeless Prescription
        3       Hey Ho
        4       Diamond Lil
        5       Great Change Coming On
        6       The Road To Wisdom
        7       The Only Way To Feel
        8       Faith Of Clay
        9       Coming On Stronger
        10      Shattered (Part 1)
        11      Shattered (Part 2)

(Note : country-rock from 1970)
PTLP    8008    THE AMAZING BLONDEL     AND A FEW FACES                 LP      04.2013
PT      8008    THE AMAZING BLONDEL     AND A FEW FACES                 CD      04.2013

        A1      Saxon Lady                                      3:10
        A2      Bethel Town Mission                             3:15
        A3      Season Of The Year                              2:46
        A4      Canaan                                          3:50
        A5      Shepherd's Song                                 6:14
        B1      You Don't Want My Love                          3:59
        B2      Love Sonnet                                     4:08
        B3      Spanish Lace                                    2:46
        B4      Minstrel's Song                                 5:34
        B5      Bastard Love                                    4:10

(Note : UK folk rock band)

LP      Bell            SBLL 131        1970    UK
PT      8009    BAKERLOO                BAKERLOO                        CD      07.2013

(Note : pre Colosseum , Uriah Heep)

LP      Harvest         SHVL 762        1969    UK
PT      8010    MOTHERLIGHT             BOBAK, JONS, MALONE             CD      07.2013

        1       Motherlight                                     3:29
        2       On a Meadow-Lea                                 4:40
        3       Mona Lose                                       3:02
        4       Wanna Make a Star, Sam                          2:11
        5       House of Many Windows                           3:41
        6       Chant                                           4:11
        7       Burning the Weed                                3:25
        8       The Lens                                        6:52

(Note : British underground band)

LP      Morgan Bluetown BT 5003         1969    UK
PT      8011    UNCLE DOG               OLD HAT                         CD      10.2013

        A1      River Road
        A2      Movie Time
        A3      Old Hat
        A4      Boogie With Me
        A5      We've Got Time
        B1      Smoke
        B2.a    I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
        B2.b    Mystery Train
        B3      Lose Me

LP      Signpost        SG 4253         1972    UK
PT      8012    DR. K'S BLUES BAND      DR. K'S BLUES BAND              CD      10.2013

        1       I Can't Lose                                    2:45
        2       Walking                                         3:25
        3       Key To The Highway                              2:06
        4       Crippled Clarence                               2:00
        5       Pet Cream Man                                   6:23
        6       Messin' With The Kid                            2:42
        7       Don't Quit The Man You Love For Me              2:22
        8       Rolty's Banjo Shuffle                           2:06
        9       Strobe Lemming's Lament                         1:43
        10      Long Distance Call                              4:27
        11      Feel So Bad                                     2:47

LP      Spark           SRLP 101        1968    UK
PT      8013    BYZANTIUM               SEASONS CHANGING                CD      09.2013
                                                                        LP      02.2014

        1       What a Coincidence 3:55
        2       My Season's Changing With the Sun 2:37
        3       Show Me the Way 4:03
        4       I'll Always Be Your Friend 4:08
        5       October Andy 5:22
        6       Something You Said - A Trilogy 20:42
                Part One: Something You Said
                Part Two: I Can See You
                Part Three: Morning

(Note : British prog rock band formed in 1970)

LP      A&M             AMLH 68104      1972    UK
PT      8014    SOUTHERN COMFORT        FROG CITY                       CD      11.2013

LP      Harvest         SHSP 4012       1971    UK
PT      8015    JOHN MORGAN             KALEIDOSCOPE                    CD      12.2013

        1       Psychic Wheels                                  5:27
        2       Kaleidoscope of Life                            7:53
        3       Sky Rider                                       3:05
        4       Sandy Mouth Bay                                 5:46
        5       Evil City                                       6:25
        6       Make Ye Merry                                   4:30
        7       Cow Cow Boogie                                  2:16
        8       Anthole Highlander                              1:48
        9       Entertainer Rag                                 2:40
        10      303                                             4:29

(Note : Formed from the ashes of psychedelic blues legends Spirit Of John Morgan, this
        talented yet arguably overlooked keyboard player continued his career with the
        underground indie label Carnaby Records.)

LP      Carnaby         6302 010        1972    UK
PT      8016    GRAIL                   GRAIL                           CD      01.2014

        1       Power
        2       Bleek Wind High
        3       Day After Day
        4       Grail
        5       Camel Dung
        6       Sunday Morning
        7       Czechers
        8       The Square

(Note : UK psych. band from 1971)

LP      Metronome       MLP 15393       1971    UK/GE
PT      8017    CAROL OF HARVEST        CAROL OF HARVEST                CD      01.2014

        1       Put on Your Nightcap                            16:02
        2       You and Me                                      2:31
        3       Somewhere at the End of the Rainbow             6:25
        4       Treary Eyes                                     4:17
        5       Try a Little Bit                                9:59
                Bonus Tracks - Live Gig at Langenzenn March 1978
        6       River                                           2:35
        7       Sweet Heroin                                    7:04
        8       Brickstone                                      1:14

(Note : Carol Of Harvest's fleeting presence in the late 1970s asserted their place in
        the world of ambient folk and progressive rock,  issued in 1978 on the private
        Brutkasten label and finally receives its long-awaited and eagerly anticipated
        reissue on CD , incl. three bonus tracks)
PT      8018    MIDWINTER               THE WATERS OF SWEET SORROM      CD      03.2014

(Note : acid-folk band , privately pressed in 1975)

PT      8020    ROBIN LENT              SCARECROW'S JOURNEY             CD      06.2016

Prog Temple presents the first CD release of Robin Lent's Scarecrow's Journey (1971).
Since the release of Robin Lent's debut LP Scarecrow's Journey on the obscure Nepentha
Records label, it has become highly sought-after in collector's circles. The music is
highly regarded by critics and fans alike. This CD edition brings the music (and the
history behind it) to a larger and more receptive audience today, acknowledging
Scarecrow's Journey as a must-have piece in anyone's credible collection of acid-folk
and underground rock, a progressive rock classic. Digitally remastered. Includes
detailed liner notes.

LP      Nepentha        6347 002        1971    UK      [Fucus, Jan Akkerman]
PT      8021    NIGHTWING               BLACK SUMMER                    CD      03.2014

        1       Overnight Sensation
        2       Bird Has Flown
        3       Carry On
        4       Long Hard Road
        5       Searching
        6       Evil Woman
        7       Black Summer
        8       Don't Want To Lose You

(Note : Nightwing rose from the ashes of legendary mid-'70s hard rockers Strife, with
        the phenomenal power of Gordon Rowley's bass guitar leading the assault)

LP      Gull            GULP 1036       1982    UK
PT      8022    BYZANTIUM               BYZANTIUM                       CD      09.2014

        1       What Is Happening?
        2       I Am A Stranger To My Life
        3       Come Fair One
        4       Baby I Can Hear You Calling Me
        5       Trade Wind
        6       Into The Country
        7       Lady Friend
        8       Why Or Maybe It's Because

(Note : UK psych/progressive/folk-rock/pop band)

LP      A&M             AMLH 68104      1972    UK
PT      8023    SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN   AGE MACHINE                     CD      04.2014

        1       Age Machine                                     3:37
        2       No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed  5:37
        3       Friend Of Jesus                                 2:46
        4       Golden Rollin' Belly                            2:28
        5       Never Let Go                                    3:17
        6       Lost Nirvana                                    5:01
        7       Seventh Dawn                                    3:53
        8       Won't You Come Home                             2:27
        9       Mumbo Jumbo                                     4:33
        10      Putney Breakdown                                2:11

(Note : these devout blues rockers' second helping of psychedelic blues appeared in
        1970 with confident swagger underpinned by the relative success of their self
        -titled debut LP from 1969)

LP      Carnaby         CNLS 6007       1970    UK
PT      8024    DOGFEET                 DOGFEET                         CD      09.2014

        1       Mr Sunshine (bonus)                             11:08
        2       Armageddon # 1                                  4:36
        3       Theme # 1                                       1:55
        4       On The Road # 1                                 4:57
        5       Now I Know # 1                                  3:09
        6       For Mary                                        2:05
        7       On The Road                                     5:01
        8       Reprise                                         8:17
        9       Now I Know                                      3:09
        10      Since I Went Away                               2:57
        11      Clouds                                          5:07
        12      Evil Women                                      5:01
        13      Armageddon                                      5:01
        14      For Mary And Child                              5:43
        15      Voodoo Chile (bonus)                            10:57

(Note : the highly-collectable Dogfeet album originally released on the CBS subsidiary
        in 1970, plus six bonus tracks, incl. two live songs from a reformed version of
        the group from 1991. Moody twin guitar blues-y psychedelic rock. Digitally
        remastered. Includes detailed liner notes and rare photos)

        1       At My Home                                      7:57
        2       Autumn                                          9:06
        3       Butterking                                      7:17
        4       Reflections on the Future                       15:48
        5       The Way That I Feel Today                       11:11
        6       Spring                                          13:02
        7       I Wanna Stay                                    3:59
        8       Time Can't Take It Away                         4:40

(Note : German prog. rock from 1972)

CD      Second Battle   SB 025          1993    GE
PT      8026    STONE ANGEL             STONE ANGEL                     CD      09.2014

        1       The Bells Of Dunwich                            5:54
        2       The Skater                                      3:06
        3       Pastime With A Good Company                     1:09
        4       Traveller's Tale                                5:32
        5       Black Sailed Traders                            4:52
        6       Stone Angel                                     3:32
        7       Galliard / Merrie England's Musicke Box         1:53
        8       The Gay Goshawk                                 6:56
        9       The Black Dog                                   5:35

(Note : privately-pressed 1975 album by Norfolk acid-folkies Stone Angel)

LP      Seashell        SSLP 04         1975    UK
PT      8027    ASSAGAI                 ASSAGAI                         CD      12.2014

LP      Vertigo         6360 030        1971    UK

Assagai’s debut for Philips’ progressive subsidiary Vertigo was realised in 1971.
PT      8028    HOKUS POKE              EARTH HARMONY                   CD      09.2014

        1       H.P. Boogie
        2       Sunrise Sunset (The Sunset)
        3       Big World Small Guy
        4       Down In The Street
        5       Hag Rag
        6       Living In Harmony
        7       Time And Space
        8       The Poke

LP      Vertigo         6360 064        1972    UK
PT      8029    HEADS HANDS & FEET : HEADS HANDS & FEET                 CD      09.2014

        1       I'm In Need Of Your Help
        2       Send Me A Magic Wire
        3       Look At The World It's Changing
        3a      You Because You Know Me
        4       Green Liquor
        5       Country Boy
        6       Tryin' To Put Me On
        7       I Wish You Know Me
        8       Devil's Elbow
        9       Pete Might Spook The Horses
        10      Everybody's Hustlin'
        10a     Hang Me Dang Me
        11      Delaware
        12      More You Get The More You Want
        13      Song For Suzie
        14      Tirabad
        15      Little Bit Lonely

LP      Island          ILPS 9149       1971    UK
PT      8030
PT      8031    CHRIS STAINTON/GLEN TURNER : TUNDRA                     CD      12.2014

LP      Decca           SKL-R 5259      1976    UK
PT      8032    BYZANTIUM               LIVE & STUDIO                   CD      12.2014
PT      8033    JACKSON HEIGHTS         KING PROGRESS                   CD      12.2014

LP      Charisma        CAS 1018        1970    UK
PT      8034    BUSH                    BUSH                            CD      12.2014

LP      private press.                  1972    UK      100 copies
PT      8035    ARZACHEL                ARZACHEL                        CD      12.2014

LP      Evolution       Z1003           1969    UK
PT      8036    AREA CODE 615           TRIP IN THE COUNTRY             CD      12.2014

LP      Polydor         2066 249        1970    UK
PT      8037    ARIEL                   A STRANGE FANTASTIC DREAM       CD      12.2014
PT      8038    HOLY MACKEREL           HOLY MACKEREL                   CD      04.2015

(Note : formed from the ashes of UK psych legends Jason Crest, and featuring members of
        cult rockers Samuel Prody and Orang-Utan, this fine quintet coalesced in 1972.
        Having honed their material in the North of England, they became an immediate
        success on the live circuit and were soon offered the chance to make an LP.
        Issued at the end of 1972, it draws on prog, country, pop, and rock influences,
        but never connected commercially, though it's recognized as a lost classic
        today. It makes a welcome return to CD here, together with background notes and
        rare images)

LP      CBS             CBS 65297       1972    UK
PT      8039    CIRKUS                  ONE                             CD      04.2015

(Note :  self-recorded, the 1973 debut by this British progressive quintet is one of
        the most accomplished albums in its genre, recalling the work of Yes, King
        Crimson, and The Moody Blues, with plenty of imaginative keyboard and guitar
        work. It makes its long-awaited return to CD here, complete with background
        notes and five bonus tracks, and is sure to delight all fans of early '70s
        underground music)

LP      RCB             RCB 1           1973    UK
PT      8040    YELLOW DOG              YELLOW DOG                      CD      04.2015

(Note : led by the men behind pop hitmakers Fox -- songwriters Kenny Young and Herbie
        Armstrong -- and featuring legendary guitarist Andy Roberts and renowned
        drummer Gerry Conway, this album was recorded in 1975 and released in 1977.
        It contains superb riffs and concise songs, but was out of step with the
        prevailing punk ethos and didn't make the impression it deserved to. It makes
        its welcome return to CD here)
PT      8041    BRONCO                  SMOKING MIXTURES                CD      04.2015

(Note : Bronco are renowned as one of the UK's most unfairly neglected early'70s bands.
        Smoking Mixture was their third and final LP, and originally appeared in 1973.
        A superb collection of laid-back rock, it makes its long-awaited return to CD

LP      Polydor         2383 215        1973    UK
PT      8042    FANTASY : BEYOND THE BEYOND PLUS...                     CD      06.2015

(Note : formed in Gravesend, Kent, in 1970, this quintet debuted in 1973 with Paint
        a Picture (AU 5001CD/LP), one of the most sought-after and prized relics of
        British prog rock. Beyond the Beyond is their follow-up, recorded in 1974 but 
        sadly not released at the time. It makes its long-awaited return to CD here,
        together with background notes and images, and confirms what an imaginative and
        atmospheric outfit they were)

LP      Polydor         2383 246        1972    UK
PT      8043    9.30                    FLY                             CD      06.2015

(Note : sole album by this quintet from Cheltenham, England, came and went in May 1972.
        Fronted by husband-and-wife duo Michael and Barbara Wainwright, they played
        a deft blend of prog, folk-rock, and singer-songwriter material, but failed to
        connect with an audience at the time. The original LP has sold for over $500,
        and makes its long-overdue return to CD here, complete with background notes
        and rare images)
PT      8044    THE SPIRIT OF GLENCOE : THE SPIRIT OF GLENCOE           CD      06.2015

(Note : second and final album from this funky British prog band originally appeared in
        August 1973, and features the talents of Stewart Francis (drums, vocals),
        Graham Maitland (keyboards, vocals), John Turnbull (guitar, vocals), and Norman
        Watt-Roy (bass, vocals). Between them they'd played in Skip Bifferty,
        The Greatest Show On Earth, Forever More, and several other well-regarded acts,
        and their pedigree shines through on this set, now making its long-overdue CD
        debut together with background notes and images)
PT      8045    BADGER                  WHITE LADY                      CD      10.2015

By 1973, Badger, originally formed in 1971 by Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye and drummer Roy
Dyke, had released a live debut LP and then regrouped with the addition of former
Beatles protégé Jackie Lomax, Stealers Wheel guitarist Paul Pilnick and renowned
bassist Kim Gardner. White Lady, originally released in 1973, was recorded in New
Orleans (with arrangements by Allen Toussaint), and features guest appearances by Jeff
Beck, Bryn Haworth, and others. It makes a long-overdue return to CD here, together
with background notes and images.

LP      Epic            EPC 80009       1974    UK
PT      8046    J.S.D. BAND             COUNTRY OF THE BLIND            CD      09.2015

(Note : named after founder members Jim Divers, Sean O'Rourke and Des Coffield, this
        outstanding Scottish folk-rock quintet also featured Colin Finn and Chuck
        Fleming. Their debut album originally appeared in late 1971 and makes its
        long-overdue reappearance on CD here, together with background notes + images)

LP      Regal Zonophone  SRLZ 1018      1971    UK
PT      8047    BOXER                   ABSOLUTELY                      CD      10.2015

In 1976, legendary vocalist Mike Patto (Timebox, Patto) put together a new lineup of
Boxer featuring keyboardist Chris Stainton (Joe Cocker's Grease Band), guitarist Adrian
Fisher (Sparks), bassist Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge), and drummer Eddie Tuduri (The
Beach Boys). The lineup proved volatile and short-lived, but they did tape this lost
classic of melodic hard rock in 1977, with producer Jeff Glixman, red-hot from his
association with Kansas. It makes its long-awaited debut on CD here, complete with
background notes and images.
PT      8048    EDDIE BAIRD             HARD GRAFT                      CD      02.2016

Lincolnshire, England-born multi-instrumentalist Eddie Baird is best known as a member
of Amazing Blondel. This solo album is, however, far removed from that band's
renaissance folk style. A classy set of concise pop rock songs played entirely by
Baird, it was recorded in Cornwall, England, in the summer of 1975 and released in
1976. It makes its long-overdue CD debut here.
PT      8049    LIGHTHOUSE              ONE FINE MORNING                CD      02.2016

Originally formed in 1968, this legendary Canadian horn-rock band spanned R'N'R, jazz,
and classical music. Released in June 1971, One Fine Morning is their fourth album, and
its title-track became an international hit. Originally issued on the legendary Vertigo
imprint in the UK, it makes its long-overdue return to CD here.
PT      8050    LIGHTHOUSE              THROUGHTS OF MOVIN' ON          CD      04.2016

Originally formed in 1968, this legendary Canadian horn-rock band spanned r&r, jazz,
progressive, and classical music. Released in December 1971, Thoughts Of Movin' On was
their fifth album, and appeared on the legendary Vertigo imprint in the UK. It makes
its long-overdue CD debut here.
PT      8051    SCULLION                BALANCE AND CONTROL             CD      04.2016

Formed in Dublin in 1979 by Tír na nÓg singer and guitarist Sonny Condell, vocalist
Philip King, and guitarist Greg Boland, Scullion made a considerable impact in Ireland
with the release of their self-titled debut album later that year. Produced by the
legendary John Martyn, their second LP, Balance and Control, appeared toward the end
of 1980. This is the first reissue of this wonderful set of acoustic material with
a distinctive Celtic flavor, touching on pop, jazz, and more.
PT      8052    PANHANDLE               PANHANDLE                       CD      04.2016

Though producer Rodger Bain is principally known for his influential collaborations
with Black Sabbath and other hard rock acts, in 1971 he oversaw this obscure one-off
studio project. Featuring (among others) the legendary guitarist Chris Spedding,
bassist Herbie Flowers, singer P. P. Arnold, and even Dudley Moore on keyboards, it's
a superb set of tough-edged rock and pop standards, and is reissued here for the first
time since its 1972 release.
PT      8053    HOOKFOOT                HEADLINES                       2CD     04.2016

Caleb Quaye, Ian Duck, David Glover (later replaced by Freddy Gandy), and Roger Pope
were session musicians who'd acted as Elton John's backing band before embarking on
a recording career themselves in 1971. Over the course of four studio LPs and one live
set, they established themselves as one of the UK's most musical rock bands, drawing
on rock 'n' roll, country, funk, blues, and more, with Quaye standing out as a truly
exceptional guitarist. This double compilation initially appeared in 1975, following
their split in 1974, and includes a cross-section of material from their studio
albums, as well as four previously unreleased tracks. It's reissued here for the first
time, together with background notes and images.

PT      8055    WOODEN HOSE             WOODEN HORSE                    LP      10.2016

Prog Temple present the first vinyl reissue of Wooden Horse's self-titled album,
originally released in 1972. Originally formed in Sydney, Australia, this folk-rock
quintet completed their line-up upon moving to London in 1970. They are best-known for
featuring vocalist Susan Traynor - better-known as Noosha Fox. Released in March 1972,
their superb debut album consists of mellow folk-rock with sparkling vocal harmonies.
Reissued here with background notes and images. Includes insert.
PT      8056    WOODEN HORSE            WOODEN HORSE II                 CD      06.2016

Wooden Horse was a short lived British folk-rock band that released two albums
consecutively in 1972 and 1973. Not quite like typical British folk rockers of the
era, Wooden Horse was heavily influenced by American super acts such as CSN&Y and
Peter, Paul & Mary. This CD-reissue of the band's highly recommended second full-
length includes background liners and images.
PT      8057    ZIOR                    EVERY INCH A MAN                CD      07.2016

Zior is revered as one of the best British underground hardrock bands of the early 
'70s. Reissued on CD, this is the band's second and final album, which back in the
day only appeared in Germany (through Intercord Records) in 1973, making it a
significant rarity today. A gritty collection of organ and guitar-fuelled rockers,
'Every Inch A Man' is sure to appeal to fans of acts such as Black Sabbath, Deep
Purple and Leaf Hound. This CD-edition is presented with background notes and images.


PT      8060    ASSAGAI                 ZIMBABWE                        LP      10.2016

Led by South African saxophonist Dudu Pukwana, Assagai spearheaded the UK’s so-called
‘Afro-rock’ movement in the early 70s. The lost classic Zimbabwe is their second and
last album, originally appeared in the UK only, in 1971. Featuring guest appearances
from Jade Warrior (who also contribute some songs), it’s a funky blast from start to
PT      8061    GLENCOE                 GLENCOE                         CD      10.2016

Prog Temple present a reissue of Glencoe's self-titled debut album, originally released
in 1972. Formed in 1972, this funky British prog band featured John Turnbull (guitar,
vocals), Graham Maitland (keyboards, vocals), Norman Watt-Roy (bass, vocals) and
Stewart Francis (drums, vocals). Between them they played in Skip Bifferty, Greatest
Show On Earth, Forever More and several other well-regarded acts. Their pedigree shines
through on this classic debut. Originally issued in December 1972, it makes its long
-overdue return to CD here. Includes background notes and images.

LP      Epic            EPC 65207       1972    UK
PT      8062    LIGHTHOUSE              GOOD DAY                        CD      10.2016

Prog Temple present a reissue of Lighthouse's Good Day, originally released in 1974.
Having been named "Vocal/Instrumental Group of the Year" for the third time at
Canada's prestigious Juno Awards in 1973, Lighthouse entered Thunder Sound in Toronto
the following year to record their final album. Downplaying the horn-heavy sound that
had previously defined them, it's a taut set of progressive rock with prominent synth
and it sees founder member and drummer Skip Prokop switching to lead guitar. It makes
its long-overdue CD debut here. Includes background notes and images.
PT      8063    OLIVER                  STANDING STONE                  CD      12.2016

Prog Temple present a reissue of the sole album by Oliver Chaplin, Standing Stone,
originally released 1974. Recorded on a farm in rural Wales without a thought to
commercial considerations, Standing Stone melds Delta blues with biting psychedelic
guitar, acid folk and a range of production effects (by Oliver's brother Chris, an
engineer who'd worked on Jimi Hendrix's BBC sessions). The result is a unique blast
of counter-cultural energy - a work of peculiar genius. Ultra-rare in its original
vinyl incarnation, it makes its long overdue return to CD here.
PT      8064    OUT OF DARKNESS         OUT OF DARKNESS                 CD      12.2016

Prog Temple present a reissue of Out Of Darkness's self-titled album, orig. released
in 1970. Initially formed as a trio in 1967, by the spring of 1969, Out Of Darkness
had become a powerful quartet, fueled by the Hendrix-inspired guitar heroics of Wray
Powell. Featuring both black and white members, and conveying their Christian message
through the medium of loud post-psychedelic rock'n'roll, they amazed and confounded
audiences in equal measure. This long-awaited reissue of their classic album, comes
with background notes and images.
PT      8065    EAST OF EDEN            NEW LEAF                        CD      02.2017

Prog Temple present a reissue of East Of Eden's New Leaf, originally released in 1971.
East Of Eden had an unexpected top ten UK hit with "Jig-A-Jig" in early 1971. By that
time they had undergone various changes in personnel and musical approach, though they
were still led by violinist Dave Arbus (who guested on The Who's "Baba O'Riley" the
same year). New Leaf was originally issued that November and found the band in fine
form with a mixture of progressive and more laidback material. It makes a welcome
return to CD here, together with background notes and images.

LP      Harvest         SHVL 796        1971    UK
PT      8066    SOUTHERN COMFORT        SOUTHERN COMFORT                LP      02.2017

Prog Temple present a reissue of Southern Comfort's self-titled album, originally
released in 1971. As Matthews' Southern Comfort, this superb British band enjoyed a
massive worldwide hit with "Woodstock" in October 1970. Not long after the departure
of Iain Matthews, the band decided to continue, recording Frog City in 1971
(PT 8014CD), followed by this laid-back, country-styled effort, which was also 
released in 1971 in December. It makes a long overdue return to CD here, together
with background notes and images.

LP      Harvest         SHVL 799        1972    UK
PT      8067    DADDY LONGLEGS          DADDY LONGLEGS                  CD      03.2017

        01      Tell The Captain                                02:12
        02      New Mexico Song                                 02:43
        03      Lady In Waiting                                 02:54
        04      Bad Blood, Mama                                 05:03
        05      High Again                                      04:04
        06      Waiting For The Snow To Fall                    02:38
        07      Farewell                                        05:08
        08      Motorcycle                                      03:21
        09      Behind The Waterfall                            04:20
        10      Bein' Here Blue                                 03:27
        11      Whisky Moan                                     02:22

Prog Temple present a reissue of Daddy Longlegs' self-titled debut album, originally
released in 1970. Playing a warm, good-natured mixture of country, blues and pop, this
expatriate American band was an instant hit with British underground audiences. Orig.
released in May 1970, their classic debut album makes a welcome return to CD here,
together with background notes and images.

LP      Warner Bros.    WS 3004         1979    UK
PT      8068    DADDY LONGLEGS          THE THREE MUSICIANS             CD      06.2017

        01      Concrete Roadside                               03:28
        02      Side Affair                                     03:26
        03      Dance Of The Nightpeople                        03:49
        04      Let Your Sons Grow                              02:20
        05      Travel Timewaze                                 03:42
        06      Greenwich Meantime                              03:04
        07      Methedrine Blues                                03:05
        08      Don't You Worry No More                         01:56
        09      Where Have All Your Clothes Gone                03:04
        10      Maybe I Never Will                              02:58
        11      If I Say                                        01:13
        12      Wash My Hands                                   03:42
        13      Whisky In The Water                             04:25

Prog Temple present a reissue of Daddy Longlegs' The Three Musicians, originally
released in 1972. Following the release of their Vertigo classic Oakdown Farm in
mid-1971, Daddy Longlegs became a trio featuring Gary "Norton" Holderman (vocals,
guitar), Kurt Palomaki (bass, guitar, sax), and Clif Carrison (drums). With a new
record deal in place, the trio recorded this classic underground country-rock LP,
which was originally issued in the summer of 1972. It makes a long-awaited return
to CD here.

LP      Polydor         2371 261        1972    UK
PT      8069    DEAD SEA FRUIT          DEAD SEA FRUIT                  LP      03.2017

        01      The 8.15 And The 5.45                           02:06
        02      Put Another Record On                           03:05
        03      Psychiatric Case                                02:09
        04      Mr. Barman                                      03:29
        05      Matters                                         03:39
        06      Seeds Of Discontent                             03:27
        07      I'll Come With You                              02:20
        08      I've Been Away Too Long                         02:42
        09      Mr. Coffee Pot                                  01:57
        10      Time Waits For No One                           03:54
        11      I Should Have Guessed                           03:28
        12      Kensington High Street                          02:04

Prog Temple present Dead Sea Fruit's self-titled album, originally released in 1967.
This good-humored British quintet have been likened to the Kinks, the Mothers of
Invention, and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. Based in France, they appeared on TV with
Salvador Dali and performed in London venues including the legendary UFO, but made no
commercial breakthrough and broke up in 1968, leaving behind one rare album. Orig.
released in April 1967, it makes its long overdue CD debut here, together with
background notes and images.

LP      Camp            603 001         1967    UK
PT      8070    THE PEOPLE BAND         THE PEOPLE BAND                 CD      09.2017

        01      Part 1                                          08:59
        02      Part 2                                          08:26
        03      Part 3                                          06:38
        04      Part 4                                          03:38
        05      Part 5                                          05:49
        06      Part 6                                          05:57

Prog Temple present a reissue of The People Band's self-titled album, originally
released in 1970. Containing musicians that also worked with Pete Brown, Mike
Westbrook, Ian Dury, Soft Machine, and others, this musical collective coalesced
in London in 1968, and soon came to the attention of jazz aficionado Charlie Watts,
who financed and oversaw a recording session that October. Improvised, anarchic, and
utterly original, the results are comparable to the contemporary work of Amalgam and
the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, and this self-titled makes a long-awaited return
to CD here.
PT      8071    TENNENT/MORRISON        TENNENT-MORRISON                CD      09.2017

        01      Good For You                                    03:31
        02      Tomorrow It Might Rain                          02:43
        03      Keep My Secrets                                 04:09
        04      I Should Have Known Better                      02:45
        05      Round And Round                                 03:01
        06      Fog In The Future                               03:50
        07      I Can't Imagine                                 02:54
        08      Easy Come Easy Go                               03:55
        09      The Last Hour                                   02:41
        10      Take My Place                                   04:28
        11      Death In A Distant Country                      06:30

Prog Temple present a reissue of Tennent - Morrison, originally released in 1972. This
duo of Glaswegian John Tennent and American David Morrison were co-managed by Peter
Grant, of Led Zeppelin fame, and made this collection of acoustic-based ballads and
pop-rockers in London in the summer of 1972, with backing from members of Stone The
Crows (with whom they toured the UK that September). One of the rarest albums of the
period, it makes a long-overdue return to CD here.
PT      8072    JOE SOAP                KEEP IT CLEAN                   CD      07.2017

        01      Talkin' Bout You                                04:12
        02      Warning Sign                                    02:58
        03      Lay It On Me                                    07:05
        04      Whatever The Song Is Now                        03:09
        05      Get Out From Under                              03:00
        06      Feels Strange                                   03:24
        07      On The Wing                                     03:27
        08      Time                                            03:46
        09      All Out Now                                     03:21
        10      Birdman                                         03:33

Prog Temple present a reissue of Joe Soap's Keep It Clean, originally released in 1973.
Having released their debut album in 1972 (PT 8071CD), with backing from Stone The
Crows and others, in 1973 John Tennent and David Morrison went in another direction,
embracing gritty blues-rock. Keep It Clean sank without trace upon its first release
at the end of that year, but has since gained a strong cult reputation, not least
because of the superb contributions from Jimmy McCulloch (by then of Wings), Mik
Kaminski (of ELO), and others.
PT      8073    OSORIS                  OSIRIS                          CD      06.2017

        01      Fantasy                                         05:56
        02      Sailor On The Seas Of Fate                      11:33
        03      Struggle To Survive                             04:55
        04      Atmun                                           05:06
        05      Embers Of A Flame                               04:54
        06      A Story Of Love                                 06:07
        07      Paradox In A Major                              03:59

Prog Temple present a reissue of Osiris's self-titled album, originally released in
1982. The tiny Arab island of Bahrain was no hotbed of rock music in the 1970s -- but
that's where this superb band hailed from. Equally influenced by top UK progressive
bands (Camel, Yes, Jethro Tull) and their own musical heritage, they played a deft
and melodic brand of keyboard-heavy prog that could easily have found success in the
West. Their debut album was originally issued in a tiny pressing in their homeland
in 1983, and makes a welcome return to CD here, together with background notes.

PT      8075    DEWEY TERRY             CHIEF                           CD      06.2018

        01.     She's Leavin' Me
        02.     Big Boy Pete
        03.     Funky Old Town
        04.     Suit For The Cat
        05.     Do On My Feet (What I Did In The Street)
        06.     Reef Ade
        07.     Well Known Man
        08.     Sweet As Spring
        09.     De Blooze (If You Wanna Get Groovy Now)
        10.     Let Them Ol' Stars And Stripes Shine

Prog Temple present a reissue of Dewey Terry's Chief, originally released in 1972.
As half of the legendary R&B duo Don & Dewey (alongside Don "Sugarcane" Harris), Dewey
Terry was responsible for numerous classic songs, and toured alongside Jimi Hendrix
in Little Richard's Band. After a period out of the spotlight, he resurfaced in 1972
with this lost classic, a fun and funky stew of blues, soul, and rock that was produced
by Bill Szymczyk (shortly to find fame for his work with the Eagles), and features
guest appearances from Harvey Mandel, Jim Horn, and others. It makes its long-overdue
CD debut here, together with background notes and images.

LP      Tumbleweed              TW 3502         1973    UK

PT      8077    SMOKEY CIRCLES          SMOKEY CIRCLES ALBUM            CD      06.2018

Prog Temple present a reissue of Smokey Circles Album, originally released in 1970.
This enigmatic collection of sophisticated pop was the result of a collaboration
between the British Ralph Murphy and the Israeli Shmuel Kraus, who had previously
worked together in The High Windows. Originally issued in April 1970, it sank without
trace, but has gone on to become a considerable collector's item and makes a welcome
return to CD here.

LP      Carnaby                 CNLS 6006       1970    UK






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