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PBR     4301    THE PILGRIM JUBILEES    CRYING WON'T HELP               CD      04.2016

"The Pilgrim Jubilee Singers aka The Pilgrim Jubilees signed with Peacock Records
in 1962. They recorded many singles and a few albums during their tenure there.
Crying Won't Help-- reissued here for the first time on CD-- is the last LP that
they recorded for Peacock
PBR     4302    THE LOVING SISTERS : THE SISTERS AND THEIR SONS         CD      04.2016

Gladys McFadden & The Loving Sisters were with Peacock from their start in 1962 until
1978.1974 album for Peacock.
PBR     4303    THE CROWN OF GLORY      WON'T IT BE GRAND               CD      04.2016