Distr.  : US - Independent Labels Distr./
          CA - Scratch
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : punk /

PATAC is purveyors of Metal, Punk and Hardcore Scum. Just check out some of the things
we put out and you will know what we mean.

PATAC   02      ANTIBODIES              Are Here                        7"      11.2009
PATAC   28      SIEGE                   LOST SESSIONS '91               7"      06.2014

Rescued from obscurity, PATAC Records is proud to present the missing final chapter
in the SIEGE legacy, Lost Session 91. Grindcore pioneers SIEGE made a huge impact in
their brief existence. The 1984 Drop Dead cassette was widely circulated amongst tape
traders and created the blueprint for nearly every single grind/fastcore/powerviolence
band that followed. In 1991 the Boston hardcore outfit reformed with ANAL CUNT vocalist
Seth Putnam and recorded one EP that remained unreleased. until now. The original
master reels were damaged, for the longest time these recordings were believed to be
lost. Recently, drummer Robert Williams discovered a cassette containing a raw mix of
the 1991 session. With Roberts supervision, PATAC Records and LUCKY LACQUERS restored
the audio and now Lost Session 91 finally is ready to destroy your turntable. Intense,
raw. SIEGE.