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APELP   118     XTC : WASP STAR (APPLE VENUS VOL.I)                     LP      09.2018

Not many bands release their finest album 20+ years into their career but XTC aren't
really like other bands. After a long lay off whilst they were in a contract dispute
with Virgin, the band returned in 1999 with this stunning collection of pastoral and
orchestrated pop music. Great throughout, the final three songs are the best of their
career. Surely this is Swindon's answer to Pet Sounds.
APELP   119     XTC : WASP STAR (APPLE VENUS VOL.II)                    LP      09.2018

Thank the lord the mooted double Apple Venus album was split into two and therefore
the magnificent Apple Venus Vol 1 could stand on it's own two feet. Wasp Star was
a more muscular, guitar orientated XTC album but lacks the colour provided by the
departed Dave Gregory's guitar playing and arrangements. A good album but always
trails slightly in the wake to it's predecessor.
633367789716    XTC                     SKYLARKING                      2LP     09.2018

Now the stuff of legend, XTC were holed up with eccentric producer Todd Rundgren for
this 1986 album in which band and producer battled, sniped and argued throughout.
You'd never guess listening to the more pastoral parts of the record and despite what
the band think, it's a really great album. This version is the reverse polarity edition
which sorted out some of the original album's sound issues. Also includes notorious
US hit 'Dear God' which was inexplicably left off the original album.
0633367789211   XTC                     APPLE VENUS VOL.1               LP      10.2018

(Note : LP/200 g. , mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering from tapes approved
        by Andy Partridge)