PANACHE                                 FRANCE

Distr.  : FR -
          UK - Norman/
Style   : indie /

PACHE   003 LP  PETER CAT RECORDING CO. : BISMILLAH                     2LP     06.2019
PACHE   003 CD  PETER CAT RECORDING CO. : BISMILLAH                     CD      06.2019

        1.      Where The Money Flows 
        2.      Floated By
        3.      Soulless Friends
        4.      Vishnu <3
        5.      Memory Box 6. Freezing
        7.      Heera
        8.      Im This
        9.      Remain in Me
        10.     Shit Im Dreaming
        11.     Were Getting Married(**secret track only available
                on vinyl release**)

Peter Cat Recording Co. are: 

Suryakant Sawhney (vocals/guitar/organ)
Dhruv Bhola (bass)
Kartik S Pillai (organ/guitar/electronics)
Rohit Gupta (horns), Karan Singh (drums)

The charmingly named Peter Cat Recording Co. are an equally charming indie rock band
based in New Delhi. There's a thoughtfulness to the music on Bismillah, found between
their lead singers doo-wop vocals, and the richness of a brass section. The band also
reach for the occasional R&B influence.