Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : disco / jazz / funk / Afro / Afro funk / soul / pop / easy listening /

PMG     001
PMG     002 LP  NIAGARA                 NIAGARA                         LP      05.2016

        A.      Sangandongo
        B.      Malanga

This was more a project than an actual band formed by German jazz drum legend Klaus
Weiss. He formerly worked with another jazz legend from his mother country, Klaus
Doldinger and gained fame in the German jazz circuit of the 60s and 70s. His 1971
output with Niagara was the result of the vision to create an orchestra made
entirely of drummers and percussionists.
PMG     003     NICO : NICO'S LAST CONCERT "FATA MORGANA"               LP      04.2016
PMG     004     DADISI KOMOLAFE         HASSAN'S WALK                   LP      05.2016

        A1.     Hassan's Walk
        A2.     Speak No Evil
        B1.     Calvary
        B2.     Round Midnight
PMG     005 LP  AHMED FARKOUN           MOTS D'AMOUR                    LP      05.2016
PMG     005 CD  AHMED FARKOUN           MOTS D'AMOUR                    CD      05.2016

        A1.     Jama Al' F'Na
        A2.     Kalimat Hob
        A3.     Gelty
        A4.     Fil Moden Al Kabira
        B1.     Love Words
        B2.     Soleil Soleil
        B3.     Ya Farhi' Bik
        B4.     Oyunic

Libyan genius Ahmed Fakroun, whose stunning "Mots D'Amour" LP is finally back in
print after a three decades hiatus. Originally released on France's Celluloid, the
8 track LP was the perfect fusion of synth pop, new wave, funk and traditional Arabic
PMG     006     ZDENKA KOVACICEK        ZDENKA KOVACICEK                LP      04.2016
PMG     006     ZDENKA KOVACICEK        ZDENKA KOVACICEK                CD      04.2016

        1.      Dragi Mi Je Lijep Ko' Slika
        2.      Tvoje Loše Navike
        3.      Hajde, Džefersone
        4.      Neću Da Znam
        5.       Elektra
        6.      Muzika
        7.      Hello Mr. Elton John
        8.      Kobra
        9.      Mali Crni Brat
        10.     Ti Nikad Nećeš Znati
        11.     Poznaješ Li Moje Pravo Lice
        12.     Vjerovao Ti Ili Ne

A great reissue of the s/t 1978 album by the respected Croatian vocalist who combined
jazz, pop, soul, easy listening and more. Tasteful stuff! Zdenka and her team of
producers combined disco funk, haunting electronic pieces, lush soulful ballads and
glam oriented power pop with a rocking edge together with one common denominator,
which is the utterly distinctive and charismatic voice of Mrs. Kovacicek.
PMG     007 LP  STEVE BLACK             VILLAGE BOOGIE                  LP      05.2016
PMG     007 CD  STEVE BLACK             VILLAGE BOOGIE                  CD      05.2016

        A1.     Igholoye
        A2.     Precious Time
        A3.     Step Out When You're Down
        B1.     Brand New Wayo
        B2.     Village Boogie
        B3.     When You Know What's Wrong
        B4.     Fun In The Street

After starting his musical career back in 1968, the Nigerian artist, drummer, singer,
multi-instrumentalist and producer Steve Black released the fantastic and unique
"Village Boogie!" in 1979, a true holy grail of afro funk music. The original album
is incredibly rare today and frequently fetches prices of $800 plus!
PMG     008     RAY CAMACHO BAND        REACH OUT                       LP      04.2016
PMG     008     RAY CAMACHO BAND        REACH OUT                       CD      04.2016

        01      Reach Out                                       04:05
        02      New York                                        05:15
        03      Hollywood                                       03:44
        04      Diggin' Deep                                    03:24
        05      Shake What You Got                              04:18
        06      What A Day                                      03:13
        07      Nobody But You                                  03:20
        08      Nothin' But A Party                             04:49
PMG     009 LP  NIAGARA                 SUB                             LP      05.2016

        A1.     S.U.B.
        A2.     Bones
        A3.     Niagara
        B1.     Kattarh
        B2.     Kikiriti
        B3.     Gibli
        B4.     Terra Incognita
PMG     10 LP   AKTION                  GROOVE THE FUNK                 LP      05.2016
PMG     10 CD   AKTION                  GROOVE THE FUNK                 CD      05.2016

        1.      Groove The Funk
        2.      Sugar Daddy
        3.      I Don't Have To Cry
        4.      My Baby
        5.      I've Got To Hope For Tomorrow
        6.      Masqurade
        7.      I'm In Love
        8.      Tell Me Baby
        9.      Play With Me
PMG     11 LP   EFFI DUKE & THE LOVE FAMILY : MR. LOVE                  LP      05.2016
PMG     11 CD   EFFI DUKE & THE LOVE FAMILY : MR. LOVE                  CD      05.2016

        1.      Mr. Love 
        2.      God Of Mercy 
        3.      Time Is Come
        4.      You Turn Me On
        5.      Get Ready
        6.      Know Thyself
PMG     12      BERKELEY AIKE JONES     NATION BUILDING                 LP      05.2016
PMG     12      BERKELEY AIKE JONES     NATION BUILDING                 CD      05.2016

        1.      It's Time For Nation Building
        2.      National Pledge
        3.      1979
        4.      Calling Health Men/ Police
        5.      Tears In The Ghetto
        6.      Dedicated To You
PMG     13      HEADS FUNK BAND         HARD WORLD                      LP      05.2016
PMG     13      HEADS FUNK BAND         HARD WORLD                      CD      05.2016

        1.      Hard World
        2.      Money Makes You Happy
        3.      Can You Do It
        4.      Jesus 
        5.      Egbe Bere Ogo Bere (Live And Let Live)
        6.      Hot Punk
        7.      Got To Love
PMG     14      MARY AFI SUAH           AFRICAN WOMAN                   LP+DLc  08.2016
PMG     14      MARY AFI SUAH           AFRICAN WOMAN                   CD      08.2016

        A1.     African Woman 
        A2.     Kam Fat Owo (Mbata)
        A3.     What's A Woman To Do
        A4.     Tell Me Now 
        B1.     Sweet Elijah 
        B2.     Spread More Love
        B3.     Our Generation (Ode To Our Nation)
        B4.     Tenkim Kpoho
PMG     15      STEVO                   MUSICA NEGRA                    LP      06.2016
PMG     15      STEVO                   MUSICA NEGRA                    CD      06.2016

        01      Pay The Price                                   05:06
        02      Universal Love                                  05:51
        03      Party Night                                     04:13
        04      Starry Eyes                                     04:22
        05      Messing Up A Good Thing                         04:16
        06      Jammin                                          03:17
        07      Livin For The City                              05:18
        08      Save The World                                  04:53
PMG     16      AKWASSA                 LA'ILA                          LP      05.2016
PMG     16      AKWASSA                 LA'ILA                          CD      05.2016

        01      Funky Girl                                      04:55
        02      Be Yourself (And Don't Let Nobody Be You)       05:19
        03      Feel Alone                                      07:02
        04      Orule                                           06:20
        05      Laila (Poor Man's Cry)                          04:35
        06      Tell Me                                         04:32
        07      I Don't Want No-Body (To Tell Me What To Do)    04:51
PMG     17      TREVOR DANDY            DON'T CRY LITTLE TREE           LP      06.2016
PMG     17      TREVOR DANDY            DON'T CRY LITTLE TREE           CD      06.2016

        01      Overture - Judgement Morning                    09:32
        02      When I Prayed                                   02:58
        03      Sometimes                                       04:33
        04      Don't Cry Little Tree                           03:10
        05      Is There Any Love?                              04:32
        06      Lord I Come To Thee                             03:45
        07      Have You Ever Wondered?                         04:12
        08      A Long Journey                                  03:56
PMG     018     GERALDO PINO            BOOGIE FEVER                    LP      08.2016
PMG     018     GERALDO PINO            BOOGIE FEVER                    CD      08.2016

        A1.     Ganja (Ganja)
        A2.     5th Bethoven Africana
        A3.     Boogie Fever
        B1.     Dance For Love
        B2.     African Hustle
        B3.     Shake Shake Shake

Reissue of Geraldo Pino's Boogie Fever, originally released in 1978.
PMG     019     BENIS CLETIN            JUNGLE MAGIC                    LP      08.2016

        A1.     Jungle Magic
        A2.     Mr. Teacher
        A3.     Rain, Sun And Love
        B1.     Love Forever
        B2.     Fireman
        B3.     Beautiful Continent

Reissue of Benis Cletin's Jungle Magic, originally released in 1979.
PMG     020     BLO                     PHASE IV                        LP      08.2016

        A1.     Trace Of Suicide
        A2.     Scandi Boogie
        A3.     You're So Kind
        A4.     Music Makes You Happy
        B1.     Number One
        B2.     Save Me
        B3.     Move Up
        B4.     I Miss Your Lovin'

Reissue of BLO's Phase IV, originally released in 1976.
PMG     021     ALEKE KANONU            ALEKE                           LP      08.2016
PMG     021     ALEKE KANONU            ALEKE                           CD      08.2016

        A1.     N'Gwode
        A2.     Keep New York Clean
        B1.     Mothers Day
        B2.     Home Sweet Home

Reissue of Aleke Kanonu's Aleke, originally released in 1980.
PMG     022     THE STORMMERS           LOVERS SONG                     LP      08.2016
PMG     022     THE STORMMERS           LOVERS SONG                     CD      08.2016

        A1.     Lover's Song
        A2.     Love Or Money
        A3.     Super D. Jay
        B1.     Sexy Woman
        B2.     Atlantic Breeze
        B3.     Be A Lover

Reissue of The Stormmers's Lovers Song, originally released in 1981.
PMG     023     FUNKEES                 NOW I'M A MAN                   LP      08.2016
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