Distr.  : UK -
Style   : garage rock / mod / psychedelic /

OWNUP U 2       THE PRISONERS           A TASTE OF PINK                 LP        .1992
OWNUP U 2 CD    THE PRISONERS           A TASTE OF PINK                 CD        .1994

        A1      Better In Black                                 2:25
        A2      A Taste Of Pink                                 2:17
        A3      Maybe I Was Wrong                               2:37
        A4      Creepy Crawlies                                 2:09
        A5      There Can't Be A Place                          2:52
        A6      Pretend                                         3:40
        B1      Coming Home                                     2:30
        B2      Threw My Heart Away                             3:10
        B3      Come To The Mushroom                            2:26
        B4      Till The Morning Light                          3:09
        B5      Say Your Prayers                                2:25
        B6      Don't Call My Name                              3:17
OWNUP U 3       THE PRISONERS           THE LAST FOURFATHERS            LP        .1994
OWNUP U 3 CD    THE PRISONERS           THE LAST FOURFATHERS            CD        .1994

        A1      Nobody Wants Your Love
        A2      Night Of The Nazgul
        A3      Thinking Of You (Broken Pieces)
        A4      I Am The Fisherman
        A5      Mrs. Fothergill
        A6      Take You For A Ride
        B1      The Drowning
        B2      F.O.P.
        B3      Whenever I'm Gone
        B4      Who's Sorry Now
        B5      Explosion On Uranus
        B6      I Drink The Ocean
OWNUP U 4       THE SOLARFLARES         CAN SATISFY YOU                 CD        .2003

        1       Inside Of A Dream                               2:18
        2       Valerie                                         2:10
        3       Save My Soul                                    3:04
        4       Miles Away                                      3:43
        5       Creepy Crawlies                                 2:13
        6       Satisfy You                                     2:14
        7       Get It Together                                 2:47
        8       Sucking Out My Insides                          2:44
        9       Glad To See You Go                              2:12
        10      Open Your Eyes                                  2:30
        11      Just Wanna Be Bad                               6:00
        12      Father's Name Is Dad                            2:40
        13      Hold On                                         4:57
OWNUP   5       GRAHAM DAY & THE GAOLERS : GOOD THINGS                  LP+CD   11.2014
DAG     001     THE DAGGERMEN           DAGGER IN MY MIND               LP        .1986

        A1      It's You I See
        A2      What Do I Do For You
        A3      There's No Escaping
        A4      I've Been Hurt
        A5      I Have Lost Heart
        A6      You Were Meant To Be
        B1      Every Moment
        B2      Dagger In My Mind
        B3      That Girl
        B4      D'You Think Of Me
        B5      I Feel The Regret
        B6      I've Been Searching