OUTER TIME INNER SPACE                  Sydney
**********************                  AUSTRALIA

Sydney club and experimental music scene and OTIS label owner, Hugh Burridge
(AKA Hubert Clarke Jr).

Distr.  : AU -
          UK - Piccadilly
Style   : techno / house /

OTIS    001     SEAN THOMAS             THE WEIGH                       12"     03.2017

        A1.     The Weigh
        A2.     9T2
        B1.     Canít Stand It
        B2.     Swim
OTIS    002     JON & HUGH              ANOTHER VIEW                    12"     07.2017

        A1.     Another View (Second Evolution)
        A2.     Stillness (Rings Around Saturn Dub)
        B1.     Feel Low
        B2.     Stillness
OTIS    003     HUGH B                  FLOATING ON A TRIPPY BUSCUIT    12"     05.2018

        1.      Low Pressure System
        2.      Floating On A Trippy Biscuit
        3.      I Just Feel Like (Sean Thomas Remix)
        4.      I Just Feel Like (Original Mix)