OUTER REACHES                           UK

Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
Style   : US - Forced Exposure/

OUT#    1       GARAGE CLASS            TERMINAL TOKYO                  12"     08.2018

        A1.     Terminal Tokyo
        B1.     I Got Standards
        B2.     I Got Standards (JD Twitch’s Say It Again)

(Note : reissue of in-demand 1983 post-punk 7" incl. JD Twitch (Optimo) edit)

Terminal Tokyo was released as a single four years after it was originally recorded in
1980. Garage Class were amongst the underground pioneers of the DIY punk sound that
helped to shape British music into the somewhat confused mess it is today. Grand.
OUT     002     INDIFFERENT DANCE CENTRE : FLIGHT AND PURSUIT           7"      09.2018

        01.     Indifferent Dance Centre : Flight & Pursuit     5:27
        02.     Indifferent Dance Centre : Release              4:37

Hot on the tattered heels of Terminal Tokyo (OUT 001EP, 2018) arrives Flight
& Pursuit, another overlooked revelation of provincial post-punk, this time by
Indifferent Dance Centre. A four-piece from Chichester, a quiet Cathedral city
in West Sussex, the group consisted of Lizzy Dowling (vocals / lyrics), Christopher
Binns (guitar), Ashley Barrett (bass), and Douglas Barrett (drums/guitar and bass
when required).
OUT     003
OUT     004     FITH                    SWAMP                           12"     05.2019

        A1.     Forest
        A2.     Pound
        B1.     Swamp
        B2.     l'au dela
        B3.     Bia³ystok

(Note : 12" , with specially commissioned, textured artwork by Tom Cazin)