OUTER HIMALAYAN RECORDS                 P.O.Box 59
***********************                 London N22 1AR

Owner   : Nick Blinko and Martin Cooper
Distr.  : UK/US -Southern
Style   : anarcho-punk / punk / new wave / synth pop / experimental /
          hardcore /

OH      1       THE MAGITS              FULLY COHERENT                  7"        .1980
                Fragmented / Disconnected // Disjointed / Detatched
                (Note : SRTS/79/CUS 401)
OH      2       S-HATERS                Death Of A Vampire // Research  7"        .1980
OH      3       RUDIMENTARY PENI        RUDIMENTARY PENI EP             7"EP      .1981
                Media Person / Him Hymn / Blind Dogs / B-Ward / Crazy
                Chain / The gardener / Teenage Time killer / Hearse /
                (.mov/quicktime) / Dead Living / Black President /
                Tower Of Strenght / Play
OH      4       SOFT DRINKS             Pop Stars In Their Pyjamas      7"        .1982
                                        Cinzano Wet Dream
OH      5       S-HATERS : Stories As Cold As The Irish Sea / Drift     7"        .1982
                / Industry & Nature
BOOBOO  1       RUDIMENTARY PENI        RUDIMANTARY PENI                7"        .1981

        A1      Media Person
        A2      Him Hymn
        A3      Blind Dogs
        A4      B Ward
        A5      Crazy Chain
        A6      The Gardener
        B1      Teenage Time Killer
        B2      Hearse
        B3      Dead Living
        B4      Black President
        B5      Tower of Strength
        B6      Play
                (Note : reissue of OH 3)
BOOBOO  2       RUDIMANTARY PENI        CACOPHONY                       LP        .1982
BOOBOO  2       RUDIMENTARY PENI        CACOPHONY                       CD        .1987

                Nightgaunts / The Horrors In The Museum / The Only Child
                / Archectonic And Dominant / The Evil Clergymen / Brown
                Jenkin / Crazed Couplet / Sarcoghagus / Lovecraft Baby
                / DReam City / C12 H22 O11 / Zenophobia / Sunset Of The
                Lords Of Venus / Beyond The Tanarian Hills / Imps Of
                The Perverse / The Dead Loved / Periwig Power / Kappa
                Alpha Tau / American Anglophile In The World / Turned
                Upside Down / Memento Mori / Better Not Born / Arkham
                Hearse / The Old man Is Not So Terribly / Misanthropic
                Gentlemen Prefer Blood Sonia / The Day The Universe
                Ceased (march 15th 1937) / The Crime Of The Century /
                Music In Diabola / Shard / Black On Gold
BOOBOO  3       RIDIMENTARY PENI        THE EP'S OF RP                  CD      09.1994
                Madia Person / Him Hymn / Blind Dogs / Crazy Chain /
                The Gardener / Teenage Time Killer / Hearse / Dead
                Living / Black President / Tower Of Strenght / Play /
                Sacrifice / Cosmetic Plague / Subdued Violence / Only
                Human / The Bile Ball / Farce / Bloody Jellies / Mice
                Race / Defined By Age / Zero Again / Bubble
BOOBOO  4       RUDIMENTARY PENI        DEATH CHURCH                    CD      04.1994
                Blissful Myth / The Psycho Squat / Rotten To The Core /
                Poppycock / Cosmic Hearse / The Cloud Song / Vampire
                State Building / Blasphemy Squad / When You Are A
                Martian Chucrch / Pig In A Blanket / Inside / Nothing
                But A Nightmare / Flesh Crucifix / Slimy Member / Love
                Is Not / Radio Schizo / Happy Farm / Alice Crucifies
                The Paedophiles / Army Of Jesus / Dutchmen
                                                                        LP.CD   05.2013

                Pogo Pope / The Pope With No Name / Hadrianich Relique
                / II Papus Puss / Muse Sick (Sic) / Vatican's City
                Hearse / I'm A Dream / We're Gonna Destroy Life The
                World Gets Higher And Higher / Pills , Popes And Potions
                / Ireland Sun / Regicide Chaz II / Iron Lung
BOOBOO  6       RUDIMANTARY PENI        ECHOES OF ANGUISH               12".CD  04.1998
                Flame Of Insanity / In Memory / Dissolution / Only
                Death / Womb So Scorned / Time Passing / Echo / Voice
                / Stone / Trial By Separation / From The Heart / Your
                Secret Life
BOOBOO  7       RUDIMENTARY PENI        THE UNDERCLASS                  7".CDS  09.2000
                Captive Of Atrophy / No Other Truth / Essence / Bequest
                / The Mirror / The Underclass / Unchanged / As Nothing
                / Choice Of Evils / The Internal Censor / The Ocean
                Of Misery / Clandestine Harem
BOOBOO  8       RUDIMANTARY PENI        ARCHAIC EP                      10".CD  06.2004
                                                                        LP      03.2014
                                                                        CD      09.2013

                One And All / Suffer / In Crematorium Flame / Lost /
                The Rain / Mercy Of Slumber /The Curse /The Enlightened
                Dreamer / XN.H.S. /Farewell Tomorrow /House Of The Void
                / Rehearsal For Morality

LP/2014 issue : LP on 180g black wax and features gatefold sleeve, 6 full size double
        -sided art cards, bonus poster, and download card
CD/2013 issue : CD version in gatefold wallet with 16 page art / lyrics booklet.
BOOBOO  9       RUDIMANTARY PENI        NO MORE PAIN                    LP.CD   07.2008
                A Handful Of Dust / No More Pain / Eyes Of The Dead /
                Prayer For The Unborn / The Death Of The Author / Grave
                Subject / Doodle Bug Baby / Annihilation / Sublime
                Fantasy No.1 / Pachelbel's Canon In E
DE      205     V / A : OUTER HIMMALAYAN PRESENTS                       LP      04.2018

        1       Soft Drinks             Pop Stars In Pyjamas
        2       Soft Drinks             Cinzano Wet Dreams
        3       Soft Drinks             Dangers of Drink
        4       Soft Drinks             Misconception
        5       The Magits              Fragmented
        6       The Magits              Disconnected
        7       The Magits              Disjointed
        8       The Magits              Detached
        9       The Magits              A Pawn In The Game
        10      S-Haters                Death Of A Vampire
        11      S-Haters                Research
        12      S-Haters                The Deepest Of Reds
        13      S-Haters                Drift
        14      S-Haters                Industry & Nature
        15      S-Haters                1980

Dark Entries and Sacred Bones team up to release the early discography of UK synth-punk
and Deathrock label  Outer Himmalayan Records. Between 1979 and 1982, Nick Blinko and
Martin Cooper’s Outer Himmalayan Records released 7-inches by three short-lived bands
– The Magits, Soft Drinks, and S-Haters – who would nonetheless cast a massive shadow
on the UK’s burgeoning post-punk/anarcho punk scene. Outer Himmalayan Presents
collects all of the music found on those original records, along with rare and
unreleased tracks by all three bands. It’s a snapshot of a period of frenzied
creativity by some of the UK’s most thrilling experimental punks. 

Before Blinko went on to found the essential anarcho band Rudimentary Peni, whose
storied body of work also appeared on Outer Himmalayan, he and label co-founder
Cooper were The Magits. The lone release by the minimal synth-and-vocals duo, Fully
Coherent, was the inaugural release on Outer Himmalayan — and, in fact, Blinko and
Cooper’s impetus for starting the label. The four tracks on Fully Coherent are short,
sharp bursts, comprising a total of four minutes. Here, they’re presented alongside
the five-and-a-half minute “A Pawn in the Game,” a song that sees Blinko and Cooper
get truly weird with the extra space the longer runtime afforded them. 

The next release on Outer Himmalayan was S-Haters’ Death of a Vampire 7", which the
quartet quickly followed with Stories as Cold as the Irish Sea. The band was
recognizably a deathrock act, their gothic punk in the same lineage as Joy Division
and PIL’s Metal Box, but it showed the same sonic adventurousness that characterized
the rest of Outer Himalayan’s output. “1980,” an oddity taken from the rare Another
Bouquet on the Grave of Free Enterprise cassette comp, shows the most experimental
flourish, with dueling male/female vocals and a prominent acoustic guitar. 

The final Outer Himmalayan release before it became strictly a Rudimentary Peni
label was Soft Drinks’ Popstars in Their Pyjamas 7". Popstars ended up being the
tongue-in-cheek synth-punk trio’s only release before their breakup, though they
would also record “Dangers of Drink,” for the Bouquet of Barbed Wire comp and
included here, as well as the one-off track “Misconception,” previously unreleased
but now available exclusively on Outer Himmalayan Presents.

All songs have been mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios.
Cover artwork features a collage by Eloise Leigh and each copy includes a 20-page
zine featuring liner notes and ephemera associated with the original pressings plus
never before seen photos.