Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   :

Bristol firm Banoffee Pies Records continue their unrelenting musical exploration via
yet another sub-label to emanate from the camp. Otaku provides the Banoffee crew the
opportunity to focus on less dancefloor-centric sounds, showcasing a range of expertly
composed live drum elements while travelling through the multifaceted spectrum of
modern electronic music.

OTAKU   01      MARENN SUKIE            MALINAL EP                      12"     11.2017

        A1.     Found A New Love
        A2.     Temo
        A3.     Maua
        B1.     Miru
        B2.     Arrival
        B3.     Malinal
OTAKU   02      VILHELM                 MERMAID PORN                    12"     05.2018

        A1.     Mermaid Porn
        A2.     Kirchner
        A3.     Always In Costume
        B1.     Saturday Bossa
        B2.     Skopje