OSCARSON RECORDS                        Bussjans Hof 9
****************                        Dinklage
                                        49413 GERMANY


Start   : 2013
Owner   : Matthias Rehling
Distr.  : GE - 
          UK - Norman/Pennyblack Music/
Lab code: LC 30329
Style   : alt.country / americana / indie / electro / post rock / noise

OSC.NO. 1       UNDISCOVERED/TALBY      SPLIT                           10"+3"CD 6.2013

        A1      Talby                   Why?                    4:26
        A2      Undiscovered            Dele                    5:11
        B1      Undiscovered            Tranquilo               7:06
        B2      Talby                   Can't Dismiss           4:00
                (Note : 10"+3"CD , 300 copies)
OSC NO. 2       THE WORKHOUSE : THE SKY STILL LOOKS THE SAME            10"     02.2014
OSC NO. 2       THE WORKHOUSE : THE SKY STILL LOOKS THE SAME            10"+3"CD 2.2014
                (Note : 10"+3"CD + hand-made booklet)

        10"-A1  The Sky Still Looks The Same
        10"-A2  F.N.O.
        10"-A3  Now I Am On Fire
        10"-B1  Western Skies
        10"-B2  Seven Stars
        CD-1    The Sky Still Looks The Same
        CD-2    F.N.O.
        CD-3    Now I Am On Fire
        CD-4    Western Skies
        CD-5    Seven Stars
OSC.NO. 3       KEPLER                  ATTIC SALT                      LP.CD   04.2014

        A1      Broken Bottles Blackened Hearts
        A2      Thoroughbred Gin
        A3      My Other
        A4      The Bedside Manner
        A5      You Must Admit
        B1      The National Epithet
        B2      Days Of Begging
        B3      Rented Limousine
        B4      Reward And Respite
        B5      Untrue
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies , gatefold sleeve)

CD      Troubleman Unlimited TMU 155 2      2005        US
OSC.NO  4       AERIAL : PUT IT THIS WAY IN THE HEADLINES               2LP     02.2015

LP 1    A1      First Of All...
        A2      In Our Wake
        A3      Velvet Light Trap
        A4      I Am TV
        A5      He Looked At The Sky And Mumbled;
        B1      Zebra
        B2      Canvas People
        B3      Gently Stunned

LP 2    C1      Vacant Dreamers
        C2      Malkmus In The Middle
        C3      All Refrain
        C4      Quite A Few Homes Later
        D1      Guitar Ode To A Sunny Afternoon
OSC.NO  05      DAVID ALLRED            MIDSTORY                        LP+CD   05.2015

        A1      Don't You Wish
        A2      Oregon
        A3      Running Out Of Color
        A4      The Path Less Taken
        A5      ly Again
        A6      Alright
        B1      Chugwater
        B2      Lifestyle
        B3      Again And Again
        B4      Lost My Voice
        B5      A Particular Light
        B6      When Time Flies
                (Note : LP + hand-made booklet)
OSC.NO  06      THE ARCTIC FLOW         THE LUMINOUS VEIL              10"+3"CD 12.2015

        10"-A1  When We Were Something
        10"-A2  A Fine Day (For Staying In Bed)
        10"-B1  Daffodils
        10"-B2  Ready For The Rain
        CD-1.1  When We Were Something
        CD-1.2  A Fine Day (For Staying In Bed)
        CD-1.3  Daffodils
        CD-1.4  Ready For The Rain
                (Note : 10"+3"CD , 250 copies)
OSC.NO  07      THE VOLUME SETTINGS FOLDER : LAGUNA                     LP      03.2016
OSC.NO  07      THE VOLUME SETTINGS FOLDER : LAGUNA                     LP+CD   03.2016
OSC.NO  07      THE VOLUME SETTINGS FOLDER : LAGUNA                     CD      03.2016

        A1      1983                                            5:01
        A2      Millenial underwater forest                     10:32
        A3      Terra emersa                                    5:54
        B1      Fragments of water                              4:02
        B2      Water in fragments                              8:26
        B3      Currents                                        5:16
        B4      The foul walk                                   4:09
                (Note : LP 125/CD 25 copies)
OSC.NO  08      DAVID ALLRED            WOODS                           10"     09.2016

        A1      Differences                                     2:59
        A2      Song For Chantal                                3:25
        A3      Jesus Was A Cross Maker                         3:09
        A4      Jones                                           2:25
        B1      The Universe                                    1:34
        B2      Hymns                                           3:27
        B3      Woods                                           4:15

        A1      Silhouettes                                     4:52
        A2      Cracks                                          5:23
        A3      Give And Takers                                 5:24
        A4      Black Train                                     3:48
        B1      Linden Seed                                     3:57
        B2      Wooden Light                                    3:34
        B3      Where Are You Going                             3:52
        B4      All In A Day                                    6:59

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, laurel Simmons debut solo album, And So I Place You In
the Setting Sun was released in 2012 on Japanese label Flau.
OSC.NO  10      V / A                   OSCARSONS                       LP+CD   11.2016
                (Note : LP+CD+booklet , 200 copies)
OSC.NO  10      V / A                   OSCARSONS                       CD      11.2016
                (Note : CD+booklet , 250 copies)

        1.      Andrea Tomasi           Even When               03:35
        2.      David Allred : Dying Dreams Of A Billionaire    02:02
        3.      Peter Broderick         You Know The Feeling    04:40
        4.      The Mike Penny Orchestra : Another Day In The
                D.P.R.K.                                        02:59
        5.      Joanna Sternberg        How People Work         03:45
        6.      Ian Griffith            Cape Horn               04:20
        7.      Johanna Warren          Good Is Gone            02:28
        8.      Good Enough For Grandpa : I Don't Get It        03:32
        9.      Jung Body               SFAFWIAISATH            03:30
        10.     Brigid Mae Power        Walkin Down A Path      05:36
        11.     Steven Doman            Uniform On              03:04
        12.     Chantal Acda            For David               03:09
OSC.NO  11      THE WORKHOUSE           NOW I AM ON FIRE                LP      03.2017
                (Note : LP + 30 p. booklet)
OSC.NO  11      THE WORKHOUSE           NOW I AM ON FIRE                LP+CD   03.2017
                (Note : LP + CD + 30 p. booklet + DL code)
OSC.NO  11      THE WORKHOUSE           NOW I AM ON FIRE                CD      03.2017

        A1      Bossanova Woodgreen                             3:04
        A2      Garage 59                                       2:20
        A3      Promised Me Horses                              3:07
        A4      A Moment Of Clarity                             4:01
        A5      Menace                                          3:33
        B1      I Just Want To Drift                            4:05
        B2      Adventures In Winter                            4:04
        B3      The Last Time I Saw The Stars                   2:49
        B4      The Sky Still Looks The Same                    3:32
        B5      Blankets                                        3:16
OSC.NO  12      BRIGID MAE POWER        THE ONES YOU KEEP CLOSE         LP+DLc  04.2017
                (Note : LP + art prints)
OSC.NO  12      BRIGID MAE POWER        THE ONES YOU KEEP CLOSE         CS+DLc  04.2017
                (Note : cassette + 8 sided hand-made booklet)

        A1      Shut
        A2      I Don't Know How To Do This Naturally
        A3      As I Roved Out
        B1      I Told You The Truth
        B2      Heart Pinch
        B3      We Are Quiet Now

All songs written by Brigid Mae Power, except ‘As I Roved Out’ (traditional)

Brigid Mae Power - vocals, guitar, piano, accordion
Peter Broderick - drums, violin, guitar, keyboards, vocals
David Allred - upright bass, trumpet
Selah Broderick - flute

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Broderick at The Sparkle, Woods, OR
Artwork by Brigid Mae Power
OSC.NO  13 LP   IMMIGRANT               WOUNDED HEALER                  LP      10.2017
OSC.NO  13 CD   IMMIGRANT               WOUNDED HEALER                  CD      10.2017

Side A: 1       Round The Houses
        2       Wounded Healer
        3       Two Years
        4       Forbidden Roads
        5       All My Weeks
Side B: 1       Hadamadi
        2       Oceans
        3       Bedends
        4       Christos Moon
        5       Into The Ledger

LP      ncl. 6-page folder with lyrics / pictures.
CD      in gatefold cardboard sleeve incl. 20-page booklet with lyrics and high
        glossy photos.
OSC.NO  14      JUNG BODY               REAL ETERNAL BLISS              10"     12.2017

        A1      GUTG
        A2      TWTCSWSL
        A3      NLB
        A4      RF
        B1      SP
        B2      TOAITSDWMMICM
        B3      JSWSGTTM
        B4      ASLDTLJL

10" vinyl incl. 8 songs on black vinyl, handmade gatefold sleeve, handmade thread
stitched booklet incl. lyrics, a couple pictures and credits, dlc. by this German
based singer-songwriter.
OSC.NO  15      NU NOG EVEN NIET        #1 & #2                         LP      06.2018

        A1      Nosferatu
        A2      Houston We Have A Problem
        A3      Kaper Op De Kust
        A4      Boekentoren
        A5      Bouwverlof
        B1      Dat Ik Het Niet Geweten Heb
        B2      De Nieuwe Wereld
        B3      Feest
        B4      Aansluiting Gemist
        B5      IV
        B6      XIV

Nu Nog Even Niet is a collaborative project between songwriter Chantal Acda and poet
Lotte Dodion.
OSC.NO  16      LINDSAY CLARK           CRYSTALLINE                     LP      09.2018
                (Note : LP , 170 copies)
OSC.NO  16      LINDSAY CLARK           CRYSTALLINE                     LP+CD   09.2018
                (Note : LP+CD , 26 coloured copies)
OSC.NO  16      LINDSAY CLARK           CRYSTALLINE                     CD      09.2018

        A1      Grow
        A2      Deliver Me
        A3      Little Dove
        A4      Rosehips
        B1      Lovers
        B2      Burnt Orange
        B3      Wildflowers
        B4      Fields Of Green
OSC.NO. 17      STEVEN DOMAN            ST-OCTAVE                       10"     10.2018
OSC.NO. 17      STEVEN DOMAN            ST-OCTAVE                       CS      10.2018

        A1      Afloat
        A2      Cedriere
        A3      Sundog
        A4      Frame
        B1      Snow Buntings
        B2      Gale
        B3      Perennial
        B4      Moss
        B5      La Greve
OSC.NO  18      WEIGHTS & MEASURES      COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY            2LP+DLc 03.2019

        LP 1
A1      A Flying Arrow Cannot Remain Where It Is Nor Be Where 
        It Is Not                                               1:54
A2      Skipping School On The First Day                        4:27
A3      MS Doesn't Stand For MS Anymore                         3:15
A4      Glory Hog                                               3:58
A5      When Robots Fall In Love                                3:46
B1      The Love That You Share Is Making Everyone Else Sick..  3:07
B2      The Arsonist                                            2:04
B3      When Robots Attack                                      4:23
B4      Stephen Hero                                            4:04
B5      Pride Is In The Hips                                    3:50

        LP 2
C1      My God Can Beat Up Your God                             1:48
C2      A Most Efficient Method Of Removing The Pants           4:18
C3      The Overstimulated Drummer Is Always Given To Hyperbole 1:48
C4      The Economics Of Looking Good                           1:34
C5      Yes As In Meaning No                                    1:45
C6      The Weekend Is For Making Babies                        2:48
C7      White Collar Crimes, Brown Men On Guitars               3:11
D1      RSVP My RRSP (P.S. I Love You)                          3:07
D2      I Live In Sin For The Pleasure                          2:54
D3      I Don't Worry/I Don't Worry Enough                      4:52
D4      My God Can Beat Up Your God (Alternate Mix)             1:47
D5      The Weekend Is For Making Babies (Alternate Mix)        2:47

- 1st time ever on vinyl (2x 12")
- 22 songs over 60 minutes of fantastic math rock
- Completely new remastered by Harris Newman at the Greymarket Mastering.
- The cover art made by Louis-Alexandre Beauregard (Big Brave, Metz, North of America)

        A1      Like Balloons                                   1:23
        A2      Birth                                           4:22
        A3      Out to sea                                      2:30
        A4      Monster Alive                                   3:36
        A5      Lake of Innisfree                               4:27
        A6      Lullaby                                         2:06
        B1      Lullaby for a lake monster at sea birthing
                balloons                                        18:24
OSC.NO  20      SEBASTIAN SELKE x DANIEL SELKE : Q3A                    7"+DLc  03.2019

Side    A:      An Daniel 
Side    B:      For Sebastian

(Note : 7" , limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies in die-cut gatefold sleeve)
OSC.NO  21      LUCY ROLEFF             LEFT OPEN IN A ROOM             LP      05.2019
OSC.NO  21      LUCY ROLEFF             LEFT OPEN IN A ROOM             LP+CD   05.2019
OSC.NO  21      LUCY ROLEFF             LEFT OPEN IN A ROOM             CD      05.2019

LP      A1      Waiting For My Friend
        A2      A Woman's Worth
        A3      Rheingold
        A4      Silver
        A5      Sometimes Do
        B1      Autumn Song
        B2      He Heard Everything
        B3      I Went To The Ocean
        B4      Leave It There
        B5      Left Open In A Room

CD      1       Waiting For My Friend
        2       A Woman's Worth
        3       Rheingold
        4       Silver
        5       Sometimes Do
        6       Autumn Song
        7       He Heard Everything
        8       I Went To The Ocean
        9       Leave It There
        10      Left Open In A Room

Second album from Melbourne-based folk singer Lucy Roleff, following three years on
from her debut offering This Paradise. Once again, Roleff’s striking, swooping voice)
is the main attraction on Left Open In a Room, but the delicate acoustic picking of
its predecessor is bolstered by the presence of a 36-string harp.
OSC.NO  22      KELE GOODWIN            MOONBUG                         LP      08.2019

        1.      Lilacs                                          03:51
        2.      Handrails                                       04:05
        3.      Tampico Rd.                                     03:00
        4.      Avalanche                                       03:22
        5.      Godspeed                                        03:07
        6.      Kite Strings                                    02:44
        7.      Moonbug                                         02:25
        8.      Protector                                       03:56
        9.      You Are Glass                                   05:01
                (Note : LP , 265 copies)
OSC.NO  23      ROSS GENTRY             MEMORY AND PASSAGE              LP      10.2019

        A1      A Memory                                        3:44
        A2      Ornamental Language                             3:17
        A3      A Coarse Veil                                   6:24
        A4      Verging On The Dim                              2:04
        A5      Maudlin Age                                     4:52
        B1      A Passage                                       1:44
        B2      The Silent Knowing                              7:18
        B3      A Film Of Dreams                                3:33
        B4      Receding Years                                  7:07
                (Note : LP , 100 hand-numb. copies)
OSC.NO  24      CODY NOON               ACE OF WANDS                    LP      12.2019

        A1      Amethyst Reign
        A2      Neue Grotesque
        A3      Tiger Millionaire
        B1      Centigrade Refrigeration
        B2      Alpha Flight
        B3      Grief Bacon
        B4      Them Fatale

Cody Noon are an instrumental duo from Reading, UK. They sit at the crossroads of emo,
slowcore, classic quiet/LOUD post rock and atmospheric electronic music.

        A1      Dust                                            2:19
        A2      Walk                                            4:19
        A3      Pull                                            3:15
        A4      Stir                                            3:37
        A5      Bits                                            4:45
        A6      Bolt                                            3:00
        B1      Sink                                            2:25
        B2      Lope                                            3:03
        B3      Merc                                            5:36
        B4      Wash                                            3:39
        B5      Haze                                            5:40

Rutger Zuydervelt and Bill Seaman have collaborated on Movements of Dust. You probably
know Rutger Zuydervelt as the man behind Dutch electronic project Machinefabriek.
Bill Seaman hails from these shores and has previously collaborated with John Supko.
This album was recorded between Durham and Rotterdam in the first half of 2019.
Music by Rutger Zuydervelt and Bill Seaman
Rotterdam/Durham, February-June 2019
Mastered by Jos Smolders at EARLabs
OSC.NO  26      MONTEVALE               FIGURE AND GROUND               LP      03.2020
OSC.NO  26      MONTEVALE               FIGURE AND GROUND               CD      03.2020
OSC.NO  26      MONTEVALE               FIGURE AND GROUND               CS      03.2020

        A1      From Another Place
        A2      Lifelong Companion
        A3      The Rainsayer
        A4      Figure And Ground
        B1      Flood Of Signals
        B2      A Pound Of Feathers
        B3      Write To Remember

Montevale are a post-minimalist duo from Stuttgart. They feature composer and
philosopher Thomas Sattig and Ahlie Schaubel who was previously in ‘90s bands
elektrolochmann and Monochrome. Figure and Ground is the duo’s second album and
has been five years in the making. Whereas their last album recounted the findings
of a 10 year journey, this is seemingly about feeling closer to home and was written
and recorded in their purpose built studio.

A1      Sketch #3 – On Any Given Street                         3:30
A2      Sketch #4 – The Cafe (And Time Stood Still)             6:13
A3      Sketch #5 – The World Bends Around Her                  3:57
A4      Sketch #6 – Ilayda Gonultas                             4:32
A5      Sketch #8 – She Shows Many Faces                        4:02
B1      Sketch #9 – Good Morning                                4:21
B2      Sketch #10 – The Wall At The Edge Of The Sea            3:27
B3      Sketch #12 – What Could So Easily Be Forgotten          2:35
B4      Sketch #13 – The End Is A Tough Place To Start From     6:02
B5      Sketch #14 – Izmir                                      3:50

(Note : LP , edition of 100 hand-numbered copies housed in handmade sleeve with gold

Sketches From A Minor Tragedy is the latest album release from composer and self-taught
musician Anthony Baden Saggers, often better known as Stray Ghost. Released as a vinyl
edition of 100 hand-numbered copies, this is an intensely personal piece for Saggers,
written on the piano at the start of 2019.
OSC.NO. 28      WITH HIDDEN NOISE       BESIDE THE SEA                  LP      06.2020
                (Note : 12" vinyl+insert and dlc (limited to 90 copies)
OSC.NO. 28      WITH HIDDEN NOISE       BESIDE THE SEA                  LP      06.2020
                (Note : 12" , handmade sleeve lim. of 15 copies+booklet)

        A1      Window
        A2      Seven Days
        A3      Furthermore
        A4      Loud And Clear
        B1      The Other Korea
        B2      Close The Door
        B3      Look
        B4      Memory
OSC.NO  29      SLOWLY                  REVEAL                          LP      06.2020
                (Note : 2" vinyl + insert and dlc (limited to 90 copies)
OSC.NO  29      SLOWLY                  REVEAL                          LP      06.2020
                (Note : 12" , handmade sleeve lim. of 15 copies+booklet)

        A1      Out Of Nowhere
        A2      Say No More
        A3      Move
        A4      Bridges
        A5      Never Far
        B1      Drive
        B2      Now And Then
        B3      Inside Out
        B4      Hideaway
        B5      Close
OSC.NO. 30      BENJAMIN FINGER         EXIT DU DEPART                  LP        .2021
                (Note : LP , 150 copies)
OSC.NO. 30      BENJAMIN FINGER         EXIT DU DEPART                  LP        .2021
                (Note : LP + photo book)
OSC.NO. 30      BENJAMIN FINGER         EXIT DU DEPART                  LP+CD     .2021
                (Note : LP+CD+photo book)
OSC.NO. 30      BENJAMIN FINGER         EXIT DU DEPART                  CDR       .2021
                (Note : CDr , 50 copies + photo book)
OSC.NO. 30      BENJAMIN FINGER         EXIT DU DEPART                  CDR       .2021
                (Note : CDr + photo book , numbered)

        A       Exit Du Depart                                  20:01
        B       Depart De L'Exit                                17:52
OSC.NO. 31      MARIE AWADIS            UNA CORDA DIARIES               10"     11.2020
                (Note : 10"/33.3 RPM , 175 copies)
OSC.NO. 31      MARIE AWADIS            UNA CORDA DIARIES               10"     11.2020
                (Note . 10"/33.3 RPM + booklet , 26 copies)

        A1      Day 1                                           3:16
        A2      Day 2                                           3:59
        A3      Day 3                                           2:19
        A4      Day 4                                           2:43
        B1      Day 5                                           4:19
        B2      Day 6                                           2:09
        B3      Day 7                                           3:22
OSC.NO. 32      DANIEL BURKNER          LANDSCHAFT AUS PAPIER           12"     07.2021

        A1      Persien
        A2      Kuppel Aus Papier
        A3      Dch
        A4      Fremdartigkeit
        A5      Lido
        B1      Schatten
        B2      Äste
        B3      Fahren
        B4      Kiesel
                (Note : 12" , 200 copies)
OSC.NO. 33      BRUEDER SELKE           QP                              7"      06.2021

        A1      Fuer Daniel                                     4:46
        B1      Dear Sebastian                                  4:46
                (Note : 7" , 300 hand-numb. copies)
OSC.NO  34      DORMER.                 DORMER.                         LP      08.2021

        A1      Soon Enough
        A2      Crossing
        A3      Once A While
        A4      Buyer Beware
        A5      Finish Lane
        B1      Speak
        B2      Deep End
        B3      Into The Woods
        B4      Undercover
        B5      Half-Mast
                (Note : LP , 85 copies on clear vinyl)

        A1      Known Sun                                       1:35
        A2      Lost Monarch                                    5:18
        A3      Third Eye Moon                                  4:22
        A4      Screaming Titans                                6:34
        B1      Old Man Of The North                            19:11
                (Note : LP , 150 copies)

Sounding like a particularly eccentric firm of solicitors, Dimuzio, Wobbly and
Courtis are Thomas Dimuzio (Dimmer, Due Process) 
Jon Leideker/Wobbly (Negativland, Thurston Moore band) and Alan Courtis
(Reynols). Their collaborations involve real-time sampling, electronics,
electric guitar and processing and this album was all done in San Francisco in
a 48 hour time frame. 
OSC.NO. 36      PASCAL BABARE           CAVE WITHOUT A NAME             LP      09.2021

        A1      Haunted House
        A2      Fold
        A3      The Callcentre
        A4      Easy Way
        A5      Lightning
        B1      Time, Oh Time
        B2      Hazel Mae
        B3      Duet
        B4      Mother
        B5      Move Like Water
        B6      Violent Man
        B7      My Heart

(Note : 12" vinyl in a handmade cover incl. handmade booklet with lyrics + credits 
        and a couple of real photo pictures by Pascal Babare...photo corners,
        stamped, dlc., lim. to 125 hand numbered copies        )
OSC.NO. 37
OSC.NO. 38      CELER                   SUNSPOTS                        2LP     12.2021

Side A  1       Waking Up
        2       With the Sun In My Eyes
        3       I'm Not Getting Up
        4       Seems To Help You Fade Away
Side B  5       Nods Toward Nowhere
        6       Her Name Was Tranquility

Side C  7       Inexorable, Every Night
        8       To Tell You "You're So Beautiful" Once More 
        9       Emptiness In the Isolatarium
Side D  10      Absolute and Underwhelming 
        11      Sinking Dance
        12      Left In a Sunny Stupor

All music and artwork by Will Long, December 2020. Mastered by Stephan Mathieu
at Schwebung.

(Note : 2LP on oscarson. Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung)  
OSC.NO 39       ANTHÉNE                     HELD                        LP      12.2021

        A1      Beneath The Trees                               3:56
        A2      Chasing                                         4:42
        A3      At A Glance                                     5:44
        A4      Held                                            6:49
        B1      Moments Fall                                    3:48
        B2      Primrose                                        4:06
        B3      Margin                                          5:48
        B4      Above The Clouds                                4:13

12" vinyl with 2 sheets with credits, pictures + dlc. Cover pictures and the
photography inside by April suen. Limited to 80 copies.
Active and recording under the alias anthe´ne since 2015, Brad Deschamps invites
guest musicians to collaborate with him for the first time on ‘Held’. His melodic,
textured work is augmented further here with contributions from synth artist
Ian Hawgood, cellist Simon McCorry and vocalist Clara Engel among others.