Distr.  : UK - Norman/
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OCT     067 LP  GHOST ORCHARD           BUNNY                           LP      09.2019
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
OCT     067 LPX GHOST ORCHARD           BUNNY                           LP      09.2019
                (Note : LP , red-yellow vinyl)

        1       witness
        2       swan
        3       bunny
        4       guess
        5       only
        6       carousel
        7       sheesh
        8       first time
        9       balloon
        10      station
        11      puppy
        12      frog
        13      ride
        14      honeymoon

Third album from 21 year old musician Sam Hall, who records under the name of Ghost
Orchard. Recorded entirely in his bedroom over a three year period that’s seen upheaval
in his romantic life, bunny follows on from 2016’s last effort bliss, and is for fans
of off-kilter leftfield pop and all-lowercase album titles.
OCT     068 LP  FOXES IN FICTION        TRILLIUM KILLER                 LP      10.2019
                (Note : LP , "coke bottle" green vinyl)
OCT     068 CD  FOXES IN FICTION        TRILLIUM KILLER                 CD      10.2019

        01.     Ontario Sunshine
        02.     A Softer World
        03.     Extinguisher
        04.     Rush To Spark
        05.     Say Yes To Violence
        06.     Ontario Sunshine Pt. 2
        07.     Antibody
        08.     Summer Of The Gun
        09.     Trillium Killer
        10.     Second Chances / Vantablack 

"Trillium Killer” is the third album by Foxes in Fiction, aka Warren Hildebrand, the
Toronto-born musician and producer living in New York City who also founded the
celebrated homespun record label Orchid Tapes, responsible for notable early-career
releases from (Sandy) Alex G and Soccer Mommy.
OCT     069 LP  PHANTOM POSSE           FOREVER UNDERGROUND             LP      03.2020
                (Note : LP , coloured vinyl)

Described as a post-internet collaborative project (though we weren't aware the
internet had finished) Phantom Posse is the work of Eric Littmann - a computational
biology expert who has worked with the likes of Julia Byrne and Emily Yacina. It is
an album of chamber synth that draws inspiration from New York City graffiti artists
and Littmann's own science work.