OPEN MIND RECORDS                       St. Larsgatan 8C
*****************                       75311 Uppsala


Owner   : Dan Olson
Distr.  : SW -
          NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : punk / hardcore / doom punk / psychedelic /

OM      1       DIMMA                   SJUKDOM UTAN SYMPTOM            7"      04.2014

        A       Sjukdom Utan Symptom
        B       Under Jord
                (Note : 7" , red, white or blue vinyl, 100 copies each)
OM      2       DIMMA                   DIMMA OVER EKEBY                LP      02.2016

        A1      Inget Ar Verkligt
        A2      Genom Din Pupill
        A3      Uppsalalala
        A4      Sjukdom Utan Symptom
        A5      Kommunen Eller Gruvan
        B1      Dimma Over Stan
        B2      Ingenstans Att Dra
        B3      Ekeby Forever
        B4      Blanka Vatten
        B5      Hon Gick Av I Marsta
OM      3       LASER                   OPERATION INVASION              LP      12.2016

        A1      Universums Harskare
        A2      Data Error
        A3      Levande Dod
        A4      Laservapen
        A5      Radioaktivitet
        B1      Domedagen
        B2      Kommunister I Rymden
        B3      En Ding Ding Varld
        B4      Planeterna Talar
OM      4       HAERDSMAELTA            THE WHITER ALBUM                LP      10.2016

        1       A Moment Of Nuclearity
        2       Get Ready (Time To Die)
        3       Torch The Twat
        4       Born To Be Idle
        5       Street Beats
        6       Virtue Of Ignorance
        7       I'm Alive
                (Note : 12"/33.3 RPM , white vinyl)
OM      5       STIU NU STIU            FAKE END                        2x12"   11.2016

12"/1   A1      Aegna Saar                                      4:55
        A2      October                                         6:42
        B1      Blodmyra                                        2:44
        B2      Curse All Maps                                  5:40
        B3      A Cloud Of Piss                                 3:44

12"/2   C1      Memo                                            7:34
        C2      En Vind Brusar I Dig                            6:39
        D1      Uwaga                                           3:03
        D2      ªtiu Nu ªtiu                                    4:32
        D3      Widsith                                         8:12
                (Note : double 12"/45 RPM incl. DLc)
OM      6       DISTANT DAYS            DYING OF THE LIGHT              LP      04.2017

        A1      Search & Rescue
        A2      September
        A3      A Song From The Basement
        A4      The Loved Ones
        A5      The Moon Is Too Pale
        B1      Out Of This World
        B2      Falling Apart
        B3      Mixed Blessing
        B4      Sarajevo
        B5      Strange Things Will Happen
OM      007     DODA HAVET              DODA HAVET                      LP        .2016

        A1      Elden                                           4:05
        A2      Det Samsta Av Tva Varldar                       4:06
        A3      Komatecken                                      6:29
        A4      Flykten                                         3:19
        A5      Tystlaten                                       2:01
        B1      Framfor Oss                                     4:50
        B2      Pa Latsas                                       4:22
        B3      Besviken                                        4:43
        B4      Som De Dar                                      5:56
OM      8       THE TEMPLE              ROCK AND ROLL DIABLO            LP      04.2017

        A1      Old Friend
        A2      Sons Of Yesterday
        A3      Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
        A4      Shockwaves
        B1      This Model's Out Of Date
        B2      If There Is Light
        B3      Promises
        B4      Stranger In The Night
OM      9       RATTANSON               FULL-SCALE SHAKEABILITY         LP      06.2017

        A1      Wandering Black Hole
        A2      Rejection Hurts
        A3      Bomb Carpets Of Love
        A4      Going Uptown
        A5      Light Summer Nights
        A6      Two Thumbs Up
        A7      Teenage Barbarian
        B1      Don't Mess With Me
        B2      Poor Beast, Marginal Man
        B3      Transylvanian Night
        B4      Blue Ticket
        B5      Pokerface Heart
        B6      Riot Of Gray
OM      10      IN DEED                 EVEREST                         LP      10.2017

        A1      What Once Was
        A2      Five Times A Day
        A3      Holy Ground
        A4      Don't Need Don't Care
        A5      Never Really Noticed
        A6      Heart Attack
        B1      According To You
        B2      Over And Over
        B3      Song To You
        B4      Flavour Of The Month
        B5      15 Minor Hours
OM      11      TRUMMOR AND ORGEL       INDIVISIBILITY                  LP      03.2018

        A1      Metropolis
        A2      Imaginary Friends
        A3      Debonair
        A4      Hindsight
        A5      Slippery
        B1      Enigma
        B2      Togetherness
        B3      Transcendence
        B4      Zodiac
OM      12      KLOTET : HOROSHIMA, NAGASAKI, UPPSALA                   LP      04.2018

        A1      Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Uppsala
        A2      Dunken Donje
        A3      Kall Ström
        A4      Psykchocksattacken
        A5      Till Vilket Pris Som Helst?
        A6      Tack For Ingen-Javla-Ting
        B1      Apokalippo
        B2      Anti Konsensus
        B3      Nej Till Livet
        B4      Garbo, Forgoraren
        B5      Suging England By The Pung
        B6      Kront I Skit
OM      13      EKIWOJJOLO : WHEN NOTHING GOES RIGHT...GO LEFT!         LP      05.2018

        A1      Interlude 1                                     01:00
        A2      Why Must The World Be On Fire                   09:41
        A3      Interlude 2                                     01:00
        A4      When Nothing Goes Right...Go Left!              04:38
        A5      Interlude 3                                     01:00
        A6      No Title Is Also A Title                        02:36
        B1      Interlude 4                                     01:00
        B2      A Very Sad Song                                 02:00
        B3      Interlude 5                                     01:00
        B4      Take Care Of Your Hippocampus                   09:00
        B5      Interlude 6                                     01:00
        B6      Tabula Rasa                                     05:00
OM      14      HAERDSMAELTA            GONE IN GREY                    12"     12.2018

        A1      Reek Of Schizophrenia
        A2      Fence Builders
        A3      Acid Rainbow
        B1      In My Way
        B2      The Night Is Still Young
        B3      Holiday In The Phillippines
OM      15      BLACK FUR SESSIONS      BLACK FUR SESSIONS              LP      09.2018

        A1      Rivals Shake
        A2      Herculean Dunce
        A3      Trashy Thing
        A4      The Ardeche
        A5      Heist Of Our Youth
        B1      Asinine Road
        B2      Recreational Adultery
        B3      Yikes, Likewise
        B4      When I've Worn Out My Welcome
OM      16      LASER                   FUTURISTER I TILLVARON          LP      05.2019

        A1      Ur Stasis
        A2      Hackerattack
        A3      Paranoid
        A4      Masshypnos
        A5      Gud Ar En Robot
        B1      Aterkomsten
        B2      Vilsen I En Frammande Varld
        B3      Syntfeber
        B4      Du Ar Hjarntvattad
        B5      Stjarnvapenattack
        B6      Dodscoach
OM      17      RATTANSON : I'D MUCH RATHER BE WITH THE NOISE           LP      09.2019

        A1      Small Venue Concerts                            2:18
        A2      Can't Let Them Win                              3:20
        A3      Rathole Guest                                   3:37
        A4      Hometown Out-Of-Towner                          3:02
        A5      Dancing On The Head Of Snakes                   3:28
        A6      Kiss This Year Goodbye                          2:36
        A7      Want You Around                                 2:24
        B1      No Best Of Me                                   4:16
        B2      In A Peak State With You                        2:39
        B3      Sure Of My Doubts                               3:07
        B4      Sixgun Smile                                    3:10
        B5      Risking My Heart                                2:31
        B6      Untamed Dame                                    2:44
        B7      Bamalamalicious                                 2:08
OM      18      STIU NU STIU            SICK SAD LOVE                   LP      10.2019

        A1      Tra                                             5:02
        A2      Sibirien                                        5:29
        A3      Aorta                                           4:02
        A4      Acropolis                                       4:22
        A5      Släck Fyrarna                                   6:58
        B1      Black Oak Memoirs                               5:17
        B2      This Poisonous Dream                            3:44
        B3      Asphalt                                         5:40
        B4      Sick Sad Love                                   10:39
OM      19      EKIWOJJOLO : 26.8 METERS BELOW LUCIFER                  2LP     04.2020

                Strana 1 (20:46)
        A1      Knaggelgattu
        A2      Sort Sol
        A3      Skruvstyckstysken
        A4      Complete Pete Repeat (Dedicated To Pete Bonner On His
                60th Birthday)
                Strana 2 (20:54)
        B1      Inedi
        B2      Larsen Effect
        B3      In The Eleventh Hour
        B4      With A Package Of Beedies
        B5      Floating In The Karma Of Borsjtj

                Strana 3 (20:04)
        C1      Sounds Of India
        C2      Swirling Strings, Cats And Tuning Fork
                Strana 4 (20:18)
        D1      Slow Train To Arambol
        D2      Ganglat I Springfontan
        D3      Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

        A1      Queen Of The Bar                                2:15
        A2      Pretty Thing                                    2:23
        A3      Cruising Around                                 4:50
        A4      In For The Kill                                 3:31
        A5      A Brilliant Future Wasted Growing Up            3:29
        A6      Here She Comes                                  3:08
        B1      City Boy                                        3:34
        B2      Guttersnipe                                     2:22
        B3      Let's Go                                        2:16
        B4      Hot Nurse                                       2:56
        B5      Fight!                                          2:27
        B6      Rider                                           5:50