Distr.  : UK -
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative /

ODR     35      CASUAL FRIDAY           WEEKEND FOREVER                 LP      07.2017

        01.     BANGER
        02.     DIRECT DEPOSIT
        03.     FOMO
        04.     CALIFORNIA
        05.     "THAT GUY"
        06.     DUST
        07.     HEAVENLY BLINDERS
        08.     WEEKEND FOREVER
        09.     BLACK HOLE
        10.     AMERICAN HURL

Debut Album by Casual Friday. These Southern California boys who like rockin' and
rollin' are rumored to have descended from the Gods. Gods which have granted them
powers to combine riffs and melody to enchant listeners into joining their rock cult.
The scope of their conquest is unknown but with influences like Piebald, Weezer,
Oasis, and all good things rock n roll, these riffs know no bounds.