Distr.  :
Lab code: LC 78247
Style   : punk / garage rock / indie /

OMM     001     BEN EDGE & ELECTRIC PENCILS : s/t                       LP      12.2017

        A1      Yellow House
        A2      Noise Inside Of Me
        A3      Extra Curricular
        A4      Stick It All Together
        A5      Lowry At The Door
        A6      It's Not The Same
        A7      Dotted Line
        B1      Should Have Been Here Yesterday!
        B2      Numb The Wiser
        B3      What Do You Know About Me?
        B4      Memento Mori
        B5      New Day
        B6      Sunday Painter
        B7      Hooker Next Door

The debut-album by a band featuring former Spivs-member Ben Edge offers appealing
songs that blend influences from a.o. The Kinks, Velvet Underground and The Cramps.

LP      Almost Ready            AMM 057         2017    US
OMM     002     THE ROVES               GREEN BERET                     7"      12.2017

        A       Green Beret
        B       Murder Outside
OMM     003     THE ROVES               THE ROVES                       LP      05.2018

        A1      Head Is Changed
        A2      Thelonious On Monk Street
        A3      I'm Not The Only One
        A4      Chinese Magazine
        A5      Oh! What A Pity
        A6      Return Of The Monkey Boy
        B1      Green Beret
        B2      Murder Outside
        B3      All Doom & Gloom
        B4      Down By The Parade
        B5      Golly, What A Day
        B6      Insanity Goes Searching
        B7      Times That I've Wasted