Distr.  : UK - Norman
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OLTRAW  08      MASSIMO FARJON PUPILLO : S/T                            CS      05.2019

Side A: 1   The Great Archetypical Figure Nested Inside The
            Catastrophe Of Your Life                            20:00

Side B: 1   It's Like A Mustard Seed But When It Falls Becomes
            A Shelter For All The Birds In The Sky              12:27
        2   All The Pretty Little Horses                        5:53

Synthstrom on "Catastrophe": Stefano Pilia
Samples on "Catastrophe" from Henri Dutilleux "Correspondances"
"Horses" co-produced by Stefano Pilia. 
Recorded and mixed at Blind Sun, Bologna
Mastered by Vitaliano Zurlo at Phase Out studio, Berlin
Cover design by Guido Silvestri

Massimo Farjon Pupillo who you likely already know as the bassist in wonderful Italian
band Zu. This self-titled release is the man's first solo album, and should be exciting
to anyone who's ever looked at his list of past collaborators.
OLTRAW  10      FABIO ORSI              EACH DAY MOON TIDE              12"     08.2019

        A       Moon
        B       Each
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies)