OLDE MAGICK                             USA

Distr.  : US -
          NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : psychedelic / blues / folk / stoner / doom /

OM      1       FOSTERMOTHER            FOSTERMOTHER                    LP        .2020
OM      1       FOSTERMOTHER            FOSTERMOTHER                    CS        .2020

                Side A
        1       Destroyers                                      4:35
        2       Dark Sun                                        3:24
        3       Give                                            5:18
        4       Lie In Wait                                     4:54
                Side B
        1       Fathoms                                         4:33
        2       Blood On The Wall                               5:19
        3       In The Shadow                                   3:24
OM      2       WARLUNG                 IMMORTAL PORTAL                 CS        .2020

Side A  1       Black Horse Pike
        2       The Palm Reader
        3       Between The Dark And The Light
        4       Heart Of A Sinner
        5       1970
Side B  1       We All Die In The End
        2       Psychonauts
        3       Heavy Echoes
        4       No Son Of Mine
        5       Coal Minors
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
OM      3       PINK CIGS               PINK CIGS                       CS      08.2020

Side A  1       Noose
        2       Low Blow
        3       Lazy Lover
        4       Night Stalker
        5       Leecher
Side B  1       Shiver
        2       Dirty Trick
        3       Whiskey Woman
        4       Devils Grip
        5       Black Widow

First release by UK classic hardrock band Pink Cigs. Limited to 100 copies.
OM      4       DUEL                    VALLEY OF SHADOWS               CS      08.2020

Side A  1       Black Magic Summer
        2       Red Moon Forming
        3       Drifting Alone
        4       Strike and Disappear
Side B  1       Broken Mirror
        2       Tyrant On the Throne
        3       I Feel No Pain
        4       The Bleeding Heart

Texas occult rockers DUEL conjure up another heavy dose of tripped out old school
doom metal with their third full length 'Valley Of Shadows'. More blood splattered
tales of black magic, sex, ancient curses and devils on the streets. Eight epic and
infectious rippers showing a wider range of the bands song writing abilities from
psychedelic heavy metal anthems to Thin Lizzy esque dueling guitars to full blast
Motörhead shredding. Their deepest cuts yet, recorded over a period of winter months
by DUEL guitarist Jeff Henson at the infamous Red Nova Ranch studio, located in the
desert wastelands of Texas just outside of Austin, TX. You can feel the all night
smoked out, mushroom fueled sessions with each tune. What could be the bands best
collaboration to date, a rock solid album from start to finish. Limited to 100 copies.

LP.CD   Heavy Psych Sounds  HPS 101         2019        EU
OM      5       THE HEAVY EYES          LOVE LIKE MACHINES              CS      08.2020

Side A  1       Anabasis                                        3:18
        2       Made For The Age                                4:50
        3       Hand of Bear                                    3:38
        4       Late Night                                      2:30
        5       God Damn Wolf Man                               2:50
Side B  1       Bright Light                                    3:41
        2       A Cat Named Haku                                3:40
        3       The Profession                                  2:55
        4       Vera Cruz                                       3:58
        5       Idle Hands                                      3:09

Memphis-based psychedelic blues rock veterans Heavy Eyes' long-awaited fourth
full-length. It continues to deliver their fuzzed out, bluesy, hypnotic riffs,
this time with the addition of long-time recording engineer, Matthew Qualls, as
second guitarist. This extra guitarist enabled the band to collaborate in a different
way exploring new song structures, tones, and attaining a bigger sound overall without
stripping any of the grittiness and love of '60s and '70s rock that has shaped their
sound since inception. Limited to 100 copies.
OM      6       MOUNT HUSH              MOUNT HUSH                      CS      08.2020

Side A  1       The Ascent                                      3:55
        2       Black Moon                                      4:40
        3       Shinewater                                      5:26
        4       Young Blood, Old Mountain                       6:54
Side B  1       Summer Song                                     8:27
        2       Fuenf                                           5:19
        3       Winter Song                                     6:44

This is the first full length recording of Mount Hush from Germany, combining the
raw power of the mountains with their mystic beauty and leading the heavy psychedelic
blues into a new home. Limited to 100 copies.
OM      7       KILL THE LIZARD         KILL THE LIZARD                 CS      08.2020

Side A  1       Kill The Lizard
        2       Iron Cross
        3       The Weakness
        4       Lust Hogs
        5       Unearth
Side B  1       Future Past
        2       NWO
        3       Imprisoned Minds
        4       Morning Star
        5       The End

First release by this heavy metal band from Houston. Limited to 100 copies.
OM      8       ROCKY MTN ROLLER/TEMPTRESS : SPLIT EP                   CS      08.2020

Side 1          Rocky MTN Roller
        1       Monster
        2       When I'm A Pile
        3       Bald Faced Hornet
        4       She Ran Off With The Dealer
Side A          Temptress
        1       Ride Of Your Life
        2       Hot Rails
        3       Heavy Woman

This split cassette features the first EP's from each of these heavy metal bands
on opposite sides. Limited to 100 copies.
OM      9       TWIN WIZARD             GLACIAL GODS                    CS      08.2020

Side A  1       Ghost Train Haze
        2       Sky Burial
        3       Smoke Wizard
        4       Cult Of Yeti
Side B  1       Ghostwriter
        2       Apothecary
        3       Electric Yeti

Debut album by Twin Wizard, a 2 piece stoner rock/doom band from the Midwest.
Limited to 100 copies.
OM      10      AUNT CYNTHIA'S CABIN    MISTY WOMAN                     CS      08.2020

Side A  1       Kennel And The Dog
        2       Which One Is The Jellyfish?
        3       Misty Woman
        4       Rider In The Desert Sun Pt.1
        5       Rider In The Desert Sun Pt.2
        6       Black Watermelon Sun (Bonus)
        7       Solitary Man (Bonus)
Side B  1       In The Valley (Demo)
        2       There's No Saving Cass
        3       Grains Of Sand
        4       Black And Blue
        5       Arrows (Bonus)
        6       Choke (Bonus)
        7       On The Mountain (Bonus)

There is a certain vibe somewhere between the California desert and the surface of
the moon where sepia-toned nostalgia meets the warm, spacey sounds of modern
psychedelia. Aunt Cynthia's Cabin lies comfortably between these familiar facet
of rock culture, carving our their own groove in a lately-stagnant scene by
delivering an eerie, dark and fuzzed-out type of rock'n'roll with a psychedelic
cherry on top. 'Misty Woman' is the group's debut full-length album; likewise it
is the first professionally recorded work of their catalogue. Previously a self
recording band with a home-brew analog-meets-digital rig, the trio ventured from
their hometown of San Diego, CA to Austin, TX to record 'Misty Woman' in a studio
they felt would fit the vibe of their latest writing. The album delivers the band's
usual reverb-drenched desert-rock sound with a tighter, studio-crafted approach
incorporating new instrumentation and higher-fidelity psyched-out tones. 'Misty
Woman' sounds nothing less than a California band's fuzzed-out, sun-beaten journey
through the Texas desert. Limited to 100 copies.
OM      11      THE LEE VAN CLEEF       HOLY SMOKE                      CS      08.2020

Side A  1       Heckle Yuppies
        2       Banshee
Side B  1       Hell Malo
        2       Mahana
        3       Towelie

The Lee Van Cleef project started as a joke at the end of 2015 and is the result
of long jam sessions featuring guitarist Marco Adamo (La Polvere di Bodélé), drummer
Guido Minervini (Efesto, Lamarck) and bassist Pietro La Tegolas (Whiskeycold Winter).
Influenced by bands such as Earthless, Black Bombaim and Harsh Toke (to name a few),
their first work 'Holy Smoke' was recorded, mixed and mastered in the Godfather
studio in Naples. The artwork was done by Robin Gnista. Limited to 100 copies.
OM      12      HELLHOOKERS             THE CURSE                       CS      08.2020

Side A  1       The Curse                                       04:41
        2       Supremacy                                       05:05
        3       The Creature                                    06:16
        4       Flashes                                         05:16
Side B  1       The Curse                                       06:39
        2       Dreams and Passions                             04:49
        3       Greed and Power                                 05:39

Hellhookah is a Lithuanian two-piece doom band formed in 2012. 'The Curse' is a
slightly deeper and darker album both musically and conceptually, compared to
earlier pieces. Much like Black Sabbath, there are no happy songs on 'The Curse',
where the music is more dark and damned. Lyrical themes refer to existential problems
while occasionally looking from a global perspective, as in the song 'Greed And
Power'. The album flows with references to war, mass destruction, poverty, slavery,
and social inequality, as never-ending global problems reflected as endless cycles
repeating themselves historically and naturally. These referenced endless cycles
lead to the idea of 'The Curse', which through terrifying visions brings us back
to the starting point of exploring our destiny, nature, and consciousness. The
'cursed' edition is limited to 150 copies on grey and black swirled vinyl.
OM      13      LeatherFrank            DARK FOREST                     LP      08.2020
                (Note : LP , 'mystic forest' edition to 250 copies)
OM      13      LeatherFrank            DARK FOREST                     LP      08.2020
                (Note : LP , 5 hand-numb. copies , test pressing)

Side A  1       Comfortably Violent                             9:49
        2       Celeste                                         3:15
Side B  1       Out of the Rain                                 7:37
        2       Dark Forest                                     8:58
OM      14      THE SPACELORDS          SPACEFLOWERS                    CS      08.2020

Side A  1       Spaceflowers                                    13:30
        2       Frau Kuhnkes Kosmos                             11:42
Side B          Cosmic Trip	                                    (24:20)
        1       Part 1:                                         8:27
        2       Part 2:                                         8:26
        3       Part 3                                          7:25
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
OH      15      BONG WIZARD             LEFT HAND PASS                  CS        .2020

Side A  1       It Took One Hit To Believe                      3:26
        2       Christ Is Resin                                 6:48
        3       Left Hand Pass                                  7:26
        4       Mystic Bong                                     4:43
Side B  1       Apostle                                         6:23
        2       Black Moon                                      4:20
        3       Believer's Hit                                  5:08
        4       Dark Plume                                      8:42
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
OM      16      DEAF PROOF              BRAIN UTOPIA                    CS      09.2020

Side A  1       Brain Utopia                                    14:20
        2       Trial and Error                                 4:34
Side B  1       The Awakening                                   15:43
        2       Desert Man                                      2:22

Offering two extended, epic tracks (of apx. 15 minutes each) and two short jam
eruptions, here is the 2019 full-length by Germany's vintage sounding, fuzzed-out,
psychedelic stoner rockers Deaf Proof! Limited to 100 copies.
OM      17      SLOW PHASE              SLOW PHASE                      LP      08.2020

Side A  1       Starlight                                       4:06
        2       Slow Phase                                      5:30
        3       Blood Circle                                    6:29
        4       Psychedelic Man                                 4:26
Side B  1       Silver Fuzz                                     4:21
        2       Midnight Sun                                    4:23
        3       No Time                                         3:49
        4       Let's Do It Again                               6:05


OM      20      BOGWIFE                 HALLS OF REBIRTH                CS      10.2020

Side A  1       Voidcruiser                                     06:39
        2       Guidance                                        06:15
        3       Seer                                            06:05
Side B  1       Orbit                                           11:54
        2       Abyss                                           06:34
                (Note : cassette , 100 red copies)










First album by Tyrannosaurus Globi, a metal/sludge/stoner band from Basel, Switzerland.
All notes taken from: www.shinybeast.nl