OKRAINA RECORDS                         Brussel
***************                         BELGIUM


Start   : 2012
Found   : Philippe Delvosalle
Distr.  : BE - Ubik
          UK - Volcanic Tongue/Norman/
Style   : blues / pop / folk / country / rock / psychedelic /

#       1       ELOISE DECAZES/ERIC CHENAUX : SPLIT                     2x10"   09.2012

10"/1   A1      Dessus La Mer                                   6:19
        A2      La Glu                                          2:40
        A3      Contredanse 1                                   2:09
        B1      La Complainte Du Roi Renaud                     4:57
        B2      La Complainte De La Blanche Biche               5:24
        B3      On N’est Pas Des Arbres                         1:11

10"/2   C1      Derriere Chez Nous                              8:27
        C2      Contredanse 2                                   2:03
        D       [etched side]
                (Note : double 10" , etched 4th side , 500 copies)
#       2       V / A : LA BALLADE DU BEAU REGARD                       2x10"   04.2013

10"/1   A1      Larkin Grimm With Paul LaBrecque And Anne Collet
                : They Were Wrong + Be My Host                  8:20
        B1      Cam Deas : As Spring Fell From The Leaves       11:55

10"/2   C1      Micah Blue Smaldone : The Red River             6:30
        C2      Jack Allett : Things Were Magical Then          4:35
        D1      Paul Metzger, Paul LaBrecque, Daniel Duchamp
                And Naan : August 29th 2009                     9:00
        D2      Paul Metzger : Compositionem Automaton          4:11
                (Note : double 10"/33.3 RPM , 500 copies)
#       3       INGATZ & HARRIS NEWMAN : BRING YOU BUZZARD MEAT         2x10"   03.2014

10"/1   A1      Political Song For Carla Bruni To Sing (With
                Synthesizer)                                    6:36
        A2      I Will Bring You Buzzard Meat                   6:50
        B       Rise While You Fall                             9:22

10"/2   C       Under The Reef Of Cloud                         8:50
        D       Stray Dog                                       7:21
                (Note : double 10"/33.3 RPM)
#       4       ED ASKEW (WITH STEVE GUNN/JOSHUA BURKETT) : ROSE        2x10"   07.2014

10"/1   A1      Little Eyes                                     2:20
        A2      Oh The Lovely Face                              4:30
        A3      [Spoken Intro]                                  1:19
        A4      Roadio Rose                                     5:39
        B1      [Spoken: Ed Talks About His Albums]             1:29
        B2      Little Infinite Love Song                       3:09
        B3      [Spoken: Ed Talks About His Influences]         1:37
        B4      The Accordion Man                               3:41

10"/2   C1      When I Arrive                                   2:58
        C2      [Spoken Intro]
        C3      The Accordion Man                               5:24
        C4      For The World                                   2:53
        D1      Maple Street                                    2:42
        D2      Little Eyes                                     3:46
        D3      Moon In The Mind                                4:32
        D4      Drum Song                                       2:18

(Note : double 10"/33.3 RPM , 500 copies. Sleeve illustrated by Gwénola Carrere)
                EAST SIDE

A       Yiddish-Speaking Socialists Of The Lower East Side - Part I     10:47
B       Yiddish-Speaking Socialists Of The Lower East Side - Part II    7:04
        (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)

Ed Sanders, a writer, activist and founding member of The Fugs, performed this
intriguing reading of his historical text Yiddish Speaking Socialists of the Lower
East Side in 1991. Sanders’ multi-tracked voice dictates the text to the accompaniment
of a self-invented synthesiser named the ‘pulse lyre’. Reissued on a 10” by Okraina
Same programme plays both sides. 10” vinyl housed in colour gatefold jacket illustrated
by Gwénola Carrere.
#       6       ELOISE DECAZES+DELPHINE DORA : FOLK SONGS CYCLE         10"     06.2015

        A1      Black Is The Color (Of My True Love’s Hair)     2:06
        A2      I Wonder As I Wander                            1:50
        A3      Loosin Yelav                                    2:47
        A4      Rossignolet Du Bois                             1:51
        A5      A La Femminisca                                 1:32
        A6      La Donna Ideale                                 1:16
        B1      Ballo                                           2:33
        B2      Motettu De Tristura                             2:00
        B3      Malourous Qu’o Uno Fenno                        0:53
        B4      La Fiolairé                                     2:01
        B5      Azerbaijan Love Song                            2:49
                (Note : 10"/33.3 RPM)

The folk songs that Delphine Dora and Eloise Decazes perform here on Folk Songs Cycle
were gathered by the composer Luciano Berio in 1971. However, these two folk musicians
take the songs in a different direction to that old modernist: these readings are close
and intimate and delicately treated.
Sleeve illustrated by Gwénola Carrere. Includes liner notes in french and english.
#       7       REV GALEN               REV GALEN                       10"     01.2015

        A1      Irony                                           4:58
        A2      Warm August Wind                                2:13
        A3      Heart Lyric                                     3:20
        B1      Do You Hear ?                                   3:02
        B2      Lulllaby                                        1:11
        B3      Dilemna & Decision                              3:12
        B4      Dreams                                          1:32
        B5      To Whisper                                      1:42

(Note : 10"/33.3 RPM , Includes lyric sheet. Sleeve illustrated by Gwénola Carrere)
                IN EVERYTHING

10"/1   A1      A Painter Of The Sixties
        A2      Doll Beach
        A3      It's A Wonder
        A4      Seven Ribbons, Two Trophies
        A5      Backwards
        A6      Trombone Football
        A7      Global Trends In Shaving
        B1      5 A.M. Rememberance
        B2      Trouble Don
        B3      I Believe In Gravity
        B4      Formulated
        B5      Happy Jack
        B6      Magnet Sun Collide
        B7      Messy World

10"/2   C1      Sing, Sing, SIng
        C2      Morris In His Chair
        C3      Optimism Reigns
        C4      Ted Lewis Says
        C5      Trees Again
        C6      The Only Bad Thing
        C7      Stuck Alright
        D1      Gloucester
        D2      Titusville
        D3      So You Are
        D4      Walter And The Fortune Teller
        D5      I Want To Hold Your Hand
        D6      For Life
        D7      Walk To The Post Office

(Note : double 10"/33.3 RPM , housed in jacket illustrated by Gwenola Carrere.
        Includes inserts)
#       9       LA MAISON D'AMOUR       LA MAISON D'AMOUR               2x10"     .2016
                [Léonore Boulanger & Maam-Li Merati]

10"/1           Dastgâh-e Navâ
        A1      Pishdarâmad
        A2      Darâmad-e Gardânie
        A3      Tasnif-e Meikhâne
                Dastgâh-e Shur
        A4      Darâmad
        A5      Kereshme
        A6      Tasnif-e Ey Aman
                Dastgâh-e Mahur
        B1      Darâmad
        B2      Feyli
        B3      Tchâhâr Pâre
        B4      Tasnif-e Zeman Megâram

10"/2           Avâz-e Abu'azâ
        C1      Darâmad-e Râmkali
        C2      Tasnif-e Bahâre Delkash
                Avâz-e Bayât-e Tork
        C3      Darâmad-e Shahâbi
        C4      Mehrabâni
                Avâz-e Bayât-e Esfahân
        D1      Tasnif-e Nâ Dideh Rokhat
        D2      Masnaui
                Dastgâh-e Homâyun
        D3      Leyli O Mainun
                Avâz-e Bayât-e Esfahân
        D4      Tasnif-e Shab-e Mahtâb

(Note : double 10"/33.3 RPM , housed in jacket illustrated by Gwenola Carrere.
        Includes inserts)
OKRAINA 010     SENYAWA+VINCENT MOON : CALLING THE NEW GODS             10"     03.2018

Indonesian duo Senyawa’s around the Javan city Yogyakarta.
OKRAINA #11     DELPHINE DORA & MOCKE   LE CORPS DEFENDANT              2x10"   08.2017

        1.      Les Miroirs Conversent Avec Les Etoiles En Silence
        2.      L'Illusion S'Etrangle
        3.      Pedro M'Inquiete
        4.      Est-Ce Le Prix De La Nuitee?
        5.      Le Service Abstrait
        6.      Ou Est Joseph?
        7.      Des Notres
        8.      Les Insulaires
        9.      Un Triple Cercle
        10.     Pluton S'Eloigne
        11.     Le Corps Defendant
        12.     Agua Por Favor
        13.     L'Absent Etait Parmi Nous
                : AU CUBE
                : AU CUBE

        1.      Tout en me promenant                            04:40
        2.      Cyclone's Vernal Retreat                        03:11
        3.      Da Auld Resting Chair                           03:14
        4.      Go Your Way                                     04:38
        5.      Je vous ai menti souvent                        02:55
        6.      I Fell In Love                                  05:21
        7.      Brave marin                                     03:33
        8.      Rosie Anderson                                  07:07
        9.      Year Waxing, Year Waning                        03:02
        10.     La Mere cruelle                                 05:03
        11.     Les Aiguillettes                                03:06

Recorded live by Neil McDermott at Cube Cinema, Bristol on December 8th and 9th 2017;
"Rosie Anderson" recorded at the Old Dentist, London. Artwork by Gwénola Carrere
(Brussels). Mastered by Sam Smith, SJS Mastering, Glasgow.
OKRAINA 013     ROY MONTGOMERY          LAST YEAR'S MAN                 10"     01.2019

        1.      Last Year's Man (Leonard Cohen cover)           11:59
        2.      After Vermeer (w/ Jessica Moss)                 11:37

New Zealand outsider dude Roy Montgomery takes on a Leonard Cohen song, the early
1971 morose-masterpiece ‘Last Year’s Man’. Roy tackles it in lovely droney style,
using the particular sounds of the Omnichord, along with the assistance of Jessica
Moss. Add in a second track, ‘After Vermeer’, and you’ve got a very fine little 10”