Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : funk / world music /

ODILIV  1 LP    LIVY EKEMEZIE           FRIDAY NIGHT                    LP      03.2017
ODILIV  1 CD    LIVY EKEMEZIE           FRIDAY NIGHT                    CD      03.2017

        1.      Get It Down
        2.      Holiday Actions
        3.      I Wan’ My Bab’ Back
        4.      Friday Night
        5.      Classic Lover
        6.      Night Party
        7.      Delectation

Livy Ekemezie’s album Friday Night is a gorgeous slice of disco from 1983, recorded
when your man was only just out of school. His fresh vigour combined with a sharp and
funky talent makes this a crucial cut from the old Nigerian scene. This reissue is put
together by the brand new label Odion Livingstone, who operate straight outta Lagos
ODILIV  2 LP    GROTTO                  AT LAST                         LP      06.2017
ODILIV  2 CD    GROTTO                  AT LAST                         CD      06.2017

        1.      Come Along With Me
        2.      Bad Times
        3.      Funk From Mother
        4.      Grottic Depression – 2
        5.      Grottic Depression – 1
        6.      Change Of Tide
        7.      Doomed

- First ever official reissue of rare Afro-rock LP from 1977.
- Restored by See Why Audio and remastered by The Carvery
- All formats include rare photos and a new interview with lead guitarist
  Soga Benson + producer Odion Iruoje.
- All formats include full original EMI Nigeria artwork

Grotto are an awesome Nigerian Afro-funk-rock band from the 70’s, who remarkable
recorded their debut album At Last when they were only about 16. Grotto are loads
better than any other student band you ever heard: I always thought you needed more
years of life experience to play grooves this funky, but Grotto prove me wrong!
Reissue of this very rare record on Odion.
ODILIV  3 LP    THE APPLES              MIND TWISTER                    LP      07.2017
ODILIV  3 CD    THE APPLES              MIND TWISTER                    CD      07.2017

        1.      Mother
        2.      Deep Funk
        3.      Try Me
        4.      Lay On The Ground
        5.      Mind Twister
        6.      Don’T Drive Me Out
        7.      You
        8.      Time For Me To Go

Odion Livingstone present another essential reissue from the Nigerian archives, the
first ever international release of The Apples’ essential Afro-funk LP rarity ‘Mind
Twister’. As part of the St Gregory’s student band scene in Lagos during the late
‘70s alongside Ofege, Grotto and more, Apples were picked up and produced by
legendary EMI Nigeria producer Odion Iruoje who added overdubs to the album at Abbey
Road in London with Curved Air keyboardist Francis Monkman.
LIVST   004     GROTTO-II               WAIT...NO HURRY                 LP      12.2017

        1.      Wait... No Hurry
        2.      Maya
        3.      When Will I Learn
        4.      Who Gives A Damn
        5.      Bad City Girl
        6.      Yeah! Runnin'
        7.      Freestyle

The excellent Odion Livingstone unleash the first official reissue of Nigerian disco
/boogie grail 'Wait...No Hurry', originally released by Grotto on EMI Nigeria back in
LIVST   005     V / A : Duomo Sounds Ltd. - Nigerian 80's Disco Music   2LP     12.2017
                To Move Your Soul
LIVST   005     V / A : Duomo Sounds Ltd. - Nigerian 80's Disco Music   CD      12.2017
                To Move Your Soul

        1.      Advice
        2.      Xmas Eve
        3.      Look At Me
        4.      Shake Your Body
        5.      Disco Connection
        6.      Aimiuugwia
        7.      Perfect Disco Machine
        8.      On My Mind
        9.      Azomonfe
        10.     You Do Good For Yourself
        11.     Ariro

(Note : gatefold 2LP. Includes liner notes by Uchenna Ikkone, and prev. unpublished
LIVST   006 LP  GBOYEGA ADELAJA         COLOURFUL ENVIRONMENT           LP      08.2018
LIVST   006     GBOYEGA ADELAJA         COLOURFUL ENVIRONMENT           CD      04.2018

        1.      Funky City
        2.      Baby, My Love For You
        3.      Ere Aladun
        4.      Adua (Prayer)
        5.      Colourful Environment
        6.      I Stilll Love You
        7.      Agberede 
LIVST   7       WILLY NFOR : MOVEMENTS-BOOGIE DOWN IN AFRICA            2LP     12.2018

        01.     BOOGIE DOWN IN AFRICA
        02.     HAPPINESS
        03.     LYNDAA
        04.     SUNSHINE
        05.     HUSTLE (FROM THE JUNGLE)
        06.     DO YOUR THING - DON'T GIVE IT UP
        07.     WON'T SOMEONE OPEN?
        08.     STAR LIFE (LET'S GO TO THE DISCO)
        09.     LIZZY
        10.     MY TURN (TO LOVE YOU)