OAKEN PALACE RECORDS                    Luton
********************                    UK


Oaken Palace Records is a charitable record label that uses all its profits
to support various environmental organisations all around the world.
With a focus on Psychedelic and Drone, it aims to strengthen the connection
between music and nature.

Distr.  : UK - Norman
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/Shiny Beast/
Style   :  drone / psychedelic / doom / sludge / ambient / space rock /

OAK     001     PARALLEL LINES : WHITE FUR /// BLACK CATHEDRAL          LP      02.2014

        A       White Fur                                       17:10
        B       Black Cathedral                                 18:07
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 300 copies on white vinyl)
OAK     002     CAUDAL                  FOREVER IN ANOTHER WORLD        LP+DLc  02.2014

        A1      River's Edge                                    13:25
        A2      Threever                                        8:33
        B1      Walrus Tusk Scrimshaw                           7:35
        B2      Forever In Another World                        13:17
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies)
OAK     003     NADJA                   FLIPPER                         LP+DLc  02.2014

        A1      Drown                                           10:12
        A2      Song For The Sea                                12:33
        B1      Wrapped In Plastic                              12:14
        B2      Hands                                           9:00
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies on clear)
OAK     004     PLURALS                 BUGENES MELISSAE                LP      02.2014

        A       Behaved Like Mercury                            17:57
        B       Kamu                                            22:03
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies on orange vinyl)
OAK     005     ETERNAL TAPESTRY        GURU OVERLOAD                   LP      10.2014

        A1 –    Trout Fishing On The Street Of Eternity         10:08
        A2 –    Karma Repair Kit                                11:17
        B1 –    Just Call Me Whatever Is In Your Mind           04:19
        B2 –    The Double Bed Dream Gallows                    06:41
        B3 –    Where Water Comes Together With Other Water     08:54
                (Note : LP/140 g. 500 copies on red vinyl)
OAK     006     THISQUIETARMY           INSECT KINGDOM                  CS      01.2015

        A       Coccinellidae                                   24:02
        B       Pieris brassicae                                24:02
OAK     007     BLOWN OUT               PLANETARY ENGINEERING           LP+DLc  09.2015

        A       Transcending Deep Infinity                      20:19
        B       Thousand Years In The Sunshine                  16:01
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on space black vinyl, housed in
                100% recycled sleeves with artwork by Anthony Downie)
OAK     008     EXPO '70                KINETIC TONES                   LP      12.2015

        01.     STATIC HARMONIC PENDULUM                        (10:32)
        02.     EIDETIC MEMORY                                  (07:56)
        03.     LUCID LANDSCAPES                                (07:50)
        04.     ASCENSIONS FROM DUSK                            (12:34)
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on bronze vinyl)
OAK     009     V / A                   SPLIFF TAPE                     CS      03.2016

        A1      Hellvete                Bessenfeest             11:18
        A2      Hellvete : Buiten Het Droomharmonium            12:34
        B       Bear Bones, Lay Low     Prism Leaf Chasm        23:32
OAK     010     MERZBOW                 KAKAPO                          LP      10.2016

        01.     KAKAPO PT. 1                                    (16:42)
        02.     KAKAPO PT. 2                                    (16:03)
OAK     011     PHURPA                  SACRED SOUNDS 18.12.16          2LP     08.2017

LP 1    A       Sacred Sound 1                                  (19:39)
        B       Sacred Sound 2                                  (20:06)

LP 2    A       Sacred Sound 3                                  (18:42)
        B       Sacred Sound 4                                  (21:25)
                (Note : double LP/140 g. , 500 copies)

Oaken Palace presents two different Phurpa recordings, immense ritual sessions which
in total run for over three hours. These releases together comprise a staggering dark
mass of ritual drone, austere but richly dense, relentless but profoundly meditative.
The double vinyl album Sacred Sound 18.12.16 is a beautiful tapestry of ancient sounds,
with varied passages of communal vocals complemented with singing bowl, rattle and
traditional drums, over the faint organic hum of the ritual space.
OAK     012     PHURPA                  SACRED SOUNDS 22.1.17           C105    07.2017

        A       Sacred Sound 5                                  51:53
        B       Sacred Sound 6                                  51:49
OAK     13      LANDE, LEVI, LOUISE     IKIRU OR THE WANDERER           LP+DLc  04.2018

        01.     BUTTERFLY GRAVEYARD                             (14:04)
        02.     BUTTERFLY BRAIN                                 (16:52)

(Note : LP/140 g. white vinyl LP on Oaken Palace Records. Edition of 300 copies,
        housed in a 100% sustainable rough uncoated card sleeve with insert)
OAK     014     GOLD                    FACES I DON'T RECALL            7"      01.2018
                (The Optimist Remixes)

        A1      You Too Must Die
                (BESTIAL MOUTHS Devotion To Despair Remix)      5:34
        B1      White Noise
                (Necro Deathmort Remix)                         5:12
OAK     15      WOVEN SKULL             WOVEN SKULL                     LP      11.2018

        01.     EXILE ON WARREN STREET                          (10:42)
        02.     CLEAVER AVENUE                                  (02:31)
        03.     THE SEVERED LADIES OF DEHLI PARADE PT1          (04:58)
        04.     HOT NIGHTS ON HONEYPOT LANE                     (08:05)
        05.     CHLORINE GARDENS                                (02:20)
        06.     GOON OF THE SOVIET                              (02:44)
        07.     THE SEVERED LADIES OF DEHLI PARADE PT2          (02:48)
        08.     THE HOLYLANDS                                   (05:13)

Irish instrumental psych-folkers Woven Skull return with a self-titled piece for
Birmingham’s Oaken Palace. This particular deal with the environmentalist label is
dedicated to the Eurasian red squirrel, which faces extinction in the UK and Ireland
within a decade. Fab droning, minimal improvised excursions into bucolic expressions
and slightly dreary tensions.
                COMING WINDOW

        01.     SQUEEZE THE LIDS                                (18:30)
        02.     THROUGH COMING WINDOW                           (20:00)

A piercing hum awakens alien skreeks and insect antennae and fluttering seedpod drifts
and curled leaf wails. reedy twirlings dance above organic-machine wheeling thuds.
hopping whistles accompany descending klangs, producing a rushing stasis, a clattering
bliss, a reverential noise. Vibracathedral Orchestras trademark levitation drone
returns to earth to offer two sidelong utopias, a revolving array of instruments
selected in turn by the musicians, each inventing utterly distinctive lines of their
own which nevertheless weave together rafts of joyous collective racket. New elements
sometimes emerge discordantly but are folded into a diverse whole, each new plateau
constructing itself from scraps then dissolving into raw sonic material for new
configurations. Radical collective drone improvisation.
OAK     017     CIGVE                   WHAT MAKES THEM BURN            CS+DLc  05.2020

        A1      Deleatur                                        3:34
        A2      Retreat                                         2:07
        A3      Of Common Purgation                             2:53
        A4      Thalassomancy                                   4:24
        A5      Ménandre                                        1:32
        A6      What Makes Them Burn                            4:36
        B1      Deleatur                                        3:34
        B2      Retreat                                         2:07
        B3      Of Common Purgation                             2:53
        B4      Thalassomancy                                   4:24
        B5      Ménandre                                        1:32
        B6      What Makes Them Burn                            4:36
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)

        01.     AS SACRED BODIES WITHER INTO NOTHINGNESS        (04:01)
                SWALLOW THEM ALIVE                              (05:05)
        03.     AMONGST THE MOSSY TOMBS                         (04:37)
                INTO FLESH                                      (03:58)
        05.     FROM GRACE INTO UTTER RUIN                      (05:09)
        07.     BLACK MOUTHS MURMUR BLACK PRAYERS               (04:26)
        08.     DEATH CAME WITH THE GOLDEN DUSK                 (04:16)

(Note : LP , 300 copies on 140g ultraclear vinyl, housed in eco-friendly,
        sustainable sleeves)
OAK     019     LEFT HAND CUTS OFF THE RIGHT : I CAN WAIT               CS      11.2020

        A1      I Can Wait 1                                    8:56
        A2      I Can Wait 2                                    9:51
        B1      I Can Wait 3                                    9:49
        B2      I Can Wait 4                                    6:56
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
OAK     020     BOMBAY LUNATIC ASYLUM : MAD SONG                        LP+DLc  03.2021

        A       The Mental Traveller                            18:45
        B1      Ancient Times                                   14:01
        B2      Mad Song                                        2:22

Louise Landes Levi – sarangi, voice 
Bart De Paepe – harmonium 
Koen Vandenhoudt – sarangi, shruti box 
Artwork by Lauren O’Connor

Ed. of 300 copies on transl.-orange vinyl.

Oaken Palace Records is excited to present its 20th release, a sonic journey to the
roots of drone music, performed by Bombay Lunatic Asylum. The musicians behind this
name are no others than Louise Landes Levi and Bart De Paepe, who already played
together on Ikiru (OAK-013), our fastest selling release so far. On Mad Song, they
are joined by Koen Vandenhoudt, who also recorded the album. De Paepes harmonium and
Vandenhoudts shruti box form the perfect backdrop for Levis melancholic, haunting
sarangi melodies, slowly evolving and meandering over the albums thirtyfive minutes.
On Mad Songs last track, Levi replaces the sarangi with her no less impressive voice
and finishes the album with a beautiful rendition of Blakes poem of the same title.