Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : indie /

OUT     000     UT                      LIVE AT THE VENUE NOV.1981      LP      05.2018

First time on vinyl . Part of the ongoing UT remaster/reissue series. Originally
released in 1982 as a Cassette only release. Features five tracks recorded in November
1981 at the Venue.

OUT     003 LP  UT                      EARLY LIVE LIFE                 LP      12.2018
OUT     003 CD  UT                      EARLY LIVE LIFE                 CD      12.2018

Early Live Life is a compilation of some of UT's best live performances from 1979-1985,
spanning their origins in New York City to their migration to London in late 1981.
The CD also includes the addition of a 1981 gig at The Venue in London, originally
released as the cassette UT Live At The Venue in early 1982 and reissued on vinyl
for Record Store Day in April 2018. The UT reissue campaign began on November 17,
2017 with the release of UT and Confidential. Upcoming reissues in 2019 include their
studio albums Conviction, In Gut's House, and Griller. Remastered at Wolf Studios by
Dominique Brethes, vinyl cut by Noel Summerville. The live tracks jump out of the
vinyl with some verve, as visceral now as they were live back in the '80s. This is
searing no-wave power in the live setting, originally released in 1987 by Blast First
OUT     04      UT                      CONVICTION                      LP      04.2019
                (Note : LP , 1st 500 copies incl. insert)
OUT     04 CD   UT                      CONVICTION                      CD      04.2019

        1.      Prehistory                                      04:34
        2.      Absent Farmer                                   05:57
        3.      Confidential                                    06:22
        4.      Sick                                            04:13
        5.      Bedouin                                         06:36
        6.      Phoenix                                         03:26
        7.      Mouse Sleep                                     04:11
        8.      Stain                                           05:30

Next in UT's reissue and remastered back catalogue series, their first studio album
"Conviction", originally released in 1986. 
The 2019 remastered reissue of CONVICTION will include song lyrics, photos of the
band and an introduction by Stewart Lee. 
The CD will add Ut’s previously unreleased 7” single “Ampheta Speak / While I Wait”,
recorded for Charles Ball’s Lust/Unlust label in 1980. A CD booklet will feature
the poster for the original 7” release and some of the cover artwork.
First 500 LP will come with Stewart Lee introduction as a printed insert.
Radical rock group UT was founded by Nina Canal, Jacqui Ham and Sally Young in 1978.
Originated in the downtown NYC No Wave scene and inheritors of the collision between
rock, free jazz and the avant-garde, Ut exploded the rigidity of conventional rock,
constructing songs through collective improvisation, swapping instruments and rotating
the role of singer/director.
OUT     05      UT                      IN GUT'S HOUSE                  2LP     01.2020
OUT     05 CD   UT                      IN GUT'S HOUSE                  CD      01.2020

Described by New York rock 'n' roll mag Trouser Press as "a balance of pop-conscious
song-structuring and outright-croak as Sonic Youth's Evol-period", UT's 'In Gut's
House' is the sophomore record by the New York genre-blenders. It's a fantastic
justification on how the No-Wavers became a serious force on the east coast.