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Est. 2007 by zach phillips ; a fully operational offline , not-for-profit record label
& production community.

Start   : 2012
Owner   : Zach Phillips
Distr.  : US - Aquarius/Burlington Rec./CTG Ltd./Deep Thoughts/Eclipse/Feeding
               Tube/Fresh Produce/Funk Fuzz/Heaven Street/Insound/Light In The
               Attic/Revolver US/Sonic Boom/Stickfigure/Traphaus/Weird Ear/
               Weirdo/Wharf Cat
          UK - Infinite Limits/Night School/
          GE - Bis Auf's Messer
          FR - Ex-Vinylo
          JA - Big Love/Meditations/Tape School/
Style   : indie / indie pop / lo-fi / experimental rock / abstract / chanson
          psychedelic / prog rock / rock / blues / new wave / punk / folk /
          neo-classical /

                FOR MUSIC

                2wice 2wins
        A1      Blanche Blanche Blanche : Alots B4
        A2      Blanche Blanche Blanche : That's Okay
        A3      Blanche Blanche Blanche : The Power Of Music
        A4      Blanche Blanche Blanche : Red Book
        A5      Blanche Blanche Blanche : Love Weapon
        A6      Blanche Blanche Blanche : 2wice 2wins
        A7      Blanche Blanche Blanche : Heat Wilson's Goal
        A8      Blanche Blanche Blanche : Imagine Your Own Solo
        A9      Blanche Blanche Blanche : Wastis Time
        A10     Blanche Blanche Blanche : He's So Dumb
        A11     Blanche Blanche Blanche : Heart And Soul (By T'Pau)
                Songs For Music
        B1      Bruce Hart              State Of The Hart
        B2      Bruce Hart              Resurrection Of A Baby
        B3      Bruce Hart              Head Thinner
        B4      Bruce Hart              What's New
        B5      Bruce Hart              Hold In On
        B6      Bruce Hart              I Can See Us From Here
        B7      Bruce Hart              Perfect World
        B8      Bruce Hart              Bruce At Hart
        B9      Bruce Hart              One In A Million (By Luxury)
        B10     Bruce Hart              Hart To Know
        B11     Bruce Hart              Hart In G
OSR#    2       CHRIS WEISMAN           BEATLEBORO                      CS      03.2012

        AA1     Hypertext                                       2:38
        AA2     I Awake In Ohio                                 3:12
        AA3     The Fingers Of Mars                             2:29
        AA4     Pine Cone Phone Poem                            1:54
        AA5     The Right Off Key                               2:16
        AA6     Selfemoliationocity                             2:49
        AA7     Welcome To The Sand                             2:12
        AA8     Ryan Power                                      2:25
        AA9     Reichenbach                                     3:01
        AA10    The Accidental Kind                             1:53
        AA11    Macarthur Hark                                  1:34
        AA12    SlideTrombone                                   3:53
        BB1     ThroughThe Night                                2:53
        BB2     Day Dew                                         2:04
        BB3     A Certain Painting                              2:58
        BB4     Check Out The Sun                               2:55
        BB5     God's Map Silk                                  3:06
        BB6     Maybe Winter's Ok                               1:53
        BB7     Heart Peach                                     2:57
        BB8     TheFall Of The Clarinet                         1:23
        BB9     Russian Doll                                    3:32
        BB10    Human Microphone                                1:40
        BB11    North Of Suicide                                2:48
        BB12    Keyboard Gray                                   1:49
                (Note : cassette , 150 copies)
OSR#    3       BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE : OPEN SESSION ROCK             CS      04.2012

        1       Focus
        2       Ryan And Lisa
        3       An Attic
        4       Superslave
        5       The Mercury Report
        6       Overtaking The Face
        7       Shadows
        8       Wantastiquet
        9       Pro Se
        10      Stay Home
        11      Green Mountains
        12      Future Fulled
        13      Sand
        14      Brattleboro
        15      OK PM
        16      The Ice Cream Skating Rink
        17      Only Yesterday
        18      My Mental Wife
        19      Last Night
        20      The Maytag Sale
        21      Tonight Today
        22      Admonitions
        23      Half Of It Is Me
        24      Easy Street
                (Note : cassette , 150 copies)
OSR#    4       THE HOWLING HEX         NAVAJO RAG                      CS        .2012

        1       Side One                                        22:00
        2       Side Two                                        22:00
OSR#    5       BETTER PSYCHICS         BETTER PSYCHICS                 CS      12.2012

        A1      I Seize Thunder
        A2      Pointless, Nice
        A3      Fun of Old
        A4      Little Lilac
        A5      Loose
        A6      Chicken Time
        A7      Crazy 2
        A8      I Bet I Can Write One More
        A9      How Does This Work
        A10     Fetishize Recording
        A11     Don't Be Mean You Know My Dream
        B1      Jingles in a Jar
        B2      With My Attitude
        B3      Better Psychics
        B4      Dear Rob
        B5      Logical Crimes
        B6      Tatterbrains
        B7      What Stays
        B8      I'm Wild
        B9      E F
OSR#    6       BETTER PSYCHICS         WHAT IS RULE                    CS      02.2013

        1       Better Psychic Victim
        2       Break the Polygraph (Live Mix)
        3       You Don't Have to Disappear
        4       You Can Bring Your Battle Here
        5       What You Did Before
        6       I Just Wanna Know
        7       White Roses
        8       The Peopled Ones
        9       The Peopled Ones (Part Two After Getting Cut Off)
        10      Howard Tom Jeffords Cochise (Vocals)
        11      Termite Music
        12      So Atlantic
        13      Color
        14      Haggatai Gate
        15      Vision of a Stranger (Normal)
        16      What Is Rule
        17      Sign The Cook Away
OSR#    7       ZACH PHILLIPS : I CAN'T PREDICT MY PAST ACTIONS         CS      02.2013

        01      I Can't Predict My Past Actions
        02      Cry [Johnny Ray]
        03      Section C
OSR#    8       GORDON WALLACE          SEND AWAY                       CS        .2013

        A1      Heard Your Words
        A2      How Many
        A3      Mastery
        A4      Old Man
        A5      Way Of The Times
        A6      Just Passed By
        A7      The Other Side Of You
        A8      Send Away
        A9      Tall House
        A10     Summer Hols
        A11     I Don't Give Lifts
        A12     Walk Til The Street
        B1      Me Into Now
        B2      I Could Wait
        B3      How It's Been
        B4      Once A Year
        B5      They Won't
        B6      We Can't Be Late
        B7      Mastery
        B8      Climber
        B9      On Your Way Here
        B10     The Light Out Here
        B11     Reprise
OSR#    9       BIG FRENCH              WOULD NOT TRY EP                CS      08.2013

        A1      Would Not Try                                   2:07
        A2      Payback (Demo)                                  1:53
        B1      Atlanta                                         2:30
        B2      How Many Times (Demo)                           1:36
OSR#    10      BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE/HARTLEY C.WHITE                 CS      08.2013

        A1      The Never, Never Girl
        B1      An Argument
OSR#    11      RUTH GARBUS/DANNY BISSETTE : GARBUS/BISSETTE            CS      08.2013

        A1      Ruth Garbus             And You Be              3:25
        A2      Ruth Garbus             I Won't Quit            3:23
        B1      Danny Bissette          Untitled                3:04
        B2      Danny Bissette          Dear Man                1:23
        B3      Danny Bissette          Change Yer Mind         2:06
        B4      Danny Bissette          Flower Pot              3:30
        B5      Danny Bissette          Eat W/ The Wolves       3:02
OSR#    12      PALBERTA                MY PAL BERTA                    CS      03.2014

        1       When I Come
        2       Hair's Gonna Grow
        3       Sweat Pap
        4       Pop Song
        5       Smile Song
        6       UCU
        7       She Don't Got It
        8       When I Go
        9       Anyway
        10      Ode to Gabe
        11      Foot Tapping
OSR#    13      THE MEMORIES            CRASH ON MY HEART               CS      02.2014

        A1      Crash on My Heart
        A2      Dispensary
        B1      We Can Call If Whatever
        B2      Still Dreaming
OSR#    14      HEAT WILSON             SEERSUCKER                      CS        .2014

        1       I'm Hungry                                      0:43
        2       Shut Up                                         0:32
        3       Call Me                                         1:31
        4       I Know                                          1:06
        5       Bad Mood                                        1:38
        6       ...                                             1:55
        7       My Pool                                         1:25
        8       In the Morning of the World                     1:34
        9       I Don't Care                                    2:08
        10      ...                                             2:23
OSR#    15      BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE : TERMITE MUSIC                 CS      06.2014

        1       Fools (Only Ones/Johnny Duncan)
        2       Tragic Bios
        3       Sign The Clock
        4       I Want To Learn
        5       Singing A Movie
        6       Ambertrax Wish One
        7       Tomato Farm
        8       Motion Sensitive Man
        9       Leave Some For Writing
        10      Vacuum
        11      Prologlomon
        12      Right Through Me
        13      Shakedown
        14      Charlotte
        15      This Fuss
        16      Hyperdoulos
        17      Hercules
        18      The Savoy
        19      My Defense For Bowling
        20      Second Skin (Royal Trux)
        21      David's Leaf
        22      E Double X
        23      Freezing Friends
        24      Etiquette
        25      How I Liked A Girl
        26      Solo Eyes
        27      Runny Day
        28      Years Before Dying
        29      Form Of Sephlora
        30      I Wanna Lose
        31      Heatsink
        32      Caroline
        33      Night Math
        34      The River
        35      Caroline
        36      Conservation
        37      Headroom Stages
        38      Out Of The Cage
        39      War Games
        40      Close Conditions Continue
        41      Outcome
        42      Everything
        43      The Dream You Had Tonight
        44      Me
        45      Ghosts (Comateens)
        46      Mother Music
        47      Termite Music
        48      Driving In A Car
        49      Alots B4
        50      Taken By The Brain
        51      My Irene
        52      Jermaine
        53      Mean
        54      In Black Pocket
        55      That's The Ad
        56      Russian Dollar
        57      The Clown That Forests Fill
        58      Come Over
        59      Mastrolembo
        60      Blanche Blanche Blanche
OSR#    16      KATEBOARD               THAT'S NOT A HELICOPTER         CS        .2014

        A1      Jacobson
        A2      On Bury Me Not
        A3      New Man (I'm A)
        A4      16 Therms
        A5      1913 Massacre
        A6      The Perfect Day By Alec Watson
        A7      Golden Vanity
        A8      50 $
        B1      More Reasons Than Seven
        B2      Picknic
        B3      Shiny Wood
        B4      Hi How Are You
        B5      Bag Pips
        B6      The Fastest Of Ponies
        B7      The Western Cowby
        B8      Cemetery Ducks
        B9      First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
        B10     One Morning In May
OSR#    17      IAN KOVAC JR. : YOU'LL KNOW IT WHEN YOU FEEL IT         C31     11.2014

        A1      Sniffin' On It
        A2      Camera
        A3      Don't Want These Bones
        A4      Better Without It
        A5      Flypaper
        B1      Just A Rock
        B2      Sweet Song
        B3      You'll Know It When You Feel It
        B4      Putty People
OSR#    18      V / A : MUSIC ON A TAPE-SONGS BY CHRIS WEISMAN          C110      .2015

        A1      Love Thy Will Be Done, Sam Gendel : Feel The
                Houses                                          2:20
        A2      R Hundro                Teacher In Rags         4:03
        A3      Jib Kidder              Roger Flower            2:37
        A4      CE Schneider Topical:I Wrote A Poem In The Sky  1:14
        A5      Cale Israel             Dubill                  2:42
        A6      Matt Robidoux           Welcome To The Sand     2:20
        A7      Anina Ivy-Block         Autograph The Station   3:40
        A8      Quentin Moore           Carry On Melting        3:13
        A9      Peter's Window : Cellphone Movieationoscopy     2:53
        A10     Daga Voladora           The Sun Comes Back      2:25
        A11     Erasurehead : The Paradox Of Thrift             2:34
        A12     Chance McNiff           You Made A Drawing      2:48
        A13     Dylan Jones             Lyin Eye                2:36
        A14     There Is The Kit:When You And Me Got Arrested   2:43
        A15     Max E. Weiss            Changes In The 4th      1:48
        A16     Kidsaredead             Maya Properties         1:30
        A17     Lentils, The            You Were A Clue         4:37
        A18     Stephe Cooper           Forever                 3:47
        A19     Zach Phillips           Tarot Card              2:00
        A20     Sarah Smith : Life On The Pointy Knife          3:03
        B1      Private Snafu           Monet In The 90s        1:31
        B2      Paradise II / The Dream Scene:Music In The Line
                / Hi E                                          6:06
        B3      Erica Eso               Drum On A Wire          5:08
        B4      Beware The Dog          Saved In Chats          2:29
        B5      Francis Carr Jr. : Working On My Skateboarding  4:10
        B6      Sherie Ruppersberger    You Were A Clue         2:53
        B7      Ian Kovac Jr Jr         Check Out The Sun       2:38
        B8      Jacob Brunner           Holy Fool               2:49
        B9      Lily Konisberg          Between                 2:48
        B10     Sam Lisabeth            The Beatles             2:52
        B11     Matthew Thurber         The Right Off Key       3:44
        B12     Adam                    Bubbles                 3:42
        B13     CE Schneider Topical : I Took It Off A Record   1:51
        B14     Alex Marantz            Feel The Houses         2:04
        B15     Elissa Margolin         Rag Bus                 3:02
        B16     Pat Action              Double Life             1:28
        B17     Bed Rugs                Open Tuning             2:53
        B18     Christine Hucal : Working On My Skateboarding   2:09
        B19     Zach Phillips : Fools Of Gold [Live At Flywheel]0:40
OSR#    19      MOTH EGGS               RECURSIVE SURFING               CS        .2014

        A1      Gizmo The Dog, Moth Eggs : Gizmo's Dream
        A2      Moth Eggs               Distortions On The Glass
        A3      Moth Eggs               Death On Willie Mays Avenue
        A4      Moth Eggs               Bald Head Split The Tombstone
        A5      Moth Eggs               I Give Up
        A6      Moth Eggs, Graham Brooks, Jo Miller Gamble
                : Recursive Surfing
        A7      Moth Eggs               Native Tension Void
        A8      Moth Eggs               Restaurant Resteree
        A9      Moth Eggs               Orion
        A10     Moth Eggs               The Dirty Hand
        B1      Moth Eggs               Generic Love
        B2      Moth Eggs               Twist Of The Knife
        B3      Moth Eggs               Rebound Man
        B4      Moth Eggs               Fascination
        B5      Moth Eggs               Coffee Shop
        B6      Moth Eggs               Dull
        B7      Moth Eggs : Did You Forget About Your Dyin' Man
        B8      Moth Eggs               Indra's Net
        B9      Moth Eggs, Joey Pizza Slice, Danny Bissette, Zach Phillips
                : 1.000 Years
OSR#    20      ED ASKEW                RAINBOW BRIDGE                  C52       .2014

        A1      Baseball Talk
        A2      Rainbow Bridge
        A3      As Sweet As Love
        A4      But What Does This Face Look Like?
        A5      Lamar
        A6      Little Rive
        B1      The Blue
        B2      It Is
        B3      No Friend, No Enemy
        B4      Teddy And Eddy
        B5      Two Hands Dancing
        B6      Angola
        B7      When The Ship Sets Sail
OSR#    21      THE DREAM SCENE : NEW EMOTION/BEHIND THE SCENES         C10       .2014
OSR#    22      PALBERTA                SHITHEADS IN THE DITCH          C21       .2014

        A1      Beach
        A2      All The Way
        A3      Superstore
        A4      My Plan
        B1      Ring The Round Up
        B2      Electric Avenue
        B3      She Don't Got It
        B4      I'm A Guarantee
        B5      Bring Your Friends To Dine
        B6      Butt Thrust
OSR#    23      JIMMIE PACKARD          A TIME TO LOOK BACK             C60     11.2014

        A1      All I Do Is Dream of You
        A2      There's a Tear in My Beer
        A3      Sentimental Over You
        A4      Love Letters in the Sand
        A5      The First Whipperwills Song
        A6      Pennies From Heaven
        A7      I Used to Be That Way
        A8      Heartacke by the Numbers
        B1      Nevertheless
        B2      Honey You Beat Them All
        B3      Green Grass of Home
        B4      Woodstock Wreck
        B5      Give Me Back My Heart
        B6      Mother of the Hills
        B7      Melencholy Baby
        B8      Who's Sorry Now
        B9      Before the Next Teardrop Falls
OSR#    24      CHRIS WEISMAN           MONET IN THE 90'S               LP      11.2014

        A1      Working on My Skateboarding
        A2      Complex Complex
        A3      The Solo and the Song
        A4      Climb on the Grassland
        A5      Red Book
        B1      Forgive and Forget
        B2      My Lost Way
        B3      Son of Country
        B4      Monet in the 90's
        B5      Coconut Feeling
OSR#    25      BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE : HINTS TO PILGRIMS             LP      11.2014

        1       war games 2:12
        2       new food
        3       no problem
        4       handsomely
        5       frame center rodeo 1:43
        6       let's split [syd barrett]
        7       mosť
        8       casa rialto
        9       uncrazy 1:48
        10      honeycomb 1:30
        11      review this
        12      shadow tours
        13      formica blue
        14      vacuum 2:34
        15      death and disappearances
        16      priests in robes 1:13
        17      avocado flows
        18      other people's music
OSR#    26      HARTLEY C.WHITE : THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT           LP        .2014

        A1      This Is Not What You Expect (Poem)              0:13
        A2      Screaming Who-Pa-Zoo-Tics                       2:53
        A3      Under the Radar                                 2:46
        A4      No Pressure                                     2:26
        A5      Let the Music Rock                              3:25
        A6      Music Is Music (or Is It?)                      2:24
        A7      The Handcuffs Always Go on Too Tight (Poem)     0:58
        A8      Dead Run                                        2:17
        A9      Too Close to Call                               3:10
        B1      Ten Miles Behind the Lines                      1:57
        B2      Let's Play Politics                             3:01
        B3      Everybody Loves a Winner                        1:58
        B4      Welcome Back to Reality                         2:23
        B5      Somewhere in My Heart                           2:53
        B6      The Bicycle Lady                                2:11
        B7      It's Not Over Yet                               2:45
        B8      Run the Gauntlet                                2:38
OSR#    27      RUTH GARBUS             JOULE EP                        7"        .2015

        A1      I Took A Walk                                   1:50
        A2      Kisserine Chalk                                 2:58
        B1      Certain Kind                                    2:25
        B2      Opal Elections                                  2:02
        B3      June                                            1:14

        A1      Dreams
        A2      Something To Eat
        A3      Growing Back
        A4      Eleven
        A5      Look Who Showed Up Out Here
        A6      Like This
        A7      The Thief Of Feeling
        B1      Show Of Hands
        B2      Book Report
        B3      Put It Back
        B4      Putten Away
        B5      Tempered
        B6      Watering The Roses
        B7      Before Man Singing