Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : 60's / garage rock / psychedelic /

OK      1       THE CORDS               COMPLETE SINGLES DISCOGRAPHY    2x7"    04.2018

2x7" reissue from the original Cuca master tapes of the complete singles discography
by this Wisconsin avantgarde/garage band. The Cords were a group of Franciscan monks
based in Pulaski, Wisconsin, northwest of Green Bay. Most of the group came from
Wisconsin, but a couple members were from Buffalo and one from North Chicago. They
issued one mainly polka/pop album in 1969, and two singles, which are much more
interesting due to the added sound effects, percussion and distortion. The track
'Ghost Power' was chosen for the first volume of 'Back From The Grave' for this wild
instrumental sound.
OK      2       WE THE PEOPLE           YOU BURN ME UP AND DOWN         7"      03.2020

        1       YOU BURN ME UP AND DOWN
        2       IN THE PAST

Deadly '66 garage double-sider! This beautifully pressed seven-inch single pairs two
of the greatest tracks by Florida's We the People: the savage, feedback-laced punker
'You Burn Me Up And Down,' and the transcendent psychedelic garage classic 'In The
Past.' A-side mastered in high fidelity mono from a mint copy of the original
Challenge single, B-side from the original master tape. Tommy Talton wrote the
A-side, which he describes as "raw hormonal rock. Discovering sex and love and
volume! Written when I was rebellious and discovering the power of music."
The B-side, written by Wayne Proctor, features him playing an exotic, Eastern-style
instrument called the octachord for a sitar-like effect. It was later covered by
the Chocolate Watchband. Limited edition of 500 copies featuring repros of the
original Challenge labels in a cool OKtay company sleeve.
OK      3       GONN                    DOIN' ME IN                     7"      03.2021

Savage '67 screamer by Keokuk, Iowa's loudest band plus a killer Kinks kover.
Heavyweight vinyl repro of the legendary acetate. Direct transfer from the only
surviving copy by sound engineer Stan Getz II. Amazing fidelity. Guaranteed to blow
your mind and peel your wallpaper. Limited edition of 500 copies.
All notes taken from: www.shinhybeast.nl