OG MUSIC                                Box 182
********                                Montreal, OC H3J 2L1
[OG]                                    CANADA

Exist   : 1983-1990
Owner   : Gerard Van Herk/Tony Dewalg
Style   : garage rock / rockabilly / psychobilly / garage punk / punk /
          hardcore / hardcore punk / lo-fi / alternative /

OG      1       DEJA VOODOO             GUMBO                           CS        .1983
OG      2       CONDITION               DIRTY BUSINESS                  CS        .1983
OG      3       V / A                   FROM MONTREAL                   7"        .1983

        A1      Condition               It's Too Hot To         3:23
        A2      Condition               Wet Shoes               1:38
        A3      Deja Voodoo             Someone In My House     1:42
        A4      Deja Voodoo             Rock Therapy            1:52
        B1      Deja Voodoo             Cemetery                1:48
        B2      Terminal Sunglasses:My Cat Got Run Over By A Bus3:00
        B3      American Devices        Hitler Was A Jew        2:47
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
OG      4       DEJA VOODOO             CEMETERY                        LP        .1984

        1       Things with You                                 2:17
        2       Big Scary Daddy                                 2:02
        3       Skeleton at My Party                            1:05
        4       If Mashed Potatoes                              1:18
        5       Long Tall Texan                                 1:28
        6       How Can I Miss You                              1:40
        7       Kill Kill Kill                                  1:21
        8       I Better Think                                  2:51
        9       Voodoo Barbecue                                 1:59
        10      Metro Vers L'enfer                              1:39
        11      Crocodile Tears                                 1:40
        12      Buy Insurance                                   1:08
        13      Eager Beaver Baby                               1:55
        14      Cemetery                                        1:48
        15      Strange                                         1:37
        16      Jungle Out There                                0:56
        17      Stop                                            1:22
        18      Wormtown                                        0:54
        19      16 Tons                                         3:02
OG      5       ASEXUALS                FEATURING THE ASEXUALS          7"        .1984

        1       New World                                       2:32
        2       B.F.D.                                          1:40
        3       Where's the Bush                                1:13
        4       Wake Up/Stand Up                                2:52
OG      6       TERMINAL SUNGLASSES     WRAP AROUND COOL                LP        .1985

        A1      Terminal Theme
        A2      Psycho Rail
        A3      Suburban Subhuman
        A4      Fear of People Who Look Insane
        A5      Caution: This Is Not a Life Saving Device
        A6      Could That Be People Crossing My Lawn?
        A7      Eating Barbie's Feet
        B1      Antenna Dilemma
        B2      The A.M. Story
        B3      My Cat Got Run Over by a Bus
        B4      Breakfast in a Box
        B5      The Coyote Finally Wins
        B6      Psychotic Reaction
        B7      A Visit to Granma's
        B8      Don't Be Doing It in Front of the Penguins
OG      8       V / A : IT CAME FROM CANADA VOL.1                       LP        .1985

        A1      Jerry Jerry & The Sons of Rhythm Orchestra : (You've
                Lost That) Radical Look                                 4:20
        A2      Jerry Jerry & The Sons of Rhythm Orchestra : Bad Idea   2:34
        A3      Dusty Chaps             Yukon Buddy                     1:37
        A4      Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners : Rock Island Line      3:54
        A5      Chris Houston           Surfin' on Heroin               3:17
        A6      Deja Voodoo             Lonely Motel                    2:12
        A7      Deja Voodoo : House of Dr. Stimuli (Version)            2:04
        B1      Enigmas                 Bad Meat                        1:45
        B2      U.I.C.                  2 + 2 = ?                       2:46
        B3      The Gruesomes           For All I Care                  3:08
        B4      Terminal Sunglasses     Antenna Dilemma                 3:45
        B5      Terminal Sunglasses : Don't Be Doing It in Front of
                the Penguins                                            2:54
        B6      Calamity Jane           Lorna of the Jungle             3:54
        B7      My Dog Popper           Acid Flashback                  6:46
OG      9       V / A : IT CAME FROM CANADA VOL.2                       LP        .1986

        A1      Ray Condo & His Hard Rock Goners : High Voltage
        A2      Condition               Ghost Train
        A3      Undertakin' Daddies     There Walked a Stranger
        A4      Dundrells               Mr. Nasty
        A5      Chris Houston           Girls are Swell
        A6      E.J. Brule              Small Consolation
        A7      Deja Voodoo             Three Men, One Coffin
        B1      The Gruesomes           What's Your Problem?
        B2      Zamboni Drivers         Skatin' Ghost
        B3      The Ten Commandments    Feel It
        B4      The Electric Bananas    Mikey is a Ladies' Man
        B5      Guilt Parade            Ode to an Asshole
        B6      U.I.C.                  Nashville Dreamin'
        B7      Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet : Good Cop, Bad Cop
        B8      Maggot Fodder           Summer's End
OG      10      THE GRUESOMES           TYRANTS OF TEEN TRASH           LP        .1986

        1       (Theme from) Bikers from Hell                   2:46
        2       Cry in the Night                                2:01
        3       I Never Love Her                                2:21
        4       What's Your Problem?                            3:06
        5       The Witch                                       2:20
        6       Gone for Good                                   3:20
        7       Jack the Ripper                                 2:06
        8       For All I Care                                  2:58
        9       Bloodhound                                      1:38
        10      Get Outta My Hair                               2:24
        11      Unchain My Heart                                1:48
        12      My Broken Heart Will Never Mend (Unless You
                Come Back with Me)                              1:15
        13      Dementia 13                                     3:33

CD      Ricochet Sound  RSCD 005        2008    CA
OG      11      DEJA VOODOO             SWAMP OF LOVE                   LP        .1986

        A1      Blast Off                                       2:09
        A2      Endless Sleep                                   1:51
        A3      New Kind Of Mambo                               1:42
        A4      Pig Fat Papa                                    1:32
        A5      Place I Live                                    1:28
        A6      White Sugar                                     1:49
        A7      Wasn't That A Fish                              1:43
        A8      Love Me Now                                     2:08
        A9      Shoobedy Hey                                    1:30
        A10     Coelecanth                                      2:55
        A11     Three Men, One Coffin                           1:42
        B1      Swamp Of Love                                   1:44
        B2      Baby Please Don't Go                            1:18
        B3      Cat That's Gone To The Dogs                     1:44
        B4      Black Dress                                     1:16
        B5      Bad Book                                        1:42
        B6      Carfish                                         1:24
        B7      Stuff                                           1:28
        B8      Dead Daddy Dead                                 2:31
        B9      Where I've Been (Tonight)                       1:14
        B10     Don't Let No Ning Heads In Your Home            3:00
        B11     Viet Cong                                       2:10
OG      12      DEJA VOODOO : TOO COOL TO LIVE, TOO SMART TO DIE        LP        .1988

        A1      Too Cool to Live, Too Smart to Die
        A2      Take Out the Trash
        A3      Gotta Have Money
        A4      Bugs for Christmas
        A5      Bo Diddley's Cat
        B1      Cheese & Crackers
        B2      Down in Mexico
        B3      Lonely Hotel
        B4      The House of Dr. Stimuli

LP      Midnight        MIRLP 112       1985    CA
OG      13      V / A : IT CAME FROM CANADA VOL.3                       LP        .1987

        A1      The Dik Van Dykes       Curling                 2:20
        A2      Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners : Jumps, Giggles
                & Shouts                                        2:29
        A3      The Stingin' Hornets    Hornet Hive Hop         1:14
        A4      Condition               Hound Dog               2:28
        A5      The Mongols             Sleepwalk               4:01
        A6      House of Knives         Death Museum            1:07
        A7      Deja Voodoo             Bound for Glory         1:18
        B1      The Gruesomes           Your Lies               2:13
        B2      The Ten Commandments    Not True                3:04
        B3      Color Me Psycho         Black Corvair           2:30
        B4      Guilt Parade            The Todd Incident       1:09
        B5      Jerry Jerry & The Sons of Rhythm Orchestra
                : Yap Yap                                       3:03
        B6      E.J. Brule              Killer Whale Attack     1:41
        B7      Chris Houston :  Baby Jesus Looks Like Elvis    4:16
        B8      Bagg Team               Flip, Flip, Flip        3:19
OG      14      DEJA VOODOO             THE WORST OF DEJA VOODOO        LP        .1987

        A1      Monsters In My Garage
        A2      More Songs About Monsters And Food
        A3      Feed That Thing
        A4      Surfing On Mars
        A5      Bullfrog
        A6      Duh Papa Duh
        A7      Driving On Drugs
        A8      Rock Therapy
        A9      Night Time
        A10     Surfer Joe
        A11     Phantom Skateboarder
        A12     I Wanna Come Back From The World Of LSD
        B1      Vegetables
        B2      Van Gogh's Ear
        B3      Baby Honey
        B4      If You're So Smart
        B5      Boppin '88
        B6      Peace, Love & Flowers
        B7      Sigmund Freud
        B8      Oh Yeah
        B9      Wall Of Paisley
        B10     Lizard!
        B11     Into The Gumbo
        B12     Raised By Wolves
OG      15      THE GRUESOMES           GRUESOMANIA                     LP        .1987

        A1      Way Down Below
        A2      I'm Glad for You
        A3      Leave My Kitten Alone
        A4      Ain't Got Nothing
        A5      Whirlpool
        A6      I Can Tell
        A7      Buzz Off
        B1      Je Cherche
        B2      Why Me?
        B3      Time's Gonna Come
        B4      Jacknife
        B5      Outta My Mind
        B6      You Said Yeah
        B7      Heart Full of Pain

CD      Ricochet Sound  RSCD 006        2008    CA
OG      16      THE DIK VAN DYKES : NOBODY LIKES THE DIK VAN DYKES      LP        .1987

        A1      Garage Sale
        A2      Curling
        A3      Six Feet
        A4      (I Was A) Teenage Gumby
        A5      Lime Green Slime
        A6      Lazlo
        B1      Road Warrior
        B2      Harold Snepsts
        B3      Pterodactyl
        B4      Obvious Filler
        B5      Disneyland
        B6      The Birthday Song
        B7      Americans in My Backyard
OG      17      V / A : IT CAME FROM CANADA VOL.4                       LP        .1988

        A1      Dik Van Dykes           Beachcombers
        A2      Color Me Psycho         What's Your Phobia?
        A3      Bagg Team : Twentieth Century Dog-Faced Boy
        A4      Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet : Faster, Santa Claus, Ho Ho Ho
        A5      E.J. Brule              Tabarnak' Make My Day
        A6      Hell's Half Acre        United States Of Canada
        A7      House Of Knives         Be Cool
        A8      Deja Voodoo             I Wish That Cat Would Shut Up
        B1      The Gruesomes           I Try
        B2      Sons Of The Desert      Balm Of Gilead
        B3      Tongue N'groove         Music Interlude
        B4      Fluid Waffle            The Other Side
        B5      Cowboy Junkies          Blue Moon Revisited
        B6      Dead Cats               Tough Enough
        B7      Zamboni Drivers         Love's Made A Fool Of You
        B8      Salmon Breath           Cadillac
OG      18      DEJA VOODOO             BIG PILE OF MUD                 LP        .1988

        A1      My Girlfriend
        A2      Big Pile of Mud
        A3      Call Link Wray
        A4      (Some Things Just Don't) Wash Off
        A5      Monsters in My Garage Just Got Married
        A6      Gonna Kill Somebody
        A7      Stuff and Things
        A8      Brown Leather Jacket
        A9      A Million Pieces
        A10     Big Ending!
        A11     48 Bucks
        B1      Yeye
        B2      Dodge Veg-O-Matic
        B3      Beat Me to the Lunch
        B4      Red Garlic Shoes
        B5      Weird World
        B6      Espresso Bongo
        B7      Polk Salad Annie
OG      19
OG      20      THE GRUESOMES           HEY!                            LP        .1988

        A1      Thanks for Nothing
        A2      (It's) All in Your Mind
        A3      Nowhere
        A4      What Am I Doing This for?
        A5      Tell Me How You Feel
        A6      Out of Our Tree
        A7      Hey!
        B1      Won't You Listen?
        B2      So Far, So Bad
        B3      Don't Waste My Time
        B4      World of Darkness
        B5      El Diablo
        B6      That Ain't Right
        B7      I Can Dig It

CD      Ricochet Sound  RSCD 007        2009    CA
OG      21      V / A : MR. GARAGER'S NEIGHBORHOO                       LP        .1989

        A1      The Supreme Bagg Team : Crankin' With Elvis
        A2      Lost Patrol             Roast Beef Son
        A3      10 Commandments         New Trip
        A4      The Chessmen            Time Machine
        A5      The Sporting Bachelors : Lovers But Not Friends
        A6      Mystic Eyes             Higher Thank I'm Down
        A7      Ultra V                 The Bones Walk
        A8      The Vindicators         Thinking Of Birds
        A9      Flying Squad            Health Food
        B1      Shark Graffiti          Long Tailed Cat
        B2      UIC                     Leave Me Alone
        B3      Legend Killers          She Struck Me Down
        B4      Drums Along The Gardiner : Vagabonds
        B5      Thee Fourgiven          I'm Tellin' Ya
        B6      The Cynics              Little Girl
        B7      The Mongrels            You Can't Take It With You
        B8      The Gruesomes           What Wave
OG      22      U.I.C.                  LIVE LIKE 90                    LP        .1989

        A1      Ignoramus
        A2      Outta Hand
        A3      Altogether Now
        A4      Lockjaw Bay
        A5      Get Red
        B1      Green Lady
        B2      Livin In The Past
        B3      Mystery Train
        B4      New Race
        B5      Bomb Boys
        B6      Stations Fading
OG      23      CAPTAIN CRUNCH & LET'S DO LUNCH : MORE BAROQUE-POST     LP        .1989

        A1      Goes Without Saying
        A2      The Letter
        A3      Better Than That
        A4      Let's Do Lunch
        A5      You Bag My Ass You Fishin' Jerk
        A6      Another Left Wavo
        B1      Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army
        B2      Well Again
        B3      Jennifer M.
        B4      Pee Wee Private Eye
        B5      All Things to All People
OG      24      THE DIK VAN DYKES       WASTE MOR VINYL                 LP        .1989

        A1      Chain Letter Massacre
        A2      Cubic Zirconia
        A3      Aerobocop
        A4      Monster Trucks
        A5      Leave This City
        A6      Honeymoon In Niagara Falls
        A7      Beachcombers
        B1      Adult Gumby
        B2      Lazlo Come Home
        B3      Law 'n' Ornaments
        B4      Cow Pie
        B5      Muskrat Love
        B6      Klaus Barbie
        B7      Lost In Space
OG      25      V / A : IT CAME FROM CANADA VOL.5                       LP        .1989

        A1      The Dik Van Dykes : Chain Letter Massacre       2:15
        A2      Gordie Gordo & the G-Men : Catch a Cow          1:07
        A3      The Desmonds            Bureaucrat from Hell    3:07
        A4      Ulterior Motive         Haunted House           4:06
        A5      Chris Houston           Stupid TV Christians    2:20
        A6      The Vindicators         You're Too Much         3:09
        A7      Hard Rock Miners        Third Person            2:51
        A8      House of Knives         It Came from Cambridge  1:25
        A9      Deja Voodoo             Let Elvis Die           1:32
        B1      The Gruesomes : You Weren't Using Your Head     2:20
        B2      The Stand               Cool as Me              3:00
        B3      Ripcordz                Long Dark Train         3:06
        B4      U.I.C.                  Lite It 'n' Fly         2:24
        B5      Supreme Bagg Team : If You Could Read My Mind   2:13
        B6      64 Funnycars            Boathouse               3:16
        B7      Captain Crunch and Let's Do Lunch : That Tune   4:16
OG      26      THE SUPREME BAGG TEAM   THE SUPREME BAGG TEAM           LP        .1989

        A1      20th Century Dog Faced Boy
        A2      Movie
        A3      Goo Goo Muck
        A4      Badd Boi
        A5      Flip Flip Flip
        B1      Dad 'n Lad
        B2      Hellbound Tourist Of Love
        B3      50ft. Nancy
        B4      If You Could Read My Mind
        B5      Crankin' With Elvis
OG      27      RIPCORDZ                ARE GO                          LP        .1989

        A1      Elvis Death Cult                                4:12
        A2      Break It Out                                    2:05
        A3      It Only Takes A Second                          2:21
        A4      Second Chance                                   3:06
        A5      Gary Gilmore's Eyes                             2:15
        A6      Pretty Lies                                     2:58
        A7      All Over You                                    1:50
        B1      Circular Motion                                 4:26
        B2      Punk Rock'll Change The World                   3:04
        B3      Music Is Dead                                   2:10
        B4      Some Enchanted Evening                          1:46
        B5      Wash Yourself At Night                          2:23
        B6      Free Trade                                      2:35
        B7      Ripcordz Are Go!                                1:27

        A1      Feed That Thing                                 1:32
        A2      Big Scary Daddy                                 1:46
        A3      Things With You                                 1:56
        A4      Blast Off Blast Off                             1:46
        A5      Hiekkaa Hietarannan                             1:41
        A6      Lonesome Train                                  1:23
        A7      Let Elvis Die                                   1:30
        A8      If Mashed Potatoes                              1:00
        A9      Baby Please Don't Go                            1:09
        A10     Don't Let No Ning Heads In Your Home            1:58
        B1      I Wish That Cat Would Shut Up                   0:58
        B2      Monsters In My Garage                           1:39
        B3      My Girlfriend                                   2:02
        B4      Three Men, One Coffin                           1:22
        B5      Cheese And Crackers                             2:55
        B6      Voodoo Barbecue                                 1:30
        B7      Rock Therapy                                    1:47
        B8      Raised By Wolves Raised By Wolves               2:09

LP      Gaga Goodies    GOOD 10         1989    FI
OG      29      THE VINDICATORS         THE VINDICATORS                 LP        .1989

        A1      If I Were You
        A2      24 Hours Everyday
        A3      Early In The Mornig
        B1      I'm Gone
        B2      No Worries
        B3      Searching For My Baby
                (Note : 12" , 33.3 RPM)