OAR                                     BRAZIL
(Overseas Artists Recordings)

Distr.  : BR - ORG Music
          NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : psychedelic / blues / progressive / folk /

OAR     1       BOOGARINS               DESVIO ONIRICO (LIVE 2016)      LP      10.2017

A collection of 4 extended live tracks culled from their extensive worldwide tour
last year, weighing in at 43 minutes long. The live captures, mixed personally by
the band, covers performances from Vancouver (Levitation), Lisbon (Rock in Rio),
North Carolina (Bailey Park) and an improvised jam from their residence in Austin.
OARDLX  2       BOOGARINS               LA VEM A MORTE                  LP+DLc  08.2018
OARCD   2       BOOGARINS               LA VEM A MORTE                  CD      08.2018

        A1      Lá Vem A Morte, Pt. 1                           1:17
        A2      Foimal                                          3:07
        A3      Onda Negra                                      4:36
        A4      Polucoo Noturna                                 4:03
        A5      Lá Vem A Morte, Pt. 2                           2:02
        A6      Corredor Polones                                4:04
        B7      Elogio a Instituicao Do Cinismo                 3:25
        B8      Lá Vem A Morte, Pt. 3                           4:35
        B9      Castigo
        B10     LVCO 4
        B11     No Return

Limited deluxe pressing of acclaimed 'Lá Vem A Morte', originally released as
a surprise drop in summer 2017. This dark and hypnotic set carried the group to
ppearances at Coachella and Rock in Rio. Features 3 bonus tracks including a trippy
version of The Kinks' classic 'No Return', originally recorded for MOJO Magazine.
Includes download code.
OAR     3       WINTER E TRIPTIDES      ESTRELA MAGICA                  LP      09.2018
OARCD   3       WINTER E TRIPTIDES      ESTRELA MAGICA                  CD      09.2018

        A1      Tempo
        A2      Amiga
        A3      Desaparecidos
        A4      Doce Violeta
        B1      Raio De Sol
        B2      Ele Dorme
        B3      Te Levar
        B4      Ontem
        B5      I Just Wanna Be With You

'Estrela Mágica' is a starcrossed collaboration between Winter (Samira Winter) and
Triptides (Glenn Brigman). The duo didn't plan on making a record together; they
simply set out to create the type of music they both loved. Sighting influences from
Brazil's colorful Tropicalia movement as well as the phased out sunshine psychedelia
of the American 1960s, Winter and Brigman started blending together their favorite
musical colors into a brand new sonic palette. Two years and a dozen home recording
sessions later, they had crafted enough material to form the 'Estrela Mágica' LP.
OAR     4
OAR     5
OAR     6       PEDRO KASTELIJNS        SOM DAS LUZIS                   12FLAC  12.2019

        1       Luzi 3                                          3:37
        2       Olhos Da Raposa                                 3:19
        3       Amoras                                          2:24
        4       Som Das Luzis                                   3:28
        5       Flux Estelar                                    2:59
        6       Pop Gem 2                                       3:56
        7       Feiticos Tropicais                              2:53
        8       Indios E Coisas Esquisitas                      2:32
        9       Ursas E Perolas                                 3:28
        10      Pessegos                                        1:58
        11      Pop Gem 1                                       1:47
        12      Tatata                                          3:09
OAR     7       BOOGARINS               SOMBROU DUVIDA                  LP      05.2019
OARCD   7       BOOGARINS               SOMBROU DUVIDA                  CD      05.2019

'Sombrou Dúvida' is a question. A play on words in Boogarins' native Brazilian
Portuguese. It's a contraction of 'Sombra Ou Dúvida', the title track of the album,
which translates as 'Shadow Or Doubt'. There might seem to be a darkness to the
question, given that both choices aren't exactly cheery. Yet, Dino, the smiling,
Afro-donned singer of the group tells us that "shadow" refers to a feeling related
to your comfort zone, whereas doubt is the uncertainty that hits people and leads
them to follow their instincts.
OAR     8       PARTICLE KID            WINDOW ROCK                     LP      07.2019
OARCD   8       PARTICLE KID            WINDOW ROCK                     CD      07.2019

        A1      Question Song
        A2      Backwards
        A3      Radio Flyer
        A4      Variac
        A5      Straight Line
        B1      Stroboscopic Light
        B2      Magic Mirror
        B3      Hollows
        B4      Still Going