NOW SOUND REC.                          NETHERLANDS

Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : reissue - garage rock / teenbeat / psychedelic /

NOW     1       V / A : IT'S BOSS! MAN, VOL.1                           LP      01.2013

18 slabs of cool 60's USA garage thumpers with a soulin' attitude!. Limited ed. 500
copies, housed in perfect artwork.
NOW     2       LES SYNAPSES            BOMBE ANATOMIQUE                7"      05.2013

        1       Bombe Anatomique
        2       Hypersonie
        3       Soucis Details

First vinyl release by a French garageband from Normandy with three mindblowing orig.
KILLER songs! 3 tracks:- Bombe Anatomique - Hypersonie - Souçis Détails. Limited ed.
vinyl EP ONLY - 500 copies full colour sleeve - hand numbered! Including 2 cool
NOW     3       V / A : IT'S A MONSTER BASH PARTY, VOL.1                LP      09.2013

Side 1  01      Randy Fuller            Wolfman
        02      Jekyll & Hyde           Dracula Drag
        03      The Bells Of Rhymny     The Wicked Old Witch
        04      Chuck & Oneda Harding   Graveyard Ghost
        05      Miss L.L. Louise Lewis : The Monster Miss
        06      Gene Moss               Monster Bossa Nova
        07      The Ebb-Tides           Séance
        08      Uzzi + Bill Grah's Olympia Band : Geisterstunden Cha Cha
        09      Jimmy Friss & The Valiants : Serpents And Spiders
        10      The Transplant          With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
Side 2: 01      Bill Cardille           Chilly Billy's Vamp
        02      The 7th Court           One Eyed Witch
        03      Johnny Fever            Zombie
        04      The Ghouls              Graveyard Shift
        05      Bert Convy              The Monster Hop
        06      Terry Teene             Curse Of The Hearse
        07      The Creeps              The Whip
        08      The Monocles            TheSpider And The Fly
        09      Gene Moss & The Monsters : Surf Monster
        10      The Young Blood         Don't Leave Me In The Dark.

20 Creepy 50's-60's Halloween Smashers!' COOL cover art by Canadian comic artist Darren
Merinuk and also a LARGE poster inside done by the same madman!! Back is full colour
with pictures of bands and labels. To make this release perfect it's pressed on groovy
ghoulie red/green vinyl!
NOW     4       KING CLAM & THE MARINE BAND : INERTIA                   7"      04.2014

        1       Inertia
        2       Skin Deep In The Motning
        3       High Strung

3 killer cool uptempo unreleased tracks from a band from Columbus, Ohio 1969. Cool
sleeve with liner details by the singer/writer of the group. 300 copies only on clear
blue vinyl!
NOW     5       V / A : KEYSTONE STATE ROCK, VOL.1                      LP      04.2014

        01      The Snaps               You Don't Want Me
        02      The One Way Street Band : Time Of Temptation
        03      The Legends             Baby Got Your Head Screwed On
        04      The Intrepids           Run From The Sun
        05      The Universal Ignorant : I'm All Here
        06      The Beaus Of Beethoven : It's Too Late
        07      The Badd Lads           I Feel Alright
        08      The Upper Hand          You Mean So Much To Me
        09      Skip Drinkwater         Silly Sally
        10      The Shillings           Goodbye My Lady
        11      The Bats                Evelyn
        12      The Lords Of T.O.N.K.   Minor Cheevy
        13      The Advantes            Done It Again
        14      The Nobles              Leaving Me Alone (First Day Gone)
        15      The TR5                 Can't Wait Much Longer
        16      The Wicks               No Title
        17      The Novas               I'd Wait A Million Tears
        18      Phillip And Lee         Boxtops

18 Cool 60s Teenbeat Garage-Psych Nuggets from Pennsylvania'. A killer collection of
cool and wild teenbeat garage psych sounds from the Keystone State! With the help of
other die-hard collectors we dug deep to unearth these great unknown hidden gems! Full
color sleeve with all labels. A sleeve insert with detailed liner notes and more info,
pictures. An extra NOW SOUND Records insert!! And yes.....because Pennsylvania is also
called the WOOD state: cool brown colored vinyl!
NOW     6       V / A : IT'S BOSS! MAN, VOL.2                           LP      10.2014

SIDE A: 1.      THE CHELSEA BANQUE      Get It
        2.      THE BEETHOVENS          She Don't Care
        3.      THE DONTAYS             Got A Feelin'
        4.      THE 13TH HOUR GLASS     Young Blood
        5.      ROCK A GO GO'S          I'm Out To Win Over
        6.      THE INSECTS             The L And H Song
        7.      NOBLEMEN 4              Hang It In Your Ear
        8.      LITTLE LEON AND THE CARAVAN : I Can't Let Her Go
        9.      THE "4" M'S             Create A Disturbance
        2.      THE BROTHERHOOD OF SOUL : Save Me
        3.      THE VANDELLS            Hunters Fox
        4.      THE EMOTIONAL UPSETS    Maintain Your Cool
        5.      THE LIMITS              Trip Around The USA
        6.      THE EMBLEMS             That Girl Of Yours
        7.      THE POORE BOYS          It's Love
        8.      THE BUTLERS             Shop Around
        9.      MILAN           You Gotta Have Soul

Here are 18 more COOL slabs of thumpin' '60s USA teenbeat garage with a soulin'
attitude! Comes with a killer front sleeve done by German artist Marcel Bontempi! The
full colour backside of the sleeve shows all the labels and the inside presents extra
pics of some of the featured bands! Pressed on cool coloured vinyl, limited to only
500 copies.
NOW     7       V / A : KEYSTONE STATE ROCK, VOL.2                      LP      11.2015

        01.     The Happy Mediums       Souvenir Collector (Unreleased)
        02.     The Kruisers            It's The Way She...
        03.     The Early Americans     I Love You (I Want You)
        04.     Stairway to The Stars   Cry
        05.     The Romans              The Drag
        06.     Donnie                  You're No Good
        07.     The Confusions          Sad Souvenirs
        08.     The Avanties            Baby Come Back
        09.     The Vandals             Ballad Of A Loser
        10.     Sindicate               Hangman
        11.     The Snaps               Like A Caveman (Unreleased)
        12.     Martin J. Tobert        All Of Tomorrows
        13.     Ollie & The Go-Gos      True Love
        14.     Sas-Shades              Folks In Town
        15.     The Batmen With Phantom Band : Linda
        16.     Freddie Milander        What's Doin'
        17.     The Rebels              Wild Cherries (Unreleased Acetate)
        18.     The Showmen             Cranberry Music

18 Long Forgotten Teenbeat Garage & Psych Killer Tunes From Pennsylvania's Great
Musical Past!'. More cool and rare garage, teenbeat and psych rarities from the
outskirts of Pennslyvania. Most of these tunes see the light of day for the first time
since oh so many years. There even are some previously unreleased goodies! The LP comes
with a cool insert with detailed linernotes. Limited edition of 500 copies on green
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                1822 CA  Alkmaar
                The Netherlands
                Fulfillment by Clear Spot
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