Distr.  : CA - Scratch
          NE - Clear Spot
Style   : art punk / rock / pop /wave / garage / punk / r&r /

NOMI    001     VAPID                   DO THE EARTHQUAKE               7"      01.2008
NOMI    002     V / A                   EMERGENCY ROOM                  LP+BK   08.2008

SIDE 1: 1.      DEFEKTORS               Burning Light
        2.      DEFEKTORS               Kick First One
        3.      PETROLEUM BY-PRODUCTS : Rat Face
        4.      PETROLEUM BY-PRODUCTS : Grossest Thing
        5.      VAPID                   Sex Stain
        6.      VAPID                   Die
        7.      WHITE LUNG              Therapy
SIDE 2: 1.      MUTATORS                Instinct
        2.      MUTATORS                VvV
        3.      TWIN CRYSTALS           Trinity
        4.      TWIN CRYSTALS           Safety
        5.      NU SENSAE               Graceland
        6.      NU SENSAE               Don't Panic
        7.      NU SENSAE               Peter Tripp
        8.      SICK BUILDINGS          The Commuter
                (Note : Grotesque Modern GROSSMOD 07)
NOMI    003     DESTROYER               CITY OF DAUGHTERS/THIEF         2LP     03.2009

(Note : double LP , 1000 copies , 20 p. book  of photos, art and text printed on
        recycled paper at Hemlock Printers)
NOMI    004     DEFEKTORS : Secret Trials // Doomsday Girl              7"      09.2008

Double A-side single from the trio that led off the 'Emergency Room Vol. 1 compilation.
Pick your favorite: simmering rage or handclaps. While perhaps the most lyrically bleak
of related Vancouver bands, no one gets the floor dancing, actually dancing and none
of that white belt shit either, than Defektors.
NOMI    005     MUTATORS                SECRET LIFE                     LP      08.2008
                (Note : LP , 408 blue/412 red copies)

Mutators lie at the heart of Vancouver's resurrection, spreading the word via multiple
North American tours and a variety of releases. Now Secret Life captures them at their
most effective and exacting. This set of 13 tightly structured songs is full of venom
and surprising hooks. Influences exist without mimicry. Attack and release proves more
powerful than unrelenting scree. Includes full-size, double-sided insert with full
color photo printed on recycled paper at Hemlock Printers.

NOMI    007     DEFEKTORS               THE BOTTON OF THE CITY          LP      10.2010

Defektors' 2010 debut-LP reflects these desperate times with a tougher sound than
witnessed on the band's previous output. The extra instrumental ingredients that were
present on the singles have been stripped away in favour of a fevered attack and
desolate howl. Neither melody nor fidelity is compromised by this stark approach. Hop
derived from hopelessness. Exposed, raw, and alive. The LP is presented in a Stoughton
tip-on jacket and includes a download coupon.
NOMI    008     VAPID                   PRACTICALLY DEAD                LP      12.2009

"Strike while the best served dish is cold," that's what they always say, right?
Nearly two years after the 'Do The Earthquake' 7", Vapid prove it with their debut
album. Rough and bittersweet, or just plain spiteful, pop songs with a couple
steamrollers thrown in for good measure. The Go-Go's ditch the glossy production
and record 'Too Tough To Die'. Co-release with Deranged Records. These copies are
on clear vinyl. Includes download coupon.
NOMI    009     RANDOM CUTS             Rat Capacity                    7"      08.2009

        A       Rat Capacity
        B       Destroyed
                (Note : , 7" , initial copies on blue vinyl)

Justin Gradin (Mutators, Sex Negatives, Nons, Grotesque Modern, Emergency Room) joins
forces with Mildred Smith and Eleanor Van Houten for the years-in-the-making debut of
Random Cuts. Solid hooks are provided. Expectations of noise and no wave-isms are
confounded. Limited to 515 copies on blue vinyl. Includes download coupon.
NOMI    010     RANDOM CUTS             Sleep                           7"      08.2009

        A       Sleep
        B       Jail Stripes
                (Note : 7" , initial copies on pink vinyl)

On 7-inch wax, this is the sound of Canadian youngsters growing up on punk, grunge
and absurdism. Music and art by Justin Gradin (Mutators, Sex Negatives, Nons,
Grotesque Modern, Emergency Room, artist responsible for all of White Lung's LP
jackets, video director, etc). Edition on pink vinyl. An insert and download coupon
are included.
NOMI    011     RANDOM CUTS             Make Damage                     7"      08.2009

        A       Make Damage
        B       Pigeon Park
                (Note : 7" , initial copies on yellow vinyl)

Indie rockin' post-punk from Vancouver. 'Pigeon Park' marks the debut of Mildred Smith
as a lead vocalist. Bot the music and artwork were supervised by by Justin Gradin
(Mutators, Sex Negatives, Nons, Grotesque Modern, Emergency Room, artist responsible
for all of White Lung's LP jackets, video director, etc). This edition on yellow vinyl
includes an insert and download coupon.
NOMI    012     B-LINES                 B-LINES EP                      7"      08.2009
                (Note : 7" , initial copies on white vinyl)

NOMI    014     WOMANKIND               WOMANKIND                       12"     06.2011

Hailing from Canada, Womankind come up with a healthy mixture of post hardcore and
noisy punk. This platter will definitely get your adrenalin going!

NOMI    021     LOVE CUTS               LOVE CUTS EP                    7"      06.2011

mash five song EP from Vancouver's overnight sensations. Forget your dudely angst,
these three ladies are full of the carefree charm that made the finest purveyors of
the UK DIY and K Records pop movements so great. Initial pressing of 300. Includes
download coupon.
NOMI    022     IRREPARABLES            IRREPARABLES                    LP      07.2013

Ten tracks from Brighton's Irreparables, haunted by the ghosts of a variety of bands,
including Wipers, Dead Moon, Ramones, The Shaggs and The Cure. Limited to 350 copies
including download.
NOMI    023     B-LINES                 OPENING BAND                    12"     06.2014

Vancouver-based quartet B-Lines refuses to be killed by death and returns with another
manic burst of proto-hc punk. Known for its short, spastic and occasionally bloody
live shows, the band has captured that energy -and the broken glass from the mosh pit
- once again on 'Opening Band'.
NOMI    024     EN ATTENDANT ANA                SONGS FROM THE CAVE     12"     04.2017
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies)

The 2016 cassette release by this Parisian quintet gets issued on a 12-inch vinyl
platter, mastered at 45rpm. The six songs are influenced by UK indie bands s.a.
Electrelane, Pram and Stereolab, the spirit of the Scottish '80s scene and the early
days of New Zealand's Flying Nun label. This edition is limited to 300 copies.