NOLAND                                  GERMANY

Distr.  : GE - Shitcatapult
Style   : ethnic /

NO      01      V / A                   KARACHI FILES                   CD      05.2016

1 Drifting Dreams - Rudoh, Alien Panda Jury, Hannes Teichmann
2 Good Morning Karachi - Taprikk Sweezee, Gebr. Teichmann, Natasha Humera, Rudoh
3 Corner Beat - Arttu, rRoxymore, Gebr. Teichmann, Menimal, Natasha Humera
4 Arttu Welcome Jam - Ramsha, rRoxymore, Gebr. Teichmann
5 Dust - Rudoh, Taprikk Sweezee, Alien Panda Jury, Ramsha
6 How Much Worth Your Passport - rRoxymore, Gebr. Teichmann
7 Boards of Karachi - Ramsha, Gebr. Teichmann, Alien Panda Jury, Taprikk Sweezee
8 Rise Jamming - Dynoman, Arrtu, Gebr. Teichmann
9 Dubbakella (Laties Mix) - Menimal, Hannes Teichmann
10 Pak-O-Lala - Tollcrane, rRoxymore, Dynoman, Gebr. Teichmann
11 Mangoseason - Taprikk Sweezee, Alien Panda Jury, Ramsha, Rudoh
12 LS_50607 Edit - Alien Panda Jury, Natasha Humera, Ramsha, rRoxymore 13 Access
   No Areas - Arttu, Menimal, Taprikk Sweezee, Gebr. Teichmann 14 Agar Aap-Ramsha,
   Rudoh, Lauf
15 Second Floor - Gebr. Teichmann, Natasha Humera, Ramsha, Taprikk Sweezee
16 Dissolve - Taprikk Sweezee, Rudoh, Gebr. Teichmann
17 Deep End - rRoxymore, Gebr. Teichmann

Tracks Not on Vinyl:
Drifting Dreams - Rudoh, Alien Panda Jury, Hannes Teichmann Agar Aap - Ramsha,
Rudoh, Lauf

NOLAND  003     GEBRUDER TEICHMANN      LOST ON EARTH                   2LP+DLc 09.2017
NOLAND  004     DJ RAPH                 SACRED GROVES                   LP+DLc  04.2018

        01.     Drum Rhythms
        02.     Chant Of The Umuhara
        03.     Earthstep
        04.     The Boy From Digenenthi
        05.     Reeds From Chad
        06.     Bird Trap
        07.     Ikondera
        08.     Dance Of The Agasambi
        09.     Butchers' Rhythm
        10.     Yayaya Twins

DJ Raph is an electronic musician, producer, and DJ from Nairobi, Kenya. He is an
outstanding figure in the growing Kenyan underground electronic scene.
All music was produced by Raphael Kariuki in Nairobi, Kenya and Bayreuth, Germany.
All ethnographic recordings used on this record are part of the UNESCO World Heritage
with friendly support of Klassik Center, Kassel. Additional mixing by Hannes Teichmann.
Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin.