NOISE NOT MUSIC                         Aranjuez
***************                         Comunidad De Madrid

Distr.  : SP -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : punk / noise-core / hardcore / HC punk / noisecore / crust punk /
          Japanese HC / bootlegs / metal / speed metal /

NNT     013     CONFUSE : HATE WAR NO WAR FUCKIN' WAR                   LP        .2012

        A1      Indignation
        A2      People Are Nuclear Poisoning
        A3      Rebel + War
        A4      Hate War No War Fuckin War
        A5      No Victor
        A6      Disaster
        A7      The End
        A8      Fuckin' Lovers
        A9      Abuse Of State Power
        A10     Fight Against The Plutocrats
        A11     All Things Change Into Fashion (Media)
        B1      Spending Loud Night
        B2      Absolute Power Of Armaments
        B3      Hate War
        B4      Merciless Game
        B5      Stupid Life
        B6      General Speech
        B7      Worker
        B8      Dreamer
        B9      Atrocious Madness
        B10     Kill Time
        B11     Hunger
NNT     014     THE SHITLICKERS         1982                            LP        .2012

        A1      Warsystem
        A2      Armed Revolution
        A3      Spräckta Snutskallar
        A4      The Leader (Of The Fuckin´ Assholes)
        B1      Silence
        B2      Desperate Scream From The Heat
        B3      The Night Of The Holocaust
        B4      No System Works
NNT     015     RUDIMENTARI PENI        DEATH CHURCH                    LP        .2012

        A1      1/4 Dead
        A2      Blissful Myth
        A3      The Psycho Squat
        A4      Rotten To The Core
        A5      Poppycock
        A6      Cosmic Hearse
        A7      The Cloud Song
        A8      Vampire State Building
        A9      Blasphemy Squad
        A10     When You Are A Martian Church
        A11     Pig In A Blanket
        B1      Inside
        B2      Nothing But A Nightmare
        B3      Flesh Crucifix
        B4      Slimy Member
        B5      Love Is Not
        B6      Radio Schizo
        B7      Happy Farm
        B8      Alice Crucifies The Paedophiles
        B9      Army Of Jesus
        B10     Dutchmen
NNT     016     CONFUSE                 INDIGNATION                     LP      09.2012

        A1      Absolute Power of Armaments Old Man
        A2      Confuse
        A3      Why Do They Use the Violent Power?
        A4      War of Pastime
        A5      Hate War No War Fuckin' War
        A6      Kill The...
        A7      Merciless Game
        B1      Indignation
        B2      Nuclear Poisoning
        B3      Death to Agod
        B4      Rebel and War
        B5      No Victor
        B6      The End
                (Note : LP/150 g. , 33.3 RPM)
NNT     017     V / A                   GRITO SUBURBANO                 12"       .2012

        A1      Olho Seco               Desespero
        A2      Olho Seco               Sinto
        A3      Inocentes               Garotos Do Suburbio
        A4      Inocentes               Medo De Morrer
        A5      Cólera                  Joao
        A6      Cólera                  Gritar
        B1      Olho Seco               Lutar Matar
        B2      Olho Seco               Eu Nao Sei
        B3      Inocentes               Panico En Sao Paulo
        B4      Inocentes               Morte Nuclear
        B5      Cólera                  Suburbio Geral
        B6      Cólera                  Hhei
nnt     018     olho seco               olho por olho                   lp        .2013

        A1      Vencer                                          0:22
        A2      Regras                                          0:23
        A3      Condenado                                       0:49
        A4      Sintomas Dementes                               1:06
        A5      Erupçao                                         0:56
        A6      Canibais                                        0:15
        A7      Johnny Black                                    1:16
        A8      A Vingança (De Johnny)                          0:15
        B1      Olho Por Olho                                   0:49
        B2      Pó Em Ruína                                     1:04
        B3      Fome Nuclear                                    0:58
        B4      Desintergraçao                                  1:15
        B5      Olho Seco                                       0:57
        B6      Vai Tomar                                       0:42
        B7      Besta Humana                                    0:58
NNT     019     AD NAUSEAU              GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH          LP        .2012

        A1      The Greatest Show On Earth
        A2      Pain In The Arse
        A3      Judas
        A4      Destructor
        B1      Praying For An End
        B2      Ad Captandum Vulgus
        B3      Pandemonium
        B4      Last Rites
NNT     020     KURO : HARDCORE DAMNATION 1983-1986                     LP      12.2013

        A1      Jag Out
        A2      Top Less Go
        A3      X
        A4      Human Gas
        A5      Body
        A6      Who The Helpless
        A7      Selfish Cow
        A8      OiMaeda
        B1      No More No
        B2      Hey! Hey! Hey!
        B3      Midnight Baby
        B4      A.N.P.R.
        B5      Lightning Breaks
        B6      Furniture Fire
        B7      Dead Heat 10000V
NNT     021     DEATH SIDE/CHAOS UK     DEATH SIDE/CHAOS UK             LP        .2013
NNT     022     G.I.S.M. : M.A.N. (MILITARY AFFAIRS NEUROTIC)           LP        .2014

        A1      Good as It Is                                   6:04
        A2      Frozen Dirt                                     5:38
        A3      Nations Prosperity                              4:30
        A4      Anatomy Love Violence GISM                      6:55
        B1      Meaning Corrupted 1 "Fatigue"                   5:15
        B2      M.A.N. (Military Affairs Neurotic)              4:02
        B3      Meaning Corrupted 2 "Degeneration"              5:30
        B4      Meaning Corrupted 3 "Destruction"               3:15
NNT     023     THE STALIN              STALINISM                       LP      02.2015