Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative /


Andrew Liles is a prolific solo artist, producer, remixer and studio engineer. He has
worked with many leading lights in experimental and outsider music and is renowned for
his extensive contributions to the recordings and live performances of Nurse With Wound
and Current 93. Recording since the mid-1980's, his work has been used in theatre,
film, radio and T.V. He has appeared on more than 200 releases creating a unique,
eclectic and diverse back catalogue that crosses many genres and styles. Musically,
it's the bastard offspring of two of Liles' previous releases: the distorted avant
-classic DNA of The Power Elite melded with the twisted electronica of Life is an
Empty Place.
NNN     5       CHURCH OF SUN           GOLDEN RAM                      LP      04.2017

Golden Ram is Church of Sun's third full length record in five years, recorded over
the span of two years for varying reasons. Golden Ram continues Church of Sun's sonic
obsessions with the B-52s and the Cramps while adding new textures and twists not
previously heard in their music. The band wanted to take their time to make the
record so they decided to record Golden Ram on their own after previously recording
with Mike McHugh at the Distillery in Costa Mesa and Mike Troolines at Sound Asylum
in Santa Ana. 90% of Golden Ram was tracked in a bedroom in Huntington Beach with
a Tascam 4-Track and Apple's Logic recording software with splashes of other 4-track
tape machines and smart phone recordings thrown into the weird stew that makes up
Golden Ram. The band has attempted to make a record that listeners can party to as
well as put on headphones and trip out to while holding the spacey artwork of Golden
Ram graphic designer, Joshua Madrid, in their hands. A limited edition run of 500