Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : garage rock / beat / psychedelic /

NCD     1
                'EARLY REHERSALS VOL.2'

The songs on this CD transport us back to a night when the Master's Apprentices were
not yet a household name-in fact, they'd only had the name for two months. In a musty
backstreet garage on the evening of Thursday, April 21 1966, the combo powered through
50-odd garage-band staples and a few frenzied originals (of which 'Bye Bye Baby' is
included here). With manager Graham Longley's reel-to-reel recorder perched on top of
a car, the night was captured for posteriety; the bounty would not begin to emerge
from the garage (literally, that's where Graham stored the tapes) until 2004, with the
release of the CD 'From Mustangs To Masters: First Year Apprentices'. Further
rampaging material from that long-ago evening is presented on this release: the band
plays apprentice to such masters as Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and Howlin' Wolf, as well
as tackling then-new material by fellow acolytes like the Rolling Stones (whom they'd
recently seen in live in concert), the Pretty Things, Animals and Them. All in all,
a wild night's work. The CD features an 8-page foldout leaflet with boss pix of the
early Master's Apprentices, some never seen before 
NCD     3       V / A                   BIG BEAT CELLAR SCENE VOL.1     CD      10.2009
                'THE LOST SOUNDS OF ADELAIDE 1965-1970'

 A superb collection of raw Australian garage, beat and r&b, featuring bands s.a. The
 Others, The Outcasts, The Silhouettes, The Reins, The Harts, Animation Unlimited, Wee
 Hike, The Syssys, The Rhythmen, London Criers, Blues Syndicate, Blues Rags'n'Hollers,
 Five Sided Circle, Autumn, The Buckets, The Zoot, Nozmo King, Inside Looking Out,
 Machine Gun Kelly Rejects, a.m.m,.
NCD     4       V / A                   BIG BEAT CELLAR SCENE VOL.2     CD      06.2016
                'MORE LOST SOUNDS OF ADELAIDE 1966-68'

Volume 2 in this wonderful series presenting rough'n'tough '60s garage, beat and r&b
sounds! Previously unreleased and rare recordings from the '60s Adelaide scene feat.
tracks by The Exiles, Blues, Rags'n'Hollers, The London Criers, The Reins, Blues
Syndicate, Nozmo King, The Chosen Few, Bow Street Runners, The Force, The Syssys,
Section, Inside Looking Out, Inkase, Five Sided Circle, Hugo, Autumn, The Gallery and
The Bucket.
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