Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : punk / hardcore /

NDCD    40003   RHINO 39                RHINO 39                        2CD     12.2007

DISC #1 01.     XEROX 12
        02.     PROLIXIN STOMP
        03.     NO COMPROMISE
        04.     HEAD CHEESE
        05.     PACK O' LIES
        06.     SMALL ART
        07.     MANIFEST DESTINY
        08.     J. ALFRED
        09.     TURN YOUR HEAD AND COUGH
        10.     GROWING PAINS
        11.     GOOD LIFE
        12.     LOCKER ROOM
        13.     PIE FACE
        14.     ALL FOR NOTHING
        15.     J. ALFRED (VERSION W/ ORGAN AT END.)
        16.     MARRY IT
        17.     J. ALFRED
        18.     SLEEPWALKING

        02.     HURRY UP AND WAIT
        03.     UNTITLED
        04.     SLEEPWALKING
        06.     HEAD CHEESE
        07.     NEAR EXTINCT
        08.     TRY TO HARD
        09.     REMEMBER TO FORGET
        10.     WHAT IS YOUR NAME?
        11.     UNBLUES
        12.     BARS AND BRICKS
        13.     MINUTE BY MINUTE
        14.     J. ALFRED
        15.     USING THE NIGHT

Definitive collection from LA. Punk pioneers. 2 CD set. 16pg. Full color booklet.
Enhanced CD with video.
NDCD    40005   MOTORCYCLE BOY          MOTORCYCLE BOY                  2CD+DVD 12.2007

        01.     I GET AROUND
        02.     COOL YOU AND ME
        03.     FEEL IT
        04.     SUPERSONIC
        05.     HONOLULU BABY
        06.     ONE PUNCH
        07.     SHAK N BONES
        08.     GET SOME
        09.     SHE SAYS
        10.     COME ON
        11.     SUICIDE
        12.     SWAMP SWAMP
        13.     WHAT I WANT
        14.     LOUDMOUTH
        15.     I HATE THE SUNSET STRIP
        16.     MOTOR STAR (DEMO)
        17.     SAY TO ME (DEMO)
        18.     ZOOM (DEMO NEVER RELEASED)
        19.     KENNY TOYE
        20.     SHAKIN FINGER
        21.     FEEL IT (ORIGINAL VERSION)

Motorcycle Boy was one of the heralded bands to come out of Los Angeles in the early
1990s.Their notorious live shows, led by the charismatic lead singer and bassist,
Francois, made the group one of Hollywoods biggest buzz bands. Signed to Triple X
Records in 1991, the band recorded what would be their only album, "Popsicle",
produced by Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls. The result of these recordings was
a sound reminiscent to its producers legendary band and punk-era Stooges; pure trash
infested punk rock and roll. With brilliant songwriting and its overall catchy tunes,
"Popsicle" would eventually become an international classic. Completely remastered,
"Motorcycle Boy" collects together the entire "Popsicle" album as well as 9 bonus
tracks, including the rare fan favorites "I Hate the Sunset Strip" and the Ramones
cover song "Loudmouth". Also included is a limited edition DVD which shows MB in all
their live glory in 1993, a band rehearsal in 1990 and a still photo gallery with
rare photos.
NDLP    40008   D.I.                    HORSE BITES, DOG CRIES          LP      11.2007

        01.     PERVERT NURSE
        02.     YOUTH IN ASIA
        03.     HANG TEN IN EAST BERLIN
        04.     OBNOXIOUS
        05.     JOHNNY'S GOT A PROBLEM
        06.     LITTLE LAND
        07.     BEDROCK
        08.     NO MOMS
        09.     IMMINENT WAR
        10.     GUNS
        11.     SPIRITUAL LAW
        12.     STICK TO YOUR GUNS
        13.     LIVING IN THE U.S.A.

Vinyl reissue from the remastered/remixed version that came out on CD. Contains the
bonus track "Bedrock".
NDLP    40009   ADOLESCENTS             BRATS IN BATTALIONS             LP      11.2007

        01.     BRATS IN BATTALIONS
        02.     I LOVE YOU
        03.     THE LIAR
        04.     THINGS START MOVING
        05.     DO THE FREDDY
        06.     LOSING BATTLE
        07.     HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN
        08.     PEASANT SONG
        09.     SKATE BABYLON
        10.     WELCOME TO REALITY
        12.     I GOT A RIGHT
        13.     SHE WOLF

Limited edition remastered reissue on vinyl! 500 copies on red vinyl, 500 copies on
clear vinyl, and that's it!
NDLP    40011   PLAN 9                  MANMADE MONSTER                 LP      01.2009
NDCD    40011   PLAN 9                  MANMADE MONSTER                 CD      01.2009

        01.     INTRO
        02.     WAR OF THE WORLDS
        03.     13 SHADES OF BLACK
        04.     BLOOD
        05.     HEART OF DARKNESS
        06.     REVENANTS RISE
        07.     DAY OF THE DEAD
        08.     ARCHANGEL
        09.     MANMADE MONSTER
        10.     DEVILS ADVOCATE
        12.     UNDEAD
        13.     BLACK DRAGON
        14.     SHE NEVER SLEEPS
        15.     GOD TOLD ME TO KILL
        16.     SAMHAIN

Collectable colored vinyl. Formed in San Francisco, CA, circa 1997, Plan 9s lethal
mix of punk rock merged with full fledged death rock picks up where the Misfits left
off and their fan base proves it. Led by Scary Only of the infamous psychobilly band,
the Hellbillys, the band carved out a loyal following with their aggressive, powerful
and theatrical live shows. Their debut release, 8 Hits From Hell (2004), led critics
and fans alike to hail Plan 9 as the only true successors of the original Misfits
sound. Manmade Monster, the groups sophomore release, includes 13 original songs that
capture the raw energy and spirit of the original Misfits, but with a fresh songwriting
perspective and ass-kicking high fidelity.
NDLP    40012   D.I.                    TEAM GOON                       LP      12.2009

        01.     ROCK AND ROLL PART II
        02.     NUCLEAR FUNERAL
        03.     THE SAINT
        04.     RICHARD HUNG HIMSELF
        05.     GUNS
        06.     VENUS DE MILO
        07.     REAGAN DER FUHRER
        08.     PURGATORY

1000 copies on colored vinyl. Combines the original 5 songs from the band's debut EP
including "Richard Hung Himself", along with 3 bonus tracks.
NDLP    40014   D.I.                    ANCIENT ARTIFACTS               LP      01.2009

        01.     O.C. LIFE
        02.     PURGATORY II
        03.     STAND UP
        04.     ERINGZO
        05.     (I HATE) SURFIN' IN H.B.
        06.     FALLING OUT
        07.     HANG TEN IN EAST BERLIN
        08.     WOUNDS FROM WITHIN
        09.     SPIRITUAL LAW

Ancient Artifacts is D.I.s first full length album and was released in 1985. Containing
one of the most defining Southern California punk tracks in "O.C. Life" and "I Hate
Surfing in H.B.", Ancient also includes a re-recorded version of Purgatory along with
some of their best songs such as "Hang Ten In East Berlin", "Spiritual Law" (since
covered by Slayer) and "Falling Out".
NDLP    40015   LOS DIFUNTOS            LOS DIFUNTOS                    LP      11.2008

        01.     RISE OF THE DECEASED
        02.     LUCY
        03.     STORY OF LEON'S DOWNFALL
        04.     NOW I'M GONE
        05.     YOU DON'T KNOW ME
        06.     DIRGE
        07.     POSEUR JOSH
        08.     MEMORIES
        09.     SHINING
        10.     LIES IN DISGUISE
        11.     BORN, RAISED, PASSED AWAY (IN EAST L.A.)

Debut full length from the East LA punk/psychobilly band who first released an EP on
Rancid Records and toured with Rancid. Will appeal to fans of Tiger Army, Operation
Ivy, The Clash and Mad Sin. Includes the track "Lucy" which features Matt Freeman
of Rancid.
NDLP    40016   ROBIN                   THUNDER & SPEEDUMB              LP      12.2009
NDCD    40016   ROBIN                   THUNDER & SPEEDUMB              CD      12.2009
        01.     080609
        02.     PSYCH SPEEDUMB
        03.     PIRATES
        04.     FLYING HIGH AGAIN
        05.     HELLVATION
        06.     FROM HELL
        07.     SPACE RIDE
        08.     DEADLY DRIVE
        09.     LOST BOYS
        10.     JUDGEMENT DAY
        11.     VULCANUS

Formed in 2001 by guitarist, Hiroshi, the bands name, ROBIN, was taken from the
legendary comic book heroes, Batman and Robin. Almost immediately the trio became
an important genre defining Psychobilly band in their native Japan. Recorded in Japan,
and produced by HIROSHI, THUNDER AND SPEEDUMB contains 11 unrelenting tracks of pure
punk and psychobilly. Will appeal to fans of the Misfits, Tiger Army, Nekromantix and
Mad Sin.
NDLP    40100   T.S.O.L.                LIVE '91                        LP      11.2018

        01.     SILENT SCREAM
        02.     WORLD WAR III
        04.     TRIANGLE
        05.     WASH AWAY
        06.     FUNERAL MARCH
        07.     SUPERFICIAL LOVE
        09.     IM TIRED
        10.     LOVE STORY
        11.     MAN AND MACHINE
        12.     PROPERTY IS THEFT
        13.     DANCE WITH ME
        14.     CODE BLUE

T.S.O.L. is an American punk rock band formed in 1978 in Long Beach, California.
Although most commonly associated with hardcore punk, T.S.O.L.s music has varied on
each release, including such styles as deathrock, art punk, horror punk and other
varieties of punk music. The original line-up of Jack Ladoga/Greggors/Grisham, Ron
Emory, Mike Roche and Todd Barnes reformed for one show in January 1991 at the
Celebrity Theatre in Anaheim, CA that drew five thousand fans diehard fans. About
the Album: The band decided to do one more show and recorded it live at Rajis, the
legendary Hollywood, CA nightclub, in 1991, the night after the Celebrity Theatre
show. It was a free show that created complete mayhem with a thousand person line
down Hollywood Boulevard on a cold, windy, winter night. The lucky two hundred people
who gained entry were able to witness a set of classic T.S.O.L. until the cops came
in and shut the place down! Professionally recorded and mixed by Mark Linett (Beach
Boys/Brian Wilson, Randy Newman, Los Lobos, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Janes
NDCD    90001   THE HELLBILLYS          TORTURE GARDEN                  CD      08.2006

        01.     BONDAGE A GO GO
        02.     BUCKET 'O BLOOD
        03.     FLESH HOOK
        04.     WHISTLE BAIT
        05.     NO SYMPATHY
        06.     ROCKABILLY RUMBLE
        07.     USELESS MAN
        08.     NITRO GHOULS
        09.     DRUG
        10.     FIRST PROBE TO URANUS
        11.     TEN DEAD MEN
        12.     DEMONS
        13.     G.I. BLUES

Re-release of this long out-of-print American psychobilly classic from 1995, previously
released on Ransom Note Records. Remastered and with original cover art by Paul Van