Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative / punk / new wave /

About Nicey

Nicey stands for love and music.
After a decade leading 2 of new englandís most notorious DIY cult bands (viz. Rabbit
Rabbit and Great Valley), Louise Chicoine and Peter Nichols move to sunny LA and
partner up to start a label dedicated to the purest music of the soul, laser-focused
on spreading happiness and strength and positive intention as far as they can in
a world where those values consistently go uncounted.
Nicey Music is a not-for-profit label, working very long hours for the sake of the
music that matters.
Believe in the power of music to create actual joy and positive change. nov.21, 2016

NICEY   5       GRAPE ROOM              HEART OF GUM                    LP      06.2016
NICEYCD 5       GRAPE ROOM              HEART OF GUM                    CD      06.2016
NICEY   8       MARK CONE               MARK CONE SINGS                 7"      07.2016

        A1      XXX
        A2      Come On Aileen
        A3      Stalker's World
        B1      91
        B2      Walking In Hadley
        B3      Downer
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 250 copies)
NICEY   9       BANNY GROVE             WHO IS SHE?                     LP      10.2016
NICEYCD 9       BANNY GROVE             WHO IS SHE?                     CD      10.2016
NICEY   10      PLUM PROFESSIONAL       EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK               LP      12.2016

        A1      No More Quirky Indie Murders Please
        A2      Reverse Medusa
        A3      Local Realism
        A4      Spooky Action At A Distance
        A5      Bring Your Sensei To Work Day
        A6      Not Basketball
        B1      List Of Leaving
        B2      Deep Double Blind
        B3      The Luddite's Tongue
        B4      Why Foodies Never Blink
        B5      More Lists Of Leaving
        B6      Sweet Expectation
                (Note : LP , 100 hand-numb. copies)
NIVEY   11      JEPETO SOLUTIONS        JEPETO SOLUTIONS                7"      02.2017
NICEYLP 12      MEGA BOG                HAPPY TOGETHER                  LP      02.2017
NICEYCD 12      MEGA BOG                HAPPY TOGETHER                  CD      02.2017
NICEY   14      BABBY GROVE             CARS IN CONTROL                 7"      08.2017

        01.     CARS IN CONTROL
        02.     BABY
        03.     THE MANGER
        04.     TRASH TRUCK
        05.     DOGS FM