NEW UNDERDROUND RECORDS                 4305 West 153rd St.
***********************                 Lawndale
                                        CA 90260
                                        U S A

Owner   : Gary Kail
Distr.  : US -
Style   : punk / trash / hardcore / post punk / anti-political /

NU      1.1     V / A : LIFE UGLY SO WHY NOT KILL YOURSELF ?            LP        .1982

                RED CROSS               Rich Brat
                DESCENDENTS             I Want To Be A Bear
                ANTI                    Fight War Not Wars
                                        I Don't Wanna Die
                ILL WILL                Paranoid
                                        Midnite Deposit
                CIVIL DISMAY            You're So Fucked To Me
                                        Warhol Genius
                CHINA WHITE             Criminal
                                        Solid State
                MOOD OF DEFIANCE        Empty Me
                MINUTEMEN               Shit You Hear At Parties
                                        Maternal Rite
                100 FLOWERS             Sensible Virgin
                URINALS                 She's A Drone
                ZURICH 1916             The Children's Song
                PLEBS                   Payday
        19.     SACCHARINE TRUST        Disillusion Fool
NU      2.2     ANTI : I DON'T WANT TO DIE IN YOUR WAR                  LP        .1982

I'm Going Insane / The Cycle / Streets / What Do You Do / Fight War Not Wars / Acid
Test / I Don't Want To Die In Your War / New Underground / Pushed Around / I Hate You
/ Poseur
NU      3.3     MOOD OF DEFIENCE        NOW                             LP        .1983

The Divided States Of America / Peanut Butter Skies / Girl In A Painting / Duck Back
Flow / Sticky Lips / 153rd St. 9.12.79. / Plastic Duck  Holders / [Afternoon/My Garden]
/ Painted Dragon / Feel Real / Poem / Not What You Think
NU      4.4     V / A : LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL SO WHY NOT EAT HEALTH FOODS?  LP        .1983

                THE BAGS                We Will Bury You
                ANTI                    Up At Four
                                        Repressed Aggression
                SHATTERED FAITH         Victims Of Society
                                        Short-Haired Thug
                                        What Happened ?
                CHINA WHITE             Danger Zone
                MIA                     Last Day At The Races
                                        Missing Of Captured
                ILL WILL                Ill Will Theme Song
                THE GERMS               Media Blitz
                                        What We Do Is Secret
                MINUTEMEN               Prelude
                B PEOPLE                I Said Everybody
                MOOD OF DEFIANCE        Girl In A Painting Pt.2
                                        Flower Child
                INVISIBLE CHAINS        Einstein's Followers
                ZURICH 1916             Sugars Sugar
                                        Interconnected Amplifier Feedback Loop...
                VOX POP                 Good Times Pt.1
                                        Paint It Black
        22.     POWERTRIP               Iron Horse
NU      5.5     V / A : LIFE IS BORING SO WHY NOT STEAL THIS RECORD?    LP        .1983

                THE GERMS               Strange Notes (live)
                                        Caught In My Eye (live)
                MINUTEMEN               Base King
                REDD KROSS              Out Of Focus
                MODERN WARFARE          Moral Majority
                SHATTERED FAITH         The Omen
                ANTI                    Without Love We Will Die
                MOOD OF DEFIENCE        American Love Song
                HARI KARI               Pray For Peace
                SIN 34                  Forced Education
                ARTISTIC DECLINE        Friday Punk
                MODERN TORTURE          Fascist Media
                INVISIBLE CHAINS        Paisley Douche/Cactus Juice
                SLIVERS                 Restraint For Style
                VOX POP                 Jumble Bug
                MARSHALL MELLOW         Marshmellow Children
                CARL STONE              Jang
                THE DOO-DOOETTES        Red-Wrec Said
                ZURICH 1916             No Canvas
                TONE DEAF               Story Of A Murder
                DEBT OF NATURE          And It Got Hit By A Truck
        22.                             Your Life Means Nothing
NU      6.6
NU      7.7     ANTI                    DEFY THE SYSTEM                 LP        .1983

I Try / Lies / Your Government's Calling You / Warking In A Factory / Maps Of The Stars
Homes / Your Problems / Five Downtown / Nothing New / Club Me Like A Baby Seal /
Blackfire Bomber / Be Free / Overthrow The Government / Parents Of Punks / Repressed
NU      8.8     PILGRIM STATE : EFFECTIVE SPIRITUAL WARFARE             LP        .1984

Actions Mean More Than Words / Until It Ends / Deathwish / [It Must Be Love/Pain Is
Just Pissing In The Wind/Race Records] / Scarlet Fields / Burning Autumn / Tote Hose /
Nose Hose  / Fuck Society  / For Your Love  / Fascist Media  / Oppression From You  /
Exsanguination / Decay Factor / She's On Haldol / Dreamtime / No Fun At The Funny Farm
/ 18. Sea Of Emotion
NU      9.9     unissued
NU      10.10   ANTI                    GOD CAN'T BOUNCE                LP        .1984

Fight War , Not Wars / We Will Die / Media Scam / 4 / Backfire Bomber / I Don't Wanna
Die / I Hate Being Single / Nothing Means Nothing / Tied And Shackled / I Won't Be
Coming  Back
NU      11.11   unissued
NU      12.12   ARTISTIC DECLINE        FOUR SONG EP                    7"        .1984

Fallen In Love / Andy Warhol / No Repenting / Private Shack