Distr.  : US - Dischord
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NRF     001     V / A                   SALAD DAYS SOUNDTRACK           LP      01.2019

        1       Jawbox                  "Motorist"
        2       Shudder to Think        "Chocolate"
        3       Double-O                "Death of a Friend"
        4       Holy Rollers            "What You Said"
        5       Mission Impossible      "Now I'm Alone"
        6       Youth Brigade           "It's About Time That We Had a Change"
        7       Kingface                "Tired"
        8       Gray Matter             "Swann Street"
        9       Swiz                    "Godspeed"
        10      Government Issue        "Where You Live"
        11      Marginal Man            "Under a Shadow"
        12      United Mutation         "Sensations Fix"
        13      Black Market Baby       "Downward Christian Soldiers"
        14      Fire Party              "Drowning Intentions"
        15      Soul Side               "Name in Mind"
        16      Iron Cross              "You're a Rebel"
        17      Void                    "Who Are You"
        18      HR                      "Epilogue"

The soundtrack to director Scott Crawford's DC punk documentary, Salad Days.