Adress.......Flat 4 / Block 36
             Dabbs Hill Lane
             Middlesex  UB5 4AF
Owner........Roy Williams & Stuart Wester
Sublab.......Fury Rec.
Distr........Pinnacle/Eugene Music/Saddlestone/Media 7/
Lab code     LC3459
Style........r&r / rockabilly / psychobilly / garage rock /               2006 :  5 Sussex Crescent
                                        Northold , Middx.
                                        UB5  4DL

                                        tel. : + 44 (020) 8423 7373
                                        fax  : + 44 (020) 8423 7773

NER     001     THE POLECATS WITH ROBIN SCOTT : CULT HEROES             LP        .1984
NERCD   001     THE POLECATS WITH ROBIN SCOTT : CULT HEROES             CD        .1991

LP      A1      Rockabilly Guy
        A2      High-Rise Rockabilly
        A3      Chicken Shack
        A4      Rock It Up Baby
        A5      Red Hot Rock
        B1      Marie Celeste
        B2      My Baby Said
        B3      Left, Right and Centre
        B4      Bite the Dust
        B5      My Baby Said

CD      01      Rockabilly Guy
        02      High-Rise Rockabilly
        03      Chicken Shack
        04      Rock It Up Baby
        05      Red Hot Rock
        06      Rockin' All Nite
        07      Marie Celeste
        08      My Baby Said #1
        09      Left, Right And Centre
        10      Bite The Dust
        11      My Baby Said #2
        12      Big Green Car
NERD    002     THE DELTAS              Boogie Disease                  LP      07.1984
NERCD   002     THE DELTAS              Boogie Disease                  CD        .1995

LP      A1      Boogie Disease
        A2      As You Like It
        A3      Blues in the Bottle
        A4      Honey Babe
        A5      Victim of My Love
        A6      London Girls
        A7      Who
        A8      It Ain't Your Business
        B1      Raging Sea
        B2      Heart Attack
        B3      Temperature
        B4      Pie 'N Mash
        B5      Moonshine
        B6      Nine Below Zero
        B7      Fashion Train
        B8      Long Black Train

CD      1       Boogie Disease
        2       As You Like It
        3       Blues In The Bottle
        4       Honey Babe
        5       Victim Of My Love
        6       London Girls
        7       Who
        8       That Ain't Your Business
        9       Raging Sea
        10      Heart Attack
        11      Temperature
        12      Pie 'N' Mash
        13      Moonshine
        14      Nine Below Zero
        15      Fashion Train
        16      Long Black Train
NERD    003     V / A                   Hep Cat Hop                     LP      07.1984

        A1      Buzz And The Flyers     My Baby Can't Be Satisfied
        A2      The Syn-Dicate          Synthabilly Baby
        A3      The Ricochets           Witchcraft
        A4      Restless                Long Winding River
        A5      Scotty Robbins And The Psychobillies : Red Hot Rock
        A6      Dynamite Band           Let's Have A Wonderful Time
        B1      Buzz And The Flyers     Everybody's Movin'
        B2      The Syn-Dicate          Rapabilly Boogie
        B3      The Ricochets           Migraine
        B4      Restless                Leavin' This Town
        B5      Scotty Robbins And The Psychobillies : Rock It Up Baby 	
        B6      Dynamite Band           He's A Swingin' Cat
NERD    004     RESTLESS                Why Don't You...Just Rock ?     LP      06.1984

        A1      It's a Scam
        A2      Ice Cold
        A3      Why Don't You... Just Rock
        A4      High Time
        A5      Last Chance Baby
        A6      Tag Man, Tag
        B1      Long Black Shiny Car
        B2      Face in My Gin
        B3      Yellow Cab to Midnight
        B4      Morning Come Slowly
        B5      Blackcat
        B6      Travellin
NERD    005     DAVE TAYLOR             Midnight Rock                   LP      10.1984
(009 ?)

        A1      Caldonia
        A2      Midnight Rock
        A3      Do You Remember?
        A4      Mind Your Own Business
        A5      Choo Choo Ch'boogie
        A6      Mr. Rock
        B1      Goin' to Heaven
        B2      Schooldays
        B3      Rock Me
        B4      Can't Stand Those People
        B5      Saturday Night Fish Fry
NERD    005     THE RICOCHETS           MADE IN THE SHADE               LP        .1982
NERCD   005     THE RICOCHETS           MADE IN THE SHADE PLUS          CD        .1996

LP      A1      Hey, Girl
        A2      Yomping
        A3      I'm a Loser
        A4      Crazy Dream
        A5      King Rocker
        A6      Black Magic Baby
        B1      Runnin' Wild
        B2      Hit Man
        B3      Worried 'Bout You Baby
        B4      Brand New Cadillac
        B5      Night Ship
        B6      Everybody's Rockin' (Live)

CD      1       Witchcraft
        2       Migraine
        3       Hey, Girl
        4       Yomping
        5       I'm A Loser
        6       Crazy Dream
        7       King Rocker
        8       Black Magic Baby
        9       Runnin' Wild
        10      Hit Man (1)
        11      Worried' Bout You Baby (1)
        12      Brand New Cadillac
        13      Night Ship
        14      Everybody's Rockin' (Live)
        15      Don't Blame Me
        16      Mama Don't Allow
        17      Mad Man
        18      Worried' Bout You Baby (2)
        19      Hit Man (2)
NERD    006     BUZZ AND THE FLYERS     Bozz And The Flyers             LP        .1984
NERCD   006     BUZZ AND THE FLYERS     Bozz And The Flyers             CD        .1992

LP      A1      Little Pig
        A2      You Crazy Gal You
        A3      Let's Bop
        A4      Go Cat Wild
        A5      Dance the Bop
        A6      Everybody's Movin'
        B1      My Baby Can't Be Satisfied
        B2      Every Walk of Life
        B3      New Girl Friend
        B4      More Like Love
        B5      Boomerang
        B6      Kiss the Girls

CD      1       Little Pig                                      2:17
        2       You Crazy Gal You                               2:18
        3       Let's Bop                                       1:44
        4       Go Cat Wild                                     2:16
        5       Dance The Bop                                   2:19
        6       Everybody's Movin'                              3:29
        7       My Baby Can't Be Satisfied                      2:35
        8       Every Walk Of Life                              2:39
        9       New Girl Friend                                 1:57
        10      More Like Love                                  2:32
        11      Boomerang                                       2:55
        12      Kiss The Girls                                  2:29
        13      When I Start Lovin' You                         2:23
        14      Is It Cool?                                     2:10
        15      Sweet Lies                                      2:28
NERD    007     V / A                   Stack A Records                 LP        .1984

        A1      Restless                Later
        A2      The Shakin' Quiffs      Shake Your Quiff
        A3      Flip Out                Swing It Up
        A4      Dynamite Band           My Oh My
        A5      Rockin' Johnny Austin   Hit Man
        A6      The Paladins            My Baby Took A Train
        A7      The Frantix             Little Dog
        A8      The Ricochets           Don't Blame You
        B1      The Deltas              Early In The Morning
        B2      The Deltas              Bad, Bad Whiskey
        B3      Flip Out                Gonna Come An' Get Ya
        B4      Dynamite Band           Save Your Love
        B5      Bonneville              Trouble
        B6      The Shakin' Quiffs      Cherie, Cherie
        B7      The Frantix             One More Time
        B8      Restless                That's All Right
NERD    008     THE SHARKS              Phantom Rockers                 LP      09.1983
NERCD   008     THE SHARKS              Phantom Rockers                 CD        .1991

LP      A1      Moonstomp                                       2:06
        A2      Skeleton Rock                                   3:22
        A3      It's All Over Now                               3:52
        A4      Crazy Maybe                                     3:28
        A5      Take a Razor To Your Head                       2:10
        A6      Death Row                                       3:05
        A7      Love Bites                                      3:24
        B1      Short Shark Shock                               2:05
        B2      Ruff Stuff                                      1:50
        B3      Phantom Rockers                                 3:26
        B4      Charlie                                         2:08
        B5      Slipped Disc                                    2:28
        B6      I Can't Stop                                    1:59
        B7      Electrifyin'                                    3:38

CD      1       Moonstomp (Do What You Want)                    2:05
        2       Skeleton Rock                                   3:21
        3       It's All Over Now                               3:51
        4       Crazy Maybe                                     3:27
        5       Take A Razor To Your Head                       2:08
        6       Death Row                                       3:04
        7       Love Bites                                      3:22
        8       Short Shark Shock                               2:03
        9       Ruff Stuff                                      1:49
        10      Phantom Rockers                                 3:24
        11      Charlie!                                        2:08
        12      Slipped Disc                                    2:27
        13      I Can't Stop                                    1:57
        14      Electrifyin'                                    3:37
        15      Ghost Train                                     2:55
        16      We Say Yeah                                     2:06
NERD    009     DAVE TAYLOR             MIDNIGHT ROCK!                  LP      07.1984

        A1      Caldonia
        A2      Midnight Rock
        A3      Do You Remember?
        A4      Mind Your Own Business
        A5      Choo Choo Ch'boogie
        A6      Mr. Rock
        B1      Goin' To Heaven
        B2      Schooldays
        B3      Rock Me
        B4      Can't Stand Those People
        B5      Saturday Night Fish Fry
NERD    010     THE BLUE CATS           Early Days Volume 1             LP      07.1984
NERCD   010     THE BLUE CATS           Early Days Volume 1             CD        .1992

LP      A1      The South Rebels        Tennessee Border
        A2      The South Rebels        South Rebel Boogie
        A3      Blue Cat Trio           Dancing Doll
        A4      Blue Cat Trio           Well, I Knocked
        A5      Blue Cat Trio           Goofin' Around
        A6      Blue Cat Trio           Rockabilly Boogie
        A7      Blue Cat Trio           I Sure Miss You
        B1      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Slap That Bass
        B2      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : The Turkey Song
        B3      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Frankfurt Special
        B4      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Sweet Caroline
        B5      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Crazy Catfish
        B6      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Roll On Baby
        B7      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Baby's Number One

1       The South Rebels                Tennessee Border                2:28
2       The South Rebels                South Rebel Boogie              2:40
3       Blue Cat Trio                   Dancing Doll                    1:51
4       Blue Cat Trio                   Well, I Knocked                 2:08
5       Blue Cat Trio                   Goofin' Around                  2:57
6       Blue Cat Trio                   Rockabilly Boogie               2:27
7       Blue Cat Trio                   I Sure Miss You                 3:15
8       Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Slap That Bass           2:42
9       Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : The Turkey Song          2:11
10      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Frankfurt Special        3:14
11      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Sweet Caroline           2:22
12      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Crazy Catfish            1:38
13      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Roll On Baby             1:45
14      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Baby's Number One        2:39
15      The South Rebels                Matchbox                        2:06
16      The South Rebels                Rockin' Daddy                   2:29
17      Blue Cat Trio                   Rock Therapy                    1:57
18      Blue Cat Trio                   I Flipped                       2:17
19      Blue Cat Trio                   Pink And Black                  1:57
20      Blue Cat Trio : Sittin' On Top Of The World                     2:17
21      Blue Cat Trio                   B-I-Bickey-Bi                   1:52
22      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Honey Hush               1:43
23      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Slap That Bass           2:30
24      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Ten Little Women         2:43
25      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Blue Moon                3:01
26      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Rock The Barn            2:37
27      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Crawdad Hole             2:32
28      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Idle On Parade           2:01
NERD    011     THE BLUE CATS           EARLY DAYS VOL.2                LP        .1983

        A1      The South Rebels        Matchbox
        A2      The South Rebels        Rockin' Daddy
        A3      Blue Cat Trio           Rock Therapy
        A4      Blue Cat Trio           I Flipped
        A5      Blue Cat Trio           Pink And Black
        A6      Blue Cat Trio           B-I-Bickey-Bi
        B1      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Honey Hush
        B2      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Slap That Bass
        B3      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Ten Little Women
        B4      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Blue Moon
        B5      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Rock The Barn
        B6      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Crawdad Hole 	
        B7      Little Tony And The Tennessee Rebels : Idle On Parade

        A1      Hey Pretty Baby
        A2      She's an Angel
        A3      Breakout
        A4      Rock 'N' Roll Rabbit
        A5      Play It Cool Man
        A6      Rockabilly Party
        A7      Midnight Ball
        B1      Eenie Meenie Miney Mo
        B2      Twelve Bars on Mars
        B3      Right Around the Corner
        B4      Gone All Along
        B5      Clothes Don't Make the Man
        B6      Rock of Graces
        B7      That Chick's Too Young to Fry
NERD    013     FREDDY FROGS            At My Front Door                LP      07.1984

        A1      Cheap Thrills                                   2:45
        A2      Boppin 'N' Jivin                                2:15
        A3      Roxy                                            2:50
        A4      Desperate                                       3:15
        A5      Livin' in the Dark                              2:50
        A6      She's So Mean                                   2:05
        A7      Crazy Little Mama                               2:45
        B1      Ain't Got No Home                               2:30
        B2      Don't Make Me Wait                              2:35
        B3      All the Girls (Do the Bop)                      2:35
        B4      Pledging My Love                                3:15
        B5      Feelin' No Pain                                 3:30
        B6      I Don't Care Any More                           2:40
        B7      No Frills                                       1:30
NERD    014     RONNIE AND THE JITTERS : Roll Over                      LP      06.1984

        A1      Roll Over Richard
        A2      Wild Weekend
        A3      Love Somebody New
        A4      She's Not the Girl
        A5      Rock Away
        B1      Black Slax
        B2      Truck Stop Song
        B3      Can't Fool a Woman
        B4      Take Me in Your Arms
        B5      Crazy Place
NERD    015     RESTLESS                Do You Feel Restless?           LP        .1984
NERCD   015     RESTLESS                Do You Feel Restless?           CD        .1989

LP      A1      Bottle on the Beach
        A2      Here I Am
        A3      Fool's Gold
        A4      Down at the Swamp
        A5      Alabama Jailhouse
        A6      Prisoner of Love
        B1      Sob Story
        B2      Crack Up 'N' Fall to Pieces
        B3      Sixteen Tons
        B4      Baby Please Don't Go
        B5      Here I Am (Dub Version)
        B6      Sweet Surprise

CD      1       Bottle On The Beach
        2       Here I Am
        3       Fool's Gold
        4       Down At The Swamp
        5       Alabama Jailhouse
        6       Prisoner Of Love
        7       Sob Story
        8       Crack Up 'N' Fall To Pieces
        9       Sixteen Tons
        10      Baby Please Don't Go
        11      Here I Am (Dub Version)
        12      Sweet Surprise
        13      Edge On You
        14      Slidin' On Down The Hill
        15      Why Didn't I Stay At Home
NERD    016     FRENZY                  Hall Of Mirrors                 LP      07.1985
NERD    016     FRENZY                  Hall Of Mirrors                 CD        .1989

        A1      One Last Chance
LP      A2      Schizophrenic Emotions
        A3      Choice
        A4      Hall of Mirrors
        A5      Frenzy
        A6      Asylum Moves
        A7      Skeleton Rock
        B1      Sweet Money
        B2      Ghost Train
        B3      Long Gone
        B4      Surfin' Bird
        B5      Was It Me?
        B6      Wound Up
        B7      Frustration
CD +    15      Hall of Mirrors (2)
        16      Robot Riot
        17      Cry or Die
        18      All Alone
        19      Torment
NERD    017     V / A                   Hells Bent On Rockin'           LP        .1985
NERD    017     V / A                   Hells Bent On Rockin'           CD        .1989

LP      A1      The Deltas              Shake Your Moneymaker
        A2      Restless                The Girl on Death Row
        A3      The Sharks              Ghost Train
        A4      The Ricochets           Mad Man
        A5      Demented Are Go         Rubber Rock
        A6      Scotty Robins           What You Gonna Do Tonite ?
        A7      The Outer Limits        The Chase
        B1      Demented Are Go         One Sharp Knife
        B2      Housewreckers           'Cause You Left Me
        B3      Rochee & the Sarnos     Rock'N'Roll Frog
        B4      Frenzy                  Cry or Die
        B5      The Meteors             Shout So Loud
        B6      The Rapids              Scratch Chicken Scratch
        B7      The Outer Limits        Well I Love You Baby

CD      1       The Deltas              Shake Your Moneymaker
        2       Restless                The Girl on Death Row
        3       The Sharks              Ghost Train
        4       The Ricochets           Mad Man
        5       Demented Are Go         Rubber Rock
        6       Scotty Robins           What You Gonna Do Tonite ?
        7       The Outer Limits        The Chase
        8       Rockin' Johnny Austin   Rockabilly Stroll
        9       The Space Cadets        Rigor Mortis Rock
        10      Demented Are Go         One Sharp Knife
        10      Rochee & the Sarnos     Rock'N'Roll Frog
        11      Housewreckers           'Cause You Left Me
        12      Frenzy                  Cry or Die
        13      The Meteors             Shout So Loud
        14      The Rapids              Scratch Chicken Scratch
        15      The Outer Limits        Well I Love You Baby
        16      Rockin' Johnny Austin   City Lights
NERD    018     ROCHEE AND THE SARNOS : Whistle Wriggle                 LP      09.1985

        A1      Sarnos in Space
        A2      Aw, C'mon Baby
        A3      Mexi Love Song
        A4      Sarno Fever
        A5      Sarno Beat
        A6      Gay Cowboy
        A7      Understanding Croissants
        B1      Sexy Sarno
        B2      Dead Dog Blues
        B3      Mudboat
        B4      Madame Ruth's Parlour
        B5      Rochee Is a Monster
        B6      A Cheat
        B7      Sad Sarno
NERD    019     THE RAPIDS              Turning Point                   LP      12.1985

        A1      The Man From Yesterday
        A2      Smile of the Stranger
        A3      Eyes of Darkness
        A4      Hard Luck
        A5      The Good the Bad and the Ugly
        A6      Night Out With the Boys
        B1      Hot Rod Blues
        B2      Street Whisper
        B3      Swords of a Thousand Men
        B4      Nightlife
        B5      Valley of Death
        B6      Do You Believe
NERD    020     THE PHARAOHS            Blue Egypt                      LP      02.1986

        A1      Wild Thing
        A2      Tomb of the Dead (Psycho Mix)
        A3      Keep On Running
        A4      Radar Love
        A5      Wipe-off
        A6      Dead to the World
        B1      Theme From Cairo
        B2      Down the Line
        B3      Killed Love (Alt. Version)
        B4      Blue Egypt
        B5      Drinkin'
        B6      Never Coming Back
NERD    021     JETS                    Session Out                     LP      05.1986
NERCD   021     JETS                    Session Out                     CD        .1989

A.      1       Jitterbuggin' Baby
        2       Dan O' Dell
        3       Drunk Again
        4       Charlene
        5       Moonshine
        6       Bye Bye Baby
B.      7       Open Your Heart
        8       Forget The Love
        9       Did Anyone Tell You
        10      Millionaire Hobo
        11      Cry The Blues
        12      Slippin' In
NERD    022     V / A                   Aussiebilly                     LP      06.1986

        A1      The Wildcats            Rain
        A2      The Hot Dogs            Rockabilly Hop
        A3      The Dance Hall Racketeers : Rocket 88
        A4      The Dance Hall Racketeers : Dig the Boogie
        A5      Toni and the Tomkats    Gotta Lotta Rhythm
        A6      Toni and the Tomkats    Did You Miss Me?
        A7      Toni and the Tomkats    Two Long years
        B1      The Wildcats            Heebie-Jeebies
        B2      The Wildcats            Rock You
        B3      The Wildcats            Rock Bop
        B4      The Renegades           Jump and Jive
        B5      The Straight 8s         Slippin' Out and Sneakin' In
        B6      New Dancehall Racketeers : Rock'n'Roll Carpenter
        B7      New Dancehall Racketeers : Stock Car Boogie
NERD    023     V / A                   Zorch Factor One                LP        .1986
NERCD   023     V / A                   Zorch Factor One                CD        .1990

A.      1       Frenzy                  All Alone
        2       Torment                 My Dream
        3       Outer Limits            Teenage Cutie
        4       The Pharaohs            Smell Of Cop
        5       Long Tall Texans        One More Time
        6       The Coffin Nails        Plymouth Fury
        7       Sidewinders             Sidewinder Frenzy
B.      8       Torment                 The Source
        9       The Pharaohs            Tomb Of The Dead
        10      The Sharks              We Say Yeah
        11      88s                     Death On The Highway
        12      Get Smart               It's Up To You
        13      Long Tall Texans        Non Stop Loving
        14      Sidewinders             Baby Gone Left
NERD    024     KEVIN FAYTE AND ROCKET 8 : Ridin' In A Rocket           LP      11.1986

        A1      Bluest of Blue
        A2      County Jail
        A3      Money Talks
        A4      Blame It on the Moon
        A5      Hey, Baby
        A6      Gal o' Mine
        A7      Rock Candy
        A8      So What
        A9      Oh, My Little Claudie
        A10     Ridin' in a Rocket
        B1      Baby, I Know
        B2      I'm a Rebel
        B3      Big Ol' Sun
        B4      You Can't Come Out Tonight
        B5      I Don't Know
        B6      Teacher, Teacher
        B7      Get Off My Train
        B8      Movin' to Memphis
        B9      Bop, Man, Bop
        B10     Gonna Rock
NERD    025     TORMENT                 Psyclops Carnival               LP        .1987

        A1      Death Trail
        A2      Uncle Sam (Square Bash Mix)
        A3      Leap the Frog
        A4      Satisfied
        A5      Nightmare
        A6      Rockjet
        B1      Head Driven Sinner
        B2      Slow Down
        B3      Time to Think
        B4      Psyclops Carnival
        B5      The Last Time
        B6      Pass It On
NERD    026     RESTLESS                The Early Years 1981-1983       LP      03.1987

        A1      Rock the Joint
        A2      Hightime
        A3      20 Flight Rock
        A4      Modern Romance
        A5      Sag, Drag and Fall
        A6      It's a Scam
        B1      Why Don't You Just Rock?
        B2      Bottle on the Beach
        B3      Here I Am
        B4      Why Didn't I Stay at Home?
        B5      Slidin' on Down the Hill
        B6      Edge on You
NERD    027     GET SMART               Get Smart                       LP      05.1987

        A1      Ain't No Use
        A2      Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight
        A3      Early Times
        A4      Ape Man
        A5      My Babe
        A6      Frankie and Johnny
        B1      You're My Baby
        B2      Heavens Above
        B3      Sixteen Tons
        B4      Lines of Love
        B5      I Can't Wait
        B6      Game Called Love
NERD    028     SKITZO                  Skitzo Mania                    LP      06.1987
NERCD   028     SKITZO                  Skitzo Mania                    CD        .1993

LP      A1      Skitzo Mania
        A2      Doctor Death
        A3      Shipwreck Island
        A4      Witching Hour
        A5      Lonesome Train
        A6      Possessed
        B1      I'm Going Skitzo
        B2      Caledonia
        B3      Poltergiest
        B4      Your Cheating Heart
        B5      Under Pressure
        B6      House of the Rising Sun

CD      1       Skitzo Mania
        2       Doctor Death
        3       Shipwreck Island
        4       Witching Hour
        5       Lonesome Train
        6       Possessed
        7       I'm Going Skitzo
        8       Caledonia
        9       Poltergiest
        10      Your Cheating Heart
        11      Under Pressure
        12      House Of The Rising Sun
        13      I Want Your Lovin'
        14      Cryin' State
        15      I Abide
        16      Searchin'
        17      Psycho Baby
        18      Love Is For Skitzos
        19      Phantom
NERD    029     V / A                   Zorch Factor Two                LP      09.1987

        A1      Torment                 Hornet´s Nest
        A2      Skitzo                  Psycho Baby
        A3      Frenzy                  Robot Riot
        A4      Get Smart               Swamp Fever
        A5      The Marksmen            When She Wants Love
        A6      The Bootleggers         Chicken Woman
        A7      The Caravans            I Ain´t Got No Excuses
        B1      Torment                 True Expressions
        B2      Skitzo                  Tear It Up
        B3      The Wigsville Spliffs   Home Run
        B4      Get Smart               Ready or Not
        B5      The Marksmen            Walk on Bye
        B6      The Bootleggers         I´m Comin´
        B7      The Caravans            Alcohol Eyes
NERD    030     THE RHYTHMAIRES         Losin' Out                      LP      09.1987

        A1      Who You Gonna Choose
        A2      I Hate You
        A3      Christina
        A4      Demolition Man
        A5      Forbidden Fruit
        A6      Come Back To Me
        B1      (Keep Your) Hands Off My Baby
        B2      I'm Burning
        B3      Losing Out Again
        B4      Red Hot Rockin' Blues
        B5      Her Love Rubbed Off
        B6      By The Time You Read This Letter
NERD    031     COFFIN NAILS            Ein Bier Bitte                  LP      10.1987
NERCD   031     COFFIN NAILS            Ein Bier Bitte                  CD        .1993

LP      A1      Skateboard Frenzy
        A2      Werewolf Bitch
        A3      Greased Lightning
        A4      Hummungus
        A5      Let´s Wreck
        A6      Lone Ranger
        B1      Plasma Pool
        B2      Myra Hindley
        B3      Natural Born Lover
        B4      Wind up Dead
        B5      Penetration
        B6      Uncle Willy
CD +    13      Ain't It True
        14      House on the Haunted Hill
        15      Brand New Cadillac
        16      Outta This World 
NERD    032     TORMENT                 Three's A Crowd                 LP      11.1986

        A1      Torment
        A2      These Chains
        A3      You Did Nothing
        A4      3's a Crowd
        A5      Scared of Myself
        B1      Out of My Head
        B2      I'm a Loser
        B3      Missing You
        B4      Funeral Party
        B5      Rules for Fools
NERD    033     FRENZY                  At 100 Club                     LP      02.1988

        A1      I See Red
        A2      Misdemeanour
        A3      Love Is the Drug
        A4      House on Fire
        A5      Howard Hughes
        A6      The Hunt
        B1      Clockwork Toy
        B2      Migraine
        B3      Gotta Go!
        B4      It's All Over Now
        B5      Robot Riot
NERD    034     FRANTIC FLINTSTONES : Nightmare On Nervous              LP      03.1988
NERD    034     FRANTIC FLINTSTONES : Nightmare On Nervous              CD        .1997

                Fred's Side
        A1      Hellfire
        A2      Monte Carlo or Bust
        A3      44
        A4      Please Cool Baby
        A5      Oh Baby Oh Yeah
        A6      Ally Cat King
                Barney's Side
        B1      Gone Gone Well Gone
        B2      Red Chevy
        B3      Ring Ring Ringin'
        B4      What the Hell
        B5      Sugar Daddy
        B6      Frantic Flintstones
NERD    035     BATMOBILE               Bail Was Set At 6.000 000       LP      04.1988
NERD    035     BATMOBILE               Bail Was Set At 6.000 000       CD      04.1988

A.      1       Kiss Me Now                                     3:15
        2       Magic Word Called Love                          3:41
        3       Can't Find My Way Back Home                     2:40
        4       Mystery Street                                  2:19
        5       Calamity Man                                    3:38
        6       Shoot Shoot                                     3:25
B.      7       Gorilla Rock                                    2:30
        8       Gates of Heaven                                 3:34
        9       Girls Girls Girls                               3:32
        10      Hang On                                         2:08
        11      100 Pounds of Trouble                           3:18
        12      Ace of Spades                                   2:48
NERD    036     THE CARAVANS            Easy Money                      LP      04.1988

        A1      Rough Diamond
        A2      Sneakin' Out
        A3      Ball & Chain
        A4      I've Lost, You Win
        A5      Cryin'
        B1      Easy Money
        B2      A Better Place
        B3      Blues Train
        B4      Stranded
        B5      Good Bye, Good Bye
        B6      In the Heat of the Day
NERD    037     THE QUAKES              THE QUAKES                      LP      06.1988
NERCD   037     THE QUAKES              THE QUAKES                      CD        .1992

LP      A1      Pack Our Bags and Go
        A2      You're Dead
        A3      Other Side of the Tracks
        A4      Where Did It Go?
        A5      You Are the Scene
        A6      Psycho Attack
        B1      Show Me
        B2      9 Lives
        B3      The Deal
        B4      Psychobilly Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
        B5      Hangman's Noose
        B6      Satan on My Side

CD      1       Pack Our Bags and Go
        2       You're Dead
        3       Other Side of the Tracks
        4       Where Did It Go?
        5       You Are the Scene
        6       Psycho Attack
        7       Show Me
        8       Nine Lives
        9       The Deal
        10      Psychobilly Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
        11      Hangman's Noose
        12      Satan on My Side
        13      1,000 Kats
        14      I Can't Stay
NERD    038     THE JACKALS             Prowlin'                        LP        .1988

        A1      Ice Cold Blues
        A2      Makes You Scream
        A3      Too Crucial
        A4      She's the One
        A5      Some Body's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
        A6      I'll Go Crazy
        B1      No Brain
        B2      Party Train
        B3      My Baby Loves Rock 'N' Roll
        B4      The Fly
        B5      Ghetto Ride
        B6      What's Wrong
NERD    039     SKITZO                  Terminal Damage                 LP      07.1988
NERCD   039     SKITZO                  Terminal Damage                 CD      07.1988

LP      A1      Empty Room
        A2      Frustrated
        A3      The Game
        A4      Sore Point
        A5      Honey Don't
        A6      Victim
        B1      Psycho Ward
        B2      Terminal Damage
        B3      Double Talkin' Baby
        B4      No Return
        B5      Green Door
        B6      Condemned to Death

CD      1       Empty Room
        2       Frustrated
        3       The Game
        4       Sore Point
        5       Honey Don't
        6       Victim
        7       Psycho Ward
        8       Terminal Damage
        9       Double Talkin' Baby
        10      No Return
        11      Green Door
        12      Condemned to Death
        13      Transfusion
        14      Living on the Edge

LP      Crazy Love      CLLP 64178      2002    GE
NERD    040     THE PHAROAHS            Hammer And Sickle Blues         LP      09.1988

        A1      Listen Pretty Baby
        A2      Y' Jus Don't Know
        A3      Crazy Crazy Happenings
        A4      You're on Your Own
        A5      57 Chevy
        A6      Dead to the World
        B1      Getting Out
        B2      Hammer & Sickle Blues
        B3      Beer Slingin' and Red Neckin
        B4      Don't Get Me Wrong
        B5      Baby Let's Play House
        B6      Psycho Numbskull
NERD    041     RATMEN                  Live Fast Die Young             LP        .1988

        A1      In the Hall of the Mountain King (Ratmen Theme)
        A2      I Can't Sleep
        A3      Lolita
        A4      Kaw-liga
        A5      Blond, Beautiful & Dead
        A6      My Girl
        B1      My Baby Left Me
        B2      Hangover
        B3      I Went To See The Gypsy
        B4      Voodoo
        B5      Big Brown Eyes
        B6      I Love Rock 'N' Roll
NERD    042     V / A                   Zorch Factor Three              LP        .1988

        A1      The Coffin Nails        The House On The Haunted Hill
        A2      Skitzo                  Crying State
        A3      Torment                 Route 66
        A4      The Caravans            I Heard It Through The Grapevine
        A5      Restless                Ghost Town
        A6      Spook And The Ghouls    Reaper Grim
        A7      The Quakes              I Can't Stay
        B1      The Pharaohs            Crazy And Wild
        B2      Simon Brand             Broken Home
        B3      Get Smart               What's Your Papa Gonna Say?
        B4      The Caravans            That's The Way It Is
        B5      Spook And The Ghouls    Live And Raw
        B6      The Surfin' Wombatz     I Hear The Pounding Of My Heart
        B7      The Frantic Flintstones : Safe Surf
NERD    043     SPOOK AND THE GHOULS : Whitechapel Murders              LP        .1988
NERD    043     SPOOK AND THE GHOULS : Whitechapel Murders              CD        .1988

        A1      Reaper Grim
        A2      Demon Barber on Fleet Street
        A3      Vampira
        A4      Nightmares From Beyond
        A5      Love Me So
        A6      Let 'Er Swing
        A7      Twisted Kind
        B1      Gallows Are Awaiting
        B2      Werewolf in Our Town
        B3      Dead Flesh Creeping
        B4      Bela Lugosi's Dead
        B5      Live and Raw
        B6      Death Ride
        B7      Rocker
NERD    044     CATMEN                  Catmen                          LP        .1988

        A1      Tell Me
        A2      There's A Girl In My Heart
        A3      Who Was She?
        A4      Be Good To Me (Hold Your Love)
        A5      Glad To See You Baby
        A6      Will You Stay
        B1      The Running Man
        B2      Lost Without You
        B3      She's Drivin' Me Mad
        B4      My Little Girl
        B5      Tonight
        B6      Trivialities
NERD    045     SURFIN' WOMBATS         Surfin' Wombats                 LP        .1988

        A1      Take the Money and Run
        A2      Bad Company Blues
        A3      Down the Line
        A4      Manhunt
        A5      The Sound
        A6      I Hear the Pounding of My Heart
        A7      Dick Turpin
        B1      Welcome to the Nightmare
        B2      Trapped in My Bottle of Beer
        B3      Norman
        B4      Moving Down the Street
        B5      No More
        B6      Wild Man
        B7      Make Your Name Count
NERD    046     THE SHARKS              FIRST & LAST LIVE               LP        .1988

        A1      Rock The Joint
        A2      Pink 'N' Black
        A3      Tired 'N' Sleepy
        A4      Teenage Boogie
        A5      Tear It Up
        A6      Wildcat Rock
        A7      Sugar Doll
        A8      We Say Yeah!
        B1      Death Row
        B2      Moonstomp
        B3      Ghost Train
        B4      Crazy Maybe
        B5      Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?
        B6      It's All Over Now
        B7      Phantom Rockers
        B8      Chainsaw Charlie
        B9      I Can't Stop
NERD    47      THE GRISWALDS           Who Framed The Griswalds ?      LP        .1988
NERCD   47      THE GRISWALDS           Who Framed The Griswalds ?      CD      03.1993

LP      A1      Fright Night
        A2      Surfin´for a Blonde
        A3      Dead Time
        A4      Happy Hour
        A5      Hit Man
        A6      Blue Oyster Palace
        A7      Who´s Crying Now
        B1      Stop Jump About
        B2      Ritch Bitch
        B3      Gay Barndance
        B4      Crazy Little Kid
        B5      Spasms
        B6      Mean Mother
        B7      Tiger Feet
CD +    15      The Hucklebuck
        16      Cry Baby Blues
        17      Robbie Robot
        18      Sweeney Todd
        19      Nighthawk
        20      Psycho Tendencies
NERD    048     V / A                   American Rockabilly Vol.1       LP        .1988
NERC    048     V / A                   American Rockabilly Vol.1       CD      08.1995

        A1      The Jackals             Psychobilly Belinda
        A2      Paul Roman              The Devil Can Have My Soul
        A3      Harry Hepcat            Gonna Slice You Baby
        A4      Trouble Bound           Muddy Water
        A5      Richard Younger         Handful Of Girls
        A6      The Quakes              1,000 Cats
        A7      Beverley Stauber        I'm Gone
        A8      Hal Singer & Falling Dollars : B.S. I Love You
        B1      Paul Roman              Bounce Right Back
        B2      The Jackals             The Stroll
        B3      Kevin Fayte And Rocket 8 : I Ain't Comin' Back
        B4      The Nervous Fellas      Shake Tonight
        B5      The Atomics             She's Mine
        B6      The Screamin' Roosters : She Won't Say Maybe
        B7      Beverley Stauber        Mercy
        B8      The Blue Hearts         Sugaree
NERD     49     THE NITROS              Stompin' Beat                   LP        .1989

        A1      I'm Doin' Fine
        A2      What's Gonna Come of Me?
        A3      Stompin' Beat
        A4      I'll Cry Instead
        A5      Scrapin' the Barrel
        A6      Crazy Little Thing Called Love
        B1      I Ain't Mad
        B2      Gotta Pay
        B3      Rockin' All Night
        B4      Dyin' Day
        B5      Devil's Ship
        B6      Swingsville
NERD     50     TORMENT                 Round The World                 LP        .1989

        A1      Psycho
        A2      Laser Head
        A3      Love to Drink
        A4      Zodiac Revolution
        A5      Hideaway
        A6      Good to Be True
        B1      Kicked Down Low
        B2      Reach Out
        B3      Sail Away
        B4      Eye for an Eye
        B5      Catch 22
        B6      Twenty Flight Rock
NERD     51     RUSTI STEEL AND THE TINTAX : More Dollars Than Cents    LP        .1989

        A1      Lookin' For A Dollar
        A2      Bright Moon
        A3      Dreams
        A4      A Date With The Blues
        A5      The Old J.D
        A6      How Could You Do It?
        A7      Why'd You Go Away?
        B1      You're Leavin', I'm Grievin'
        B2      More Dollars Than Sense
        B3      Pretty Little Baby
        B4      Tie Me Down
        B5      The Light Of My Old Home Town
        B6      The Language Of Love
        B7      Sick And Tired
NERD     52     THE RATTLERS            Never Say Die                   LP        .1989

        A1      Gone Forever                                    3:09
        A2      Cruisin' Around                                 1:40
        A3      For Your Love                                   3:30
        A4      She's the One                                   1:52
        A5      Savin' It All for You                           1:43
        A6      Loaded Dice                                     1:29
        A7      Leavin' You Behind                              2:22
        B1      Never Say Die                                   1:42
        B2      Man With the Twi-light Eyes                     2:53
        B3      For You, No More                                1:58
        B4      Forbidden Love                                  2:15
        B5      October Moon                                    3:06
        B6      Never Catch Me Again                            1:56
NERD     53     V / A                   Homegrown Rockabilly            LP        .1990
NERCD    53     V / A                   Homegrown Rockabilly            CD        .1992

LP A    1       The Meteors             Crazy Love
        2       Johnny Key With The Kool Kats : London Is My Hillbilly Home
        3       The Rhythm Cats         Rockin' This Joint Tonite
        4       Gentleman Jim With The Kool Kats : Hi Ho Fiddle Dee Dee
        5       The Rhythm Cats         I'm On My Way
        6       Johnny Key With The Kool Kats : Tears Falling Downing Down
                Like Rain
        7       The Meteors             Go Away
LP B    8       The Rhythm Cats         Move Over Baby
        9       The Polecats            Rockin' All Nite
        10      Gentleman Jim With The Kool Kats : Little Confused
        11      The Meteors             My Baby Loves Me (Yes She Does)
        12      The Rhythm Cats         My Baby's Gone
        13      Gentleman Jim With The Kool Kats : Second Hand Information
        14      Johnny Key With The Kool Kats : Fallin' For You
CD +    15      Gentleman Jim With The Kool Kats : I'd Find You
        16      Johnny Key With The Kool Kats : Keep My Big Wheels Turnin'
        17      Johnny Key With The Kool Kats : Make You Realise
        18      Gina And The Rockin' Rebels : Rockin' On Down The Line
        19      Gina And The Rockin' Rebels : Thinkin' On You
        20      Johnny Key With The Kool Kats : Hillbilly Music
NERD     54     LOST SOULS              Chasin' A Dream                 LP        .1990

        A1      Chasin' a Dream
        A2      All Day and All of the Night
        A3      Prisoner (Of Love)
        A4      Dancing With Myself
        A5      Still Feel the Pain
        A6      Only One for Me
        A7      Dead Stay Dead
        B1      Devil in Disguise
        B2      Surf Bitch
        B3      She's Gone
        B4      Skid Row
        B5      Never Gonna Stop
        B6      Death Bone Alley
        B7      Lost Souls
NERD     55     SCREAMING KIDS          DON'T GET DOWN                  LP        .1990

        A1      Suck My Poison
        A2      Stop Shakin' Them
        A3      Lüger
        A4      L'Homme a la Moto
        A5      Hope You Never See My Woman Cry
        A6      My Split
        B1      Don't Get Down
        B2      Little John
        B3      Young Boys Wild Boys
        B4      Ride and Die
        B5      Baby's Gone
        B6      Rock 'N' Roll Haunts My Blues
NERD     56     THE NERVOUS FELLAS      Born To Be Wild                 LP        .1990

        A1      Real Gone Lover
        A2      Finally Met My Baby
        A3      Jealous Heart
        A4      I'll Be Sorry
        A5      Get Outta This Town
        A6      Until You Came Home
        A7      Mon-Eyed
        B1      Born to Be Wild
        B2      Gimme Somethin' Strong
        B3      Dateless Night
        B4      Evil Ways
        B5      Don't Bug Me
NERD     57     TORMENT                 Hypnosis                        LP        .1990
NERCD    57     TORMENT                 Hypnosis                        CD        .1990

LP      A1      Worse and Worse
        A2      Hypnosis
        A3      Who Do You Love?
        A4      You Know! Don't You?
        A5      Washed Out
        A6      Wait for the Call
        B1      I Can't Stand the Rain
        B2      Psyclone Joe
        B3      Don't Despair
        B4      Don't Know
        B5      Alien Nation
        B6      Divedemyize
CD +    13      Sad Man
        14      Strangulate
NERD     58     THE QUAKES              Voice Of America                LP      08.1990
NERCD    58     THE QUAKES              Voice Of America                CD        .1992

LP      A1      Puttin' Out the Flame
        A2      One of a Kind
        A3      Nuthin' Goin' Down
        A4      Paint It Black
        A5      U.S.A.
        A6      Chick Hunt
        B1      Stick to Your Guns
        B2      All Messed Up
        B3      Far Away
        B4      What Will They Say About Me
        B5      Ice Cold Baby
        B6      I Gotta Go
CD +    13      Growin' Up Evil
        14      Strike Out King
NERD     59     THE COFFIN NAILS        Who's He ?                      LP      10.1990

        A1      Skeleton Swamp
        A2      Humungus's Horse's Blues
        A3      Midnight Hour
        A4      Unbalanced
        A5      Been All Around the World
        A6      Inspector Clueso
        B1      She's a Moose
        B2      Mission Impossible
        B3      Dr. Frankenstein's Castle
        B4      Carling Black Label
        B5      The Loch
        B6      Peter (The Street Cleaner)
NERD     60     CATMEN                  Cutting Through The Red Tape    LP      11.1990
NERCD    60     CATMEN                  Cutting Through The Red Tape    CD      11.2990

        1       She's The World (Crazy Song)
        2       It's Too Late
        3       I Keep Thinkin' Of You
        4       Why Should I Lie
        5       Gone Ridin'
        6       I Still Can't Get Away
        7       I've Lost The Race
        8       I Need You Tonight
        9       I'm Gonna Make Her Mine
        10      Loving You
        11      You Turn Me On
        12      I Think She Will
        13      Little Devil
        14      I Can't Go On
        15      I Can't Live Without You
        16      I'm Still In Love With You
NER  CD  61     V / A                   Boppin' In Canada               CD        .1991
NER  CD  62     SCAMPS                  MAYDAY                          CD        .1991

        1       Should I Stay
        2       Play Man
        3       Dead Or Alive
        4       Voodoo Girl
        5       Mystery Girl
        6       Poor Boy
        7       I Go To Pieces
        8       Help Me Please
        9       Keep On Going Straight
        10      Afore Ye Go
        11      Lost Generation
        12      Possessed
        13      Life Is Not So Fine
        14      Luscious
NERD     63     NEKROMANTIX             Curse Of The Coffin'            LP        .1991
NER  CD  63     NEKROMANTIX             Curse Of The Coffin'            CD        .1991

LP A    1       Devile Smile                                    4:50
        2       Curse of the Coffin                             4:45
        3       S/M                                             4:32
        4       Motorpsycho                                     2:26
        5       Alice in Psycholand                             2:57
LP B    6       Way Down to Hell                                3:02
        7       Howlin' at the Moon                             3:19
        8       New Born Son of Satan                           3:34
        9       Save My Grave                                   5:25
        10      Survive or Die                                  3:03
        11      Part Two                                        4:12
CD +    12      Drugshock                                       3:08
        13      Rockin' Reptile                                 2:12
        14      Mama Don't Allow                                2:55
NER  CD  64     BEVERLY STAUBER : Nail My Feet To The Kitchen Floor     CD        .1992

        1       Let's Have A Party
        2       Lonely Girl
        3       Hot Rockin' Romeo
        4       Running Back
        5       Gotta Lotta Rhythm
        6       Nail My Feet To The Kitchen Floor
        7       Tough Lover
        8       Too Late Now
        9       Train Of Pain
        10      Crazy Fever
        11      Eenie Meenie Miney Mo
        12      It's All In The Game
        13      I'm The One
        14      Tear It Up
        15      Rock'n'Roll Honky Tonk Rambling Man
NER  CD  65     FRENZY                  Clockwork Toy                   CD        .1992

        1       Clockwork Toy
        2       I See Red
        3       Misdemeanour
        4       Nightmares
        5       Love Is the Drug
        6       Mexican Radio
        7       Howard Hughes
        8       In My Prison
        9       Aftermath
        10      Nobody's Business
        11      Whose Life
        12      Don't Give Up
        13      Gotta Go!
        14      The Hunt
        15      House On Fire
NER  CD  66     V / A                   LIVE AT THE BIG RUMBLE          CD        .1991

        1       Atomics                 I Do Declare
        2       Restless                New Orleans
        3       Restless                Shake Your Moneymaker
        4       Lost Souls              Devil In Disguise
        5       Lost Souls              Prisoner Of Love
        6       Mad Sin                 Moonlight Shadows
        7       Mad Sin                 Walltown
        8       The Razorbacks          Hot Rod Man
        9       Boozy                   Boozy
        10      Los Renegados           Soy Un Renegado
        11      Cyclone                 Bates Motel
        12      Cyclone                 Cyclone Shock
        13      Nekromantix             Alice In Psycholand
        14      Nekromantix             Motor Psycho
        15      Numbskulls              Psychophobia
        16      Demented Are Go         Anal Wonderland
        17      Dypsomaniaxe            Bad Habit
        18      The Coffin Nails        Loose Woman
        19      Skitzo                  Empty Room
        20      Spellbound              Legend Of The Past
NER  CD  67     SONNY WEST              Relentless                      CD        .1992

        1       Come On Everybody
        2       Come On, Let's Go
        3       Guitar Attack
        4       Relentless
        5       Think It Over Baby
        6       Almost Grown
        7       Jasmine
        8       Icehouse
        9       Take And Give
        10      Wyle E. Coyote
        11      Blue Fire
        12      I'm A Man
        13      So Long Baby
        14      Doin' The Boogie
        15      Darlene
        16      Hot Choc
        17      Runaway Girl
        18      I'll Be There
NER  CD  68     THE RADIUM CATS         Other Worlds                    CD        .1992

        1       Martian Hop
        2       Six Foot down
        3       The Freak
        4       My Girl Likes Uranium
        5       Idol With The Golden Head
        6       Great Shakin' Fever
        7       Return Of The Mystery Train
        8       Well I Knocked (Bim Bam)
        9       Strange, Baby strange
        10      Eraserhead
        11      Let It Rot
        12      Zuvembi Stroll
        13      Pink Hearse
        14      Surfin' D.O.A.
NER  CD  69     THE BLUECATS            The Tunnel                      CD        .1992

        1       Man With a Mission
        2       Galluping Man
        3       Casting My Spell
        4       The Tunnel
        5       Heavens Gate
        6       Cry on the Wind
        7       Car 76
        8       Take and Give
        9       Bad Mans Money
        10      Wild Dogs of Kentucky
        11      Rivers Bend
        12      All I Can Do Is Cry
NER  CD  70     THE TAGGY TONES         Viking Attack                   CD        .1992

        1       So Fine, So Kind
        2       B.C. Stomp
        3       501
        4       John and Mary
        5       Pretty Eyes
        6       Rebel Cat
        7       To My Dad
        8       Paris, Copenhagen
        9       Crazy Love
        10      Viking Attack
        11      Crazy Kid
        12      From Me to You
        13      C'mon Johnny
        14      Sound of Guns
        15      Letter to My Baby
        16      Myggen Sverm
NER  CD  71     COLBERT HAMILTON        And The Hell Razors             CD        .1992

        1       Wow
        2       Mystery Train
        3       Half Hearted Love
        4       Woman Love
        5       Rock therapy
        6       Long Blonde Hair
        7       Ice Cold
        8       Long Black Shiny Car
        9       Nervous Breakdown
        10      Love Me (The Way That I Love You)
        11      I'm So high
        12      Good Rockin' Tonight
        13      I'll Never Let You Go
        14      Don't Knock Upon My Door
        15      Love Me
NER  CD  72     RESTLESS                Figure It Out                   CD      07.1993
NER  CD  73     THE QUAKES              New Generation                  CD      07.1993

        1       New Generation
        2       How Brave Are You
        3       Stranded in the Streets
        4       Anonymous
        5       Suburbia
        6       Dateless Night
        7       Wonderin'
        8       Behind the Wheel
        9       It's Gone
        10      Your Castle
        11      Gothic Girl
        12      Now I Wanna
        13      Lover's Curse
NER  CD  74     THE RATTLERS!           Scare Me To Death               CD      10.1993

        1       Scare Me To Death
        2       Little Red #1
        3       Mine All Mine
        4       The Cat Crept In
        5       Hey Baby!
        6       Always Yours
        7       You're My Baby
        8       The Rattlin' Boogie
        9       I Don't Want You
        10      Little Red #2
        11      Movin' On
        12      Ever Lovin' Baby
        13      The Devil Rides Out
        14      Walkin' Whilstin' Blues
NER  CD  75     THREE BLUE TEARDROPS    ONE PART FIST!                  CD        .1994

        1       Sinner's Spiritual
        2       Rough And Tumble World
        3       Cadillac Jack
        4       Switchblade Pompadour
        5       Wanted Man
        6       Red Head Gal
        7       Ricochet Rhythm Rockabilly
        8       In My Own Time
        9       Jenny The Generator
        10      Vaporlock
        11      Go! She-Devil
        12      Rustbelt Bop
        13      Claimjumper Blues
        14      Another Doggone Saturday Night
NER  CD  76     COLBERT HAMILTON        Wild At Heart                   CD        .1994
NER  CD  77     VOODOO SWING            We're Usin' Code Names          CD        .1994

        1       Better Be Changin' Your Ways
        2       American White Trash
        3       Low And Slow
        4       Made In The U.S.A
        5       Gallagator
        6       Shut Up
        7       Here Comes Trouble
        8       Baby Come Back
        9       Just My Type
        10      My Baby Sends Me
        11      Chasin' The Devil's Hot Rod
        12      Voodoo Swingin'
        13      Shit Kicken' Christians
        14      Burnin' Love
NER  CD  78     TIM POLECAT             VIRTUAL ROCKABILLY              CD        .1995

        1       Thunder And Lightnin'
        2       Tornado
        3       Jigsawman
        4       Lady Medusa
        5       Rockin' Bones
        6       The Catman Returns
        7       Panic
        8       The Boys Are Back In Town
        9       Head On
        10      Guardian Angel
        11      Shiver Shiver
        12      Rock Until You Drop
        13      The Pit
        14      Jungle Of The Bass
NER  CD  79     MEAN CAT DADDIES        Ghost Of Your Love              CD      02.1995
NER  CD  80     THE TAGGY TONES         Lost In The Desert              CD      03.1995

        1       I Miss You
        2       Monster Bop
        3       Big Machine
        4       People Are Strange
        5       Wild Girl
        6       Double Trouble
        7       Saturday Night
        8       Trouble Boys
        9       Everybody's Rockin'
        10      Keep On Waiting
        11      Nose Pickin' Mama
        12      Lonely Tonight
        13      Baby I Don't Care
        14      Champagne For Breakfast
        15      Blue Train
        16      My First Guitar
        17      Kinky Miss Pinky
NER  CD  81     V / A                   Is It Cool                      CD      06.1995

        1       Scott Crothers          Linda Who
        2       Three Blue Teardrops    Blitz
        3       Memphis Mafia,The       Red Hot And Ready
        4       Erik & The Dragtones    Rockabilly Baby
        5       High Noon               Tear It Up
        6       Jeff Potter             Pushrod
        7       Scoffed,The             Bad Cat
        8       Wreckin' Ball           Hillbilly Hell
        9       Mustang Lightning       Chicken Walk
        10      Whole Lotsa Papa        What'd I Do Now
        11      Rotgut                  Naked Cowboy
        12      Larry LaVey & The Kool Katz : Rockabilly Not Fade Away
        13      Three Blue Teardrops    Long Hard Night
        14      Wreckin' Ball           Hey Baby
        15      Scoffed,The             Itchen Fer Lovin'
        16      Whole Lotsa Papa        Blackjack County Chains
        17      Mustang Lightning       Wild Wild Women
        18      Danny Thompson          Sun#209
        19      Rockabilly 88           Lonesome Road
        20      Buzz And The Flyers     Is It Cool
NER  CD  82     DARREL HIGHAM           Mobile Corrosion                CD      12.1995
NER  CD  83     THE ELEKTRAWS           Shock Rock                      CD      02.1996

        1       Lost In A Time Vortex # 1
        2       Raving Mad
        3       Elektones
        4       Heartless Man
        5       Fist Fight
        6       Mad Man
        7       Let's Cry Out
        8       Delirious
        9       Get Tattooed
        10      I'm Gone
        11      Hell's Bent On Rockin
        12      Gallows Birds
        13      Thundering Love
        14      Shock Rock
        15      Lost In A Time Vortex # 2
NER  CD  84     THE QUAKES              Live In Tokyo                   CD      03.1996
NER  CD  85     WILD                    Good To Go                      CD      04.1996
NER  CD  86     KING MEMPHIS            The Astonishing                 CD      07.1996

        1       Crazy Alien Chick
        2       Little Joe From Chicago
        3       C'mon Pretty Baby
        4       Lone Star
        5       Mr. Clean
        6       Let It Go
        7       She Hit Me With A Whip
        8       '62 Ragtop
        9       Gonn Have A Ball
        10      Baby Baby
        11      You Gotta Pay
        12      Walkin' My Baby Back Home
        13      Big Hair
        14      Red Hot And Ready
        15      Gas Cap
        16      I'm Mad
NER  CD  87     RESTLESS                The Very Best Of                CD      09.1996
NER  CD  88     THE BACKBEATS           The Backbeats                   CD      11.1996
NER  CD  89     BILL MCELROY & THE PRAIRIE BOYS : Slimline Daddy        CD      10.1996
NER  CD  90     SKITZO                  VERTIGO                         CD      06.1997

        1       Raging With Fear
        2       Misery
        3       Psychological Breakdown
        4       Sudden Attack
        5       The Glove
        6       Miserlou
        7       Cry In The Dark
        8       Terminal Damage
        9       He Said She Said
        10      Frustrated
        11      Killer Love
        12      Traveldog
        13      Deep River
        14      The Chamber
        15      Days Of Old
        16      Beatin' My Drum
        17      Hammer On
        18      Tightrope
        19      Twisted
        20      Vertigo
NER  CD  91     THE MUSKRATS            Young And Restless              CD      10.1997
NER  CD  92     HAYRIDE TO HELL         Hayride To Hell                 CD        .1998

        1       Graveyard Stomp
        2       Mad Scientist
        3       Serial Killer
        4       Ghost Rider
        5       Evil Kneivel
        6       Creature Features
        7       Rockin' Coffin Bar
        8       Evil Within Me
        9       Munsterz
        10      Darkside
        11      Fartbreaker
        12      Werewolves On Wheels
        13      Fighting With Jack
NER  CD  93     NINE LIVES              Roundabout                      CD        .1998

        1       Red Light District
        2       Red Hot Tease
        3       Minefield
        4       Walk Like an Egyptian
        5       Don't Start to Walk Away
        6       In Love
        7       Rat-Bite
        8       God
        9       Weird-O-U
        10      Substance
        11      Quit You Now
        12      No Rules
        13      Love Can Kill
        14      Fairy Tale
        15      Strip You Sense
        16      No-One Else Around
NER  CD  94     ROCK ISLAND LINE        The Very Best Of                CD        .1998

        01      Choo Choo Ch´boogie
        02      Go´away Hound Dog
        03      Teenage Boogie
        04      Boppin' The Blues
        05      Ice Cream
        06      Crossword Puzzle
        07      If I Ain´t Home
        08      Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree
        09      Justine
        10      Maybe That's The Why I Cry
        11      Ain´t Got Money
        12      Boppin' At The Hardrock
        13      Baby Says
        14      Last Train To San Fernando
        15      Peepin' Eyes
        16      Right String Baby
NER  CD  95
NER  CD  96     THE MIDNIGHT DYNAMOS : Do You Wanna Dance ?             CD
NER  CD  97     BONNEVILLE              Trouble                         CD
NER  CD  98
NER  CD  99     HI-VOLTAGE              Danger                          CD
NER  CD 100     BLUE FLAME COMBO        Rockabillies Go Home            CD        .2000

        1       Platinum
        2       Japanese Work Theory
        3       Bobby Says
        4       Resident Punk
        5       Paul's New Girlfriend
        6       Some girls
        7       Misfit
        8       I Don't Wanna Be hurt
        9       Ask
        10      Bad Mouth
        11      Retail Manifesto
NER  CD 101     MYSTERY GANG            Hot'n'Wild Rockabilly Cuts      CD        .2001

        1       Grab My Gal
        2       Ooby Dooby
        3       Rockin' Daddy
        4       Gone Gone Gone
        5       Fly Me To The Moon
        6       Please Don't Leave Me
        7       My Baby Wants To Look Like Betty Page
        8       Good Rockin' Tonight
        9       Jumpin' Around
        10      She's Got More Rhythm Than A 10 Piece Honky-Tonk Band
        11      5 Feet Of Lovin'
        12      Love Me
        13      My Baby's Got An Automobile
        14      Baby-Baby-Blue
        15      Jungle Rock
NER  CD 102     THE JIME                It's Still Rock'n'Roll To Me    CD        .2002

        1       It's Still Rock'n'roll To Me
        2       There's A Thing About Love
        3       Wanna Rock, Wanna Bop
        4       Lonesome Train
        5       Rock It! Rock It!
        6       Looking For A Girl Like You
        7       Learning To Fly
        8       Had Enough Of Love
        9       Around The World
        10      Sign Of The Times
        11      Time Gone By
        12      Wild Wild Wild
        13      Do It
        14      I Wanna Hold?
        15      Help
        16      On The Other Side
NER  CD 103     JOHNNY BLACK            Extra Chrome                    CD        .2003

        1       Fade Away
        2       Fight Back
        3       Barroom Hop
        4       Rockabilly Girls
        5       Shakin' With The Fever
        6       Sock It To Me
        7       We're Gonna Rock
        8       Rockin' Boppin' Strollin'
        9       Bop Bop Bop
        10      Goin' Back South
        11      New Gypsy Blues
        12      Crackerjack
        13      Hurricane
        14      All Nite Long
NER  CD 104     J.C.LEE                 Tokyo Heat                      CD        .2004

        1       Tokyo Heat
        2       All You Gotta Do
        3       Cowboy Song #1
        4       Don't Push My Heart Too Far
        5       I Know, You Know
        6       I'm Tryin' Not To Fall
        7       Man Of Mystery
        8       Nothing Special
        9       Cat Fight
        10      I Just Met You
        11      Always And Forever
        12      Can I Be With You Tonight
        13      Don't Know Why
        14      Take Time
        15      Drink Another Bottle Down
NER  CD 105     MICK SATAN & THE ROCKIN' DEVILS : Teddy Boy Anthems     CD
NER  CD 106     VERNON & THE G.I.'S     G.I.Bop                         CD
NERD    107     FURIOUS                 WRECK THE HOOSE JUICE           CD        .2010

        1       Hang Your Head
        2       Cool Little Sue
        3       My Eyes Run Dry
        4       No Ifs No Buts No Maybes
        5       All Night Long
        6       Crazy About My Whiskey
        7       Pretty Little Lilly
        8       For You My Angel
        9       Don't Change Your Style
        10      Let It Out
        11      Pill Poppin' Annie
        12      Me Ald Man Robbed Me Bike
        13      Crazy High School Baby
        14      Carry On
        15      Punk Bashing Boogie
        16      We Are The Teds

LP      Cut Throat Manor  CUTLO 001     2010    UK
NER     001     POLECATS : Rockabilly Guy // Baby Don't Cry             7"        .1981
NER     002     LEGENDARY LONNIE        Constipation Shake              7"      06.1981
                                        Devil's Guitar
NER     003
NER     004     ROCKIN' JOHNNY AUSTIN : City Lights                     7"      06.1981
                                        Rockabilly Stroll
NER     005     DELTAS                  Heart Attack                    7"      06.1981
NER     006     RESTLESS                Edge On You                     7"      05.1981
                                        Ghost Town
NER     007     ROCHEE & THE SARNOS     Whistle Wriggle                 7"      06.1985
                                Rumble In The Jungle
NEP     001     ROCKIN' JOHNNY AUSTIN : Meets The Feds                  12"     06.1981

        A1      Rockin' Johnny          All The Time
        A2      Rockin' Johnny          Born To Be A Raver
        B1      The Feds                Two Times Loser
        B2      The Feds                (She's A) Rockabilly Queen
NEP     002     FRENZY : Robot Riot / All Alone / Cry Or                12"     11.1984
                Die / Torment
NEP     003     RAID : High Noon / Silver Bullet / High                 12"     11.1985
                Noon / Eighties Girl
NEP     004     TORMENT                 The Mystery Men                 12"     03.1987

        A1      Mystery Man
        A2      Rock Strong
        B1      Con-scription Plan
        B2      Red Death
NEP     005     THE PHAROAHS            Vigilante                       12"     07.1987

        A1      Vigilante
        A2      Cleopatra
        B1      Your on Your Own
        B2      Pharaohs to Cowboys
NEP     006     SCAMPS                  SHAKE YOUR HIPS                 7"        .1991

        A       Shake Your Hips (Live)
        B1      Afore Ye Go
        B2      Keep On Going Straight
                (Note : 7" , marbled-brown vinyl)
NEPCD   007     THE FALCONS             BALLS BALLS                     CDEP      .1993

        1       Fake Love
        2       New Bop
        3       Black Train
        4       Sheila
        5       Balls Balls
        6       Psychos From the Far East
NEP     008     THE BACKBEATS           Back To The Beat EP             7"      05.1996

        A1      Back To The Beat
        A2      Take It As It Comes
        B1      Beneath The Stars
        B2      Yeah Uhuh
CCM     001     THE CRESCENT CITY MAULERS : Screamin'                   CD      11.1996
FROGGY  1       V / A            Rocking With The Frogs                 CD      05.1997