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Run by : Mark Trehus (Threehouse Records owner)
Distr. : US - Forced Exposure/
         UK - Volcanic Tongue/
Style  : improvisation / baroque psych. / hardcore psych. / free jazz / noise
         / garage punk / folk / americana / electric blues / avantgarde /
         experimental / folk rock / psychedelic / rock / blues / new wave /
         punk / country / gospel /

NN      83101   PAUL METZGER : Four Improvisations On Modified Banjo    2LP     07.2005
                And Guitar

LP 1    A       Untitled                                        22:34
        B       Untitled                                        9:45

LP 2    C       Untitled                                        26:05
        D       Untitled                                        14:20
                (Note : double LP , 240 hand-numb. copies)
NN      002     MICHAEL YONKERS WITH THE BLIND SHAKE : Carbohydrates    LP      08.2007

        A1      Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons
        A2      Can It Be
        A3      Inbetween
        A4      Why Don't
        A5      Point Ahead
        A6      Don't I Get
        A7      Mega Folly
        B1      This One Again
        B2      Here's What I'm
        B3      What's A Comin'
        B4      Don't Even Try
        B5      I Ask You Now
        B6      When Will We
        B7      Down To A
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
NN      003     MICHAEL YONKERS         Circling The Drain              LP      08.2007

        1       TRK 1
        2       TRK 2
        3       TRK 3
        4       TRK 4
        5       TRK 5
        6       TRK 6
        7       TRK 7
        8       TRK 8
                (Note : LP , 303 copies [15 copies signed + numbered])
NN      004 B   VAMPIRE HANDS           TWO E.P.S.                      LP      03.2009

        A1      Queen Juno
        A2      Greasy Hair
        A3      Invisible Boy
        A4      Wolf Skin Pose
        B1      Statuette
        B2      Paradise Knife Fights
        B3      (telephone)
        B4      We Widows
        B5      Christ, Scientist
        B6      Desert Dreams
NN      005     DARK DARK DARK          LOVE YOU , BYE                  12"     02.2009

        1       Benefit Of The Doubt
        2       That Light
        3       Trouble No More
        4       Come Home
        5       Wayfaring Stranger
NN      006     SPIDER JOHN KOERNER     MARCH 1963                      LP.CD   06.2010

A.      1       Duncan & Brady
        2       Southbound Train
        3       Southbound Train
        4       Rock Me
        5       Too Bad Blues
B.      6       Guitar Fools
        7       Creepy John
        8       You've Got To Be Careful
        9       Good Time Charlie
        10      Ramblin' Blues
        11      (Untitled Instrumental, Edited)
NN      007     ORIGINAL HARMONY RIDGE CREEK DIPPERS : s / t            LP+CD   12.2009

        A1      Flowering Trees
        A2      When School Begins
        A3      Run With The Ponies
        A4      Be On My Way
        A5      She Picks The Violets
        B1      Valentine King
        B2      Eyes Are The Window
        B3      Humming Bird
        B4      Mr. Parker
        B5      Jericho
        CD1     Flowering Trees
        CD2     When School Begins
        CD3     Run With The Ponies
        CD4     Be On My Way
        CD5     She Picks The Violets
        CD6     Valentine King
        CD7     Eyes Are The Window
        CD8     Humming Bird
        CD9     Mr. Parker
        CD10    Jericho
                (Note : Jayhawks-founder Mark Olson's project)
NN      008     PERE UBU : LIVE AT THE LONDON-APRIL 1, 1978             2LP.CD  04.2013

LP 1    A1      Heart Of Darkness
        A2      Modern Dance
        A3      Cloud 149
        A4      Heaven
        A5      Real World
        B1      Street Waves
        B2      My Dark Ages
        B3      Laughing
        B4      Humor Me

LP 2    C1      Over My Head
        C2      Sentimental Journey
        C3      Life Stinks
        C4      Final Solution
        D       [etched side]

CD      1       Heart Of Darkness
        2       Modern Dance
        3       Cloud 149
        4       Heaven
        5       Real World
        6       Street Waves
        7       My Dark Ages
        8       Laughing
        9       Humor Me
        10      Over My Head
        11      Sentimental Journey
        12      Life Stinks
        13      Final Solution
#       9       ZAK SALLY               FEAR OF SONG                    LP        .2010

        A1      St(r)utter
        A2      Why We Hide
        A3      I Did What I Did When I Did It
        A4      My Secret World
        A5      5th Of July
        B1      T.D.T.S
        B2      Grow Feathers
        B3      Fear Of Song
        B4      Corpsegrinder!
                (Note : LP , 300 black copies , hand-numbered)
NN      010 1   DAMIN EIH,A.L.H. AND BROTHER CLARK : NEVER MIND         LP      02.2010
NN      010 2   DAMIN EIH,A.L.H. AND BROTHER CLARK : NEVER MIND         CD      02.2010

        A1      Tourniquet                                      2:45
        A2      Sing A Different Song                           4:15
        A3      Take Off Your Eyes                              5:45
        A4      Soft Margins                                    4:59
        B1      Thundermice                                     3:47
        B2      Monday Morning Prayer                           0:37
        B3      Gone                                            4:36
        B4      Marching Together                               4:37
        B5      Kathryn At Night                                4:47
        B6      Party Hats And Olive Spats                      2:57
        B7      Return Naked                                    1:50

LP      Demelot         U856-7310       1973    US
NN      011     BRAIN SOUND : AN ATTEMPT TO RECORD COINCIDENCE          LP      06.2010

        A1      [u:ou-hueauo]
        A2      [eiu:-adi-dia]
        A3      [u:tik-tuk-nu]
        A4      [o:-iae-u:ha:]
        A5      [uou-u:hu:io:]
        B1      [d3a-d3-aba]
        B2      [io:ije:-doba]
        B3      [u:-u:-ae-3:t]
        B4      [a:hoa-tf-so]
        B5      [i:i-8a-u:aej:]

        A1      Milo Fine               Moosbrugger             13:01
        A2      Milo Fine               Ulrich                  9:26
        B       Paul Metzger : Spontaneous Composition Generator18:43
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 421 copies)
                /THE SECRET OF SLEEP

        CD-1    Macalester Don't Stop Now
        CD-2    Ramble, Tumble
        CD-3    Don't Terrify Me
        CD-4    Be Careful
        CD-5    Waiting For Go With Normal Dub
        CD-6    Cindy's #
        CD-7    Everybody's Goin' For The Money
        CD-8    Skipper And His Wife
        CD-9    Thief River Falls
        CD-10   Mr. Image
        CD-11   Taking Time
        CD-12   The Wall

        DVD-1   The Secret Of Sleep (Film)

LP      Swweet Jane LTD  SJL 5872       1972    US
                THE GROUND

LP 1    A1      Soul Of A Man
        A2      Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed
        A3      If I Had My Way I'd Tear This Building Down
        A4      The Rain Don't Fall On Me
        A5      Everybody Ought To Treat A Stranger Right
        A6      I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole
        A7      Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground
        B1      Sweeter As The Years Go By
        B2      John The Revelator
        B3      I'm Gonna Run To The City Of Refuge
        B4      Take Your Stand
        B5      Trouble Soon Be Over
        B6      Praise God I'm Satisfied
        B7      Lord I Just Can't Keep From Cryin'

LP 2    C1      Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
        C2      Let Your Light Shine
        C3      God Don't Ever Change
        C4      Lord I'm Fully Saved Today
        C5      When The War Was On
        C6      God Moves On The Water
        C7      Your Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
        D1      Nobodys Fault But Mine
        D2      Go With Me To That Land
        D3      Motherless Children
        D4      Can't Nobody Hide From God
        D5      Bye & Bye I'm Going To See The King
NN      015     V / A                   LAST TIME AROUND                LP        .2011

        A1      Rev. Roger L. Worthy & His Sister Bonnie : Get Back Satan
        A2      Isaiah Owens : You Without Sin Cast The First Stone
        A3      Hickory Bottom Harmoneers : I've Got Heaven On My Mind
        A4      Straight Street Group : Victory Shall Be Mine
        A5      Rev. Charles White      How Long ?
        A6      Bishop McDaniel         Rock Daniels
        B1      Isaac Haney & The Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir : At A Time
                Like This (Part One)
        B2      Precious Bryant         The Saints
        B3      Boyd Rivers             Fire Shed In My Bones
        B4      Ike Gordon              Don't Let The Devil Ride
        B5      Theotis Taylor          Swing Low

LP      Mississippi     MRP 002         2011    US
LP      Social Music    SM 007          2011    US
NN      016     CHARLIE PARR            WHEN THE DEVIL GOES BLIND       LP+CD   05.2013
NN      016 CD  CHARLIE PARR            WHEN THE DEVIL GOES BLIND       CD      10.2010

A.      1       I Dreamed I Saw Jesse James Last Night
        2       South Of Austin, North Of Lyle
        3       Where You Gonna Be (When The Good Lord Calls You Home)
        4       For The Drunkard's Mother
        5       Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
B.      6       1890
        7       Up Country Blues
        8       Mastodon
        9       I Was Lost Last Night
        10      Turpentine Farm
        11      Last Day
NN      017     ANONYMOUS CHOIR         ANONYMOUS CHOIR                 12"     05.2012

        A1      These Days
        A2      Save Me A Place
        A3      Who By Fire
        A4      I Am Goodbye
        B1      The Woman's Work
        B2      (Talk To Me Of) Mendocino
        B3      Good Woman
        B4      Long Long Long
        B5      Tonight (You Belong To Me)
                (Note : 12" , 107 hand-numb. copies)
NN      018     HASIL ADKINS            EVENING SHADOW ROAD             LP      10.2012

        A1      Got A Girl In Minnesota
        A2      Endlessly
        A3      I'm Lonely Tonight Little Amy
        A4      Evening Shadow Road
        B1      Play Pretty
        B2      I Dreamt About Amy Last Night
        B3      Bacon & Eggs
        B4      How Much I Love You
                (Note : LP , comes with booklet)
NN      019
NN      020     MICHAEL YONKERS         GRIMWOOD                        LP+DLc    .2015

        A1      Damsel Fair And Your Angel
        A2      Grimwood
        A3      Sandcastle
        A4      Lonely Fog
        A5      The Day Is Through
        B1      162
        B2      And Give It To You
        B3      Tripping Through The Rose Gardens
        B4      The Answer
        B5      Sunflower
        B6      The Big Parade
        B7      The Thing Called Love

LP      Micxhael Yonkers  MY 0001       1974    US
NN      021     MICHAEL HURLEY : BACK HOME WITH DRIFTING WOODS          LP      08.2012

        A1      What'llya Do / What'llya Say?
        A2      The Bues Had Gone Away
        A3      Pretty Girl On Rollerskates
        A4      The Tea Song
        B1      Intersoular Blues
        B2      I Like My Wine
        B3      Hey Hey Hey Hey
        B4      I Love You Babe

LP      Mississippi  MRP 022            2012    US
NN      022     DANNY & THE DARLEANS    DON;T ASK THE QUESTION          7"        .2012

        A       Don't Ask The Question
        B       You're Driving Me Insane
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
NN      023     PETER BROTZMANN & HAMID DRAKE : SOLID AND SPIRIT        2LP     05.2013

LP 1    A       Solid & Spirit                                  14:08
        B1      Us Own Things                                   12:21
        B2      Strike And Fade                                 8:28

LP 2    C       Pitch A Bull                                    18:56
        D1      Poppa-Stoppa                                    8:38
        D2      Streevus Mone On The Reevus Cone                12:22

        1       I'm Guessing Not
        2       Glaucous
        3       Waiting, Waiting, Waiting… The End
        4       On The Meticulous Neurosurgical Eradication Of Unwanted
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)
NN      025     SPIDER JOHN KOERNER     SPIDER JOHN                     LP      05.2013

        A1      Delia Holmes
        A2      Eugene C.
        A3      Good Time’s Charlie’s Back In Town Again
        A4      Corrina
        A5      Won’t You Give Me Some Love
        B1      Stagger Lee
        B2      Ramblin’ Blues
        B3      Creepy John
        B4      I Don’t Want To Be Terrified
        B5      Dont Stop
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
NN      026     PAUL METZGER            TOMBEAUX                        LP      04.2013
NN      026 CD  PAUL METZGER            TOMBEAUX                        CD      04.2013

        A1      Of The Passing                                  6:09
        A2      Beau Soir                                       8:09
        B       Sepulchre                                       17:41
NN      027     DANNY & THE DARLEANS    DANNY & THE DARLEANS            LP+DLc  12.2013
NN      027 CD  DANNY & THE DARLEANS    DANNY & THE DARLEANS            CD      12.2013

        A1      Don't Get In The Car                            02:33
        A2      It's About My Baby                              02:32
        A3      How Many Times?                                 03:02
        A4      You're Driving Me Insane                        02:33
        A5      Les Fleurs Du Mal                               05:01
        A6      May-Ree Mack                                    02:22
        B1      Where The Rubber Meets The Road                 03:17
        B2      Boo-Da-Lye                                      03:40
        B3      Why?                                            03:08
        B4      Don't Ask The Question                          02:15
        B5      You Treated Me Bad                              03:52
        B6      Can't Kill The Rooster                          03:08
NN      028     PAUL METZGER            1300                            LP      08.2015

        1       Meend For Shaista                               19:25
        2       Deathďs Other Kingdom                           20:04



                ALLAN POE SUITE)

        A1      Open For (From Part 6)                          10:17
        A2      Shadows (From Part 4)                           8:12
        B       Labyrinth (From Part 9)                         18:45

Mastered by Carl Saff. Housed in a beautiful, tip-on jacket with full color artwork.
Edition of 300.