NENORION MUSIC                          ISRAEL

Owner   : Obas Nenor
Distr.  : IS -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   :

NEN     001
NEN     002     V / A                   FRIENDS VOL.1                   12"     05.2017

        01      Omri Smadar & Obas Nenor : Emotions
        02      Kali Boog               Diminished State
        03      Kalbata                 You'll Never Find Love
        04      Obas Nenor              Afternoon Walk
NEN     003     OBAS NENOR              WARM YELLOW STICKERS            12"     08.2018

Obas Nenor offers Warm Yellow Stickers, a four-track EP packed with his signature,
wild dancefloor goods. "Warm Yellow Stickers (Part I & II)" kicks things off with
enigmatic vocals chops, otherworldly synths and a swinging bass groove all shuffled
into a cosmic disco saga that takes on many turns and twists. "Everybody" is warm as
a summer breeze with its guitar strums, delayed chord stabs, and naughty synth
gestures. "Wrapped In Plastic" features Jenny Penkin on vocals and bended keys, backed
by escalating pads. "Movin'" wraps things up with a head-nodding groove and funky
vocoder vocals.