Distr.  : UK - Bleep/
Style   :experimental / noise /

NEG     001
NEG     002     TOMAGA                  FAMILIAR OBSTACLES              LP      11.2015

Side 1          Train For Owl
                Hibernation Theme
                Lettere di Pezza
                Central Position
                Fugue State In Marbles
                Central Position (reprise)
                Over the Cracks
                The Knight with Four Hands
Side 2          Frog March
                Brutal Gravity
                Microns in Amber Light
                Bethnal Grey
                Special Bass Line for Alan
                Biscuit Tin
                The Pegs and the Moon
                Adventure in Minor Scale
                Giant Cosmic Tear
                Closing Thrum

LP      Hands In The Dark  HITD 026     2015    UK
NEG     006     BEN VINCE               MONUMENTS                       LP      04.2017

LP      Blank Editions  BETBC 006       2017    UK