Owner   : Peter Paphides
Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : reissue /

NEMYLP  001     STEPHEN DUFFY           I LOVE MY FRIENDS               LP+7"   05.2019
NEMYCD  001     STEPHEN DUFFY           I LOVE MY FRIENDS               2CD     05.2019

DISC 1  1.      Tune In
        2.      The Deal
        3.      Eucharist
        4.      Mao Badge
        5.      Lovers' Beware
        6.      In The Evening Of Her Day
        7.      Holding Hands With Grace
        8.      The Postcard
        9.      Seventeen
        10.     Twenty Three
        11.     Autopsy
        12.     She Belongs To All
        13.     One Day One Of These Fucks Will Change Your Life
        14.     You Are
        15.     What If I Fell In Love With You

DISC 2  1.      Night Thoughts
        2.      Blown Away
        3.      The Whole Earth Singing
        4.      C’est La Vie, C’est La Guerre
        5.      Go
        6.      Suburban Symphony
        7.      Another Golden Shot
        8.      The Waitresses Story
        9.      An Ear For Silent Voices
        10.     The Girl Of The Year
        11.     Lupin
        12.     We Continue For Australasia

Stephen Duffy’s 1996 solo album I Love My Friends available for the first time ever
on vinyl and vinyl replica CD. Produced by Stephen Street, the album was released to
unanimously positive reviews and remains a favourite among his fans.
Stephen was a formative player in the West Midlands post-punk scene alongside Swell
Maps and Duran Duran, whose first incarnation he fronted. In 2002, he reunited with
Nick Rhodes to release an album of their early songs with the group.
NEMYLP  002     IAN BROUDIE             TALES TOLD                      LP+7"   05.2019
NEMYCD  002     IAN BROUDIE             TALES TOLD                      CD      05.2019

        1.      Song For No One
        2.      Whenever I Do
        3.      He Sails Tonight
        4.      Smoke Rings
        5.      Got No Plans
        6.      Always Knocking
        7.      Tales Told
        8.      Lipstick
        9.      Super Cinema
        10.     Home From Home
        11.     Something Street
        12.     Broudie's Blues
        13.     Home From Home (Band Version)
        14.     Song For No One (Demo)
        15.     Shifting Sands
        16.     Something Street (Early Version)

Ian Broudie’s The Lightning Seeds spawned a dazzling run of pure-pop hits in the
Nineties, but when the band collapsed following their dismal 1999 outing Tilt, their
frontman was left drifting. Released originally in 2004, Broudie’s stripped-down first
solo outing Tales Told saw him reveal a very different side of his artistry, and now
it’s released on vinyl for the first time.