*******************************         USA

Owner   : Natural Child
Distr.  : US -
          UK - Norman/
Style   :

Natural Child got together in their hometown of Nashville after eating a load of weed
brownies and deciding they needed to form a band. This is their first release on their
own label, Natural Child Records and Tapes. Straight-up moshing, head banging, grooving
rock and roll, the old fashioned way. Stoner friendly sleeve housing noisy vinyl.

NCRT    001 LP  NATURAL CHILD           OKEY DOKEY                      LP      10.2016
NCRT    001 CD  NATURAL CHILD           OKEY DOKEY                      CD      10.2016

        1.      Sure Is Nice
        2.      NSA Blues
        3.      Out Of Sight
        4.      Now And Then
        5.      Transcendental Meditation
        6.      Okey Dokey
        7.      Juanita
        8.      Self Centered Blues
        9.      Benny's Here
        10.     It's A Shame My Store Isn't Open