NKT                                     LONDON
***                                     UK

Distr.  : UK - Bleep/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : noise / experimantal /

NKT     001
NKT     002     NOKUIT                  ANALYSIS PARALYSIS              CS      05.2016

        Purple transparent cassette
        Double sided A5 cover art print
        Analysis Paralysis original drawing's bookmark
        Housed in a black tissue-lined envelope
        Includes download code redeemable from the label
NKT     003     NOKUIT : REALITY DISAPPEARS AFTER WAKING                2CS     11.2016

        Lim. Ed. of 50 Double Cassettes, recorded in real time on HQ
         Nakamichi tape decks
        'Reality Disappears After Waking' comes on Yellow Cassette
        'Disrupted Sleep' comes on Sharmi Blue Cassette
        Includes NKT Logo Vinyl Sticker
        Double Sided Full color printed Artworks
        Housed in Stacked Side-by-Side Case
        Download code redeemable from the label
NKT     004     NOKUIT                  PETTERNS OF INSTABILITY         CS      11.2017

        1.      Part 1                                          24:01
        2.      Part 2                                          21:15

(Note : fold-out, double-sided J-card. Includes promo sticker and download code)
NKT     005     PRESIDIOMODELO          THE INNER EMPIRE                CS      08.2018

NKT presents The Inner Empire, the work from Siberian trio Presidiomodelo, where misty
atmospheres are infused with a murky, industrial aesthetic.