Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie

MBRL    001     MARTIN CHRISTIE         THE END OF ALL THINGS           CD      09.2018

        1.      No Stranger To Controversy
        2.      All The Worlds Strangers
        3.      Smells Of London
        4.      Hurricane Desmond
        5.      Fighting Men
        6.      Silent Spring
        7.      The End Of All Things

Martin Christie, beat-box poet and purveyor of electronic music open mic's across
the country brings us his newest outing, 'The End Of All Things', brimming with
snappy chiptune percussion, bitcrushed wordsmithery and tongue-in-cheek political
commentary. We kick things off with the pocket-operated pinging envelopes and
panned percussive glitches of 'No Stranger To Controversy', as hypnotic and
propulsive a beginning as you could hope for. The machinated and industrious
instrumental backline providing a stark contrast to the warmingly frank lyrical